Blur 2010: Racing Reinvented Or Forgotten Gem?

This Decade Old Car Combat Game Needs a Sequel.

Blur 2010: Racing Reinvented or Forgotten Gem?
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Most PS2 and PC players have grown up playing racing games like Need For Speed Underground and its sequel. Of course, such a stronghold was enough to create barriers for any new game to enter the market of the racing genre of games. Bizarre Creations’ Blur was the unfortunate game that suffered such a fatal blow that, to date, most gamers have no idea this game exists.

Blur was Bizarre Creation’s first entry in the racing genre: a vehicular-styled combat arcade game that the publisher Activision planned on turning into a racing franchise.

However, Destiny had other designs, and Blur had very disappointing sales. Despite its underwhelming response, the game offered a different aspect of the racing genre that casual gamers may find exciting today.

Blur's Career Mode
Source: Blur Game

Key Takeaways

  • Blur offered innovative gameplay with a blend of both racing and vehicular combat.
  • Blur had a disappointing sale and failed to stand out in the gaming industry.
  • The game had fun and dynamic power-ups to gain an advantage in race and combat battles.
  • Despite its claim of being an adult version of Mario Kart, it failed to attract an audience.
  • Due to the lack of racing games today, Activision has a big opportunity to fill that gap.

Exploring Blur’s Gameplay

The game offers racing and combat, which may remind players of Mario Kart. It has a fast-paced racing style and multiple racing tracks, such as Urban Street, Industrial Zone, Stadium Circuits, and many more.

Blur has two modes: Racing and Motor Mash. In the career mode, players must race with many bosses who, once defeated, allow players to access their specific abilities, such as protective shields or shockwaves.

The multiplayer mode has the option of racing against bots and online friends. It also supports split-screen, allowing four players to play together.

Blur Four Player Gameplay
Source: SoapMac Tavish28, YouTube

The Motor Mash mode is quite different than the usual racing. Unlike traditional races, Motor Mash allows you to wreck your opponent’s car by engaging in vehicular combat. It occurs in an extensive arena where powerups are scattered all over the ground.

Amidst the battle, players must unleash a barrage of strikes on their opponents and avoid their incoming attacks. The one scoring the most points in the given time bracket wins.

Blur Motor Mash
Source: Silx, YouTube

Blur’s Dynamic Power-Ups

There are a total of eight power-ups scattered along the track, and a car can carry a maximum of three at a time. These power-ups can be acquired by driving over them.

Once obtained, they can be activated, switched, or discarded at the player’s discretion. Some of the power-ups, such as weapons, can be adjusted to allow players to select whether they want to fire them forward or backward.

Blur Power-Ups
Source: Blur Game

These special powers are adrenaline-pumping elements that can instantly turn the tide of the game. Each power-up brings a unique twist to the game, keeping you on the edge of your seat. Here is a list of power-ups that will add a thrilling unpredictability to your gameplay:

  • Nitro: Looking for a way to boost your speed and zoom past your opponents? Enhance your speed now with Nitro, which gives you a temporary boost and lets you surge ahead of your rivals.
  • Shock: Want to distract your opponents? Shake them up using the Shock power-up. The instant burst of energy will stun your opponent momentarily.
  • Mine: Want to surprise your opponent a little? Drop a Mine behind your car. These explosives lie low and wait patiently for unaware opponents, creating chaos when triggered.
  • Bolt: Trying to zap the vehicle in front from afar? Acquire the Bolt weapon and dart it at the rivals, slowing them down for a few seconds.
  • Barge: Want to have some space between you and the pack? Activate Barge power to knock out nearby cars and get yourself a clear path to victory.
  • Shunt: Willing to use an aggressive approach? Use the Shunt weapon to unleash a strong projectile that instantly damages opponents nearby. The Shunt delivers a heavy impact, whether you want to knock your enemy off the track or defend against an incoming attack.
  • Shield: Need extra protection? Grab the shield power-up! It can deflect attacks by creating a force field around you.
  • Repair: Need an instant fix during the battle? Acquire the repair to fix the damaged portion of your car and restore a portion of your health.

Failed Marketing Tactics

At the time of its release, big names like God of War and Mass Effect were already in line to be released. To tackle this problem, the company heavily marketed Blur, releasing interviews and videos, giving out multiplayer demos, and whatnot.

Even in a TV spot, the game was advertised as “Mario Kart for grown-ups.” This created a lot of hype for the game. However, as the release date neared, many gamers found the claim misleading, and the hype faded.

With ModNotion Racers, Need for Speed, and Gran Turismo already topping the charts in the racing genre, Blur failed to create its own real identity.

What’s Next?

The years 2009-2013 were a golden era for racing arcade games, and very few people from that time remember Blur. This is only due to the oversaturation of racing games. However, with the recent next-gen consoles like PS5 and Xbox X, there are very few arcade-style racing games to fulfill gamers’ demands.

Now, the fans are finally appreciating Blur. Activision can use this opportunity to fill that big hole and give gamers a long-awaited sequel for Blur.

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