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Blizzard Released Arcade Collection Featuring The Lost Vikings and Blackthorne!

Blizzard recently announced (& released) a Blizzard Arcade Collection featuring classic games like The Lost Vikings, Rock N Roll Racing and Blackthorne. The Arcade Collection is available on PS4, Switch, Xbox One and PC. Blizzard announced and released the bundle yesterday in celebration of their 30th anniversary. They have updated the games to include the ability to save from anywhere. They also included rewinding the game up to 10 seconds. Players can purchase the Blizzard Arcade Collection for $20 or The Blizzard 30th year Celebration Collection for $30, which includes commemorative in-game content for Overwatch and Diablo III.     

    The Lost Vikings was released in 1993 as a puzzle platformer game in which players can choose between three vikings, Erik the Swift, Olaf The Stout and Baelog the Fierce. Each viking has different abilities that can be used cooperatively to solve puzzles, evade captors, and defeat their enemies. Blizzard also included a mode where players watch the playthrough of the CPU taking control and jump in whenever they choose.  

Rock N Roll Racing and Blackthorne

   Rock N Roll Racing, released in 1993, is a demolition racing game. Players can choose from several different drivers, each with their own talents. Players can upgrade and customizable their vehicles. The last game involved in the arcade collection is Blackthorne, which was released in 1994. Blackthorne is a platformer shooter where players take on the role of Kyle Blackthorn Vlaros, stuck in an alien world filled with goblin hordes and mutant monsters. Players must blast through the way to escape to achieve their destiny.  

Its good to see Blizzard give some of their the classic games some love by re-releasing them for new hardware. My only complaint is that it would be even better to give the fans the option to buy the games as standalone purchases. Either way its a welcomed surprise for fans who are interested in retro gaming.

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