Here Is How I Unlocked BMW M3 GTR In NFS Unbound

BMW M3 GTR is back tearing up the streets and dominating the competition!

BMW M3 GTR in Selection Menu

All the past versions of NFS, like NFS Most Wanted and NFS Carbon, introduced car fans to the BMW M3 GTR. It instantly became the best choice for racing tracks. The significant difference between the current and the previous version is that the current version of NFS Unbound has all the features maxed out.

Key Takeaways

  • Due to its deadly powerful engine, the BMW M3 GTR has been the apple of the eye for players.
  • You can get this car by completing Yaz’s High Heat Delivery Mission or taking EA Play Subscription.

The BMW M3 GTR is an iconic racing car that is not easy to get. It delves into the most powerful racing car outclass build the players have been trying to get since its release. So, you can get it by approaching any of these two methods listed below:

  1. By Yaz’s High Heat Delivery Mission
  2. By EA Play Subscription

Now, let me explain each of these methods separately so that you will be able to unlock this super creature easily.

Yaz’s High Heat Delivery Mission

YAZ Mission
YAZ’S High Heat Delivery Mission

At the start of the mission, Yaz will brief you about the mission by saying that the cops will chase you to put you down while you are driving the car. She will also tell you the location from where you have to take off the car. 

You can find this car in Edgewater, more specifically in the industrial city of Rockport.

Considering everything, once you have picked up the car, there will be a heat level 5 cop chasing you to put it down. This is where I will advise you to pay attention and evade the cops before you are slammed into a corner and arrested. The cop cavalry include:

  • Two SWAT Raptor Trucks
  • Undercover Camaro
  • A Helicopter
  • Interceptor Corvette
BMW M3 GTR Parking Location
  1. Now, to escape the cops, you can travel through the gas stations in the town’s industrial area. In addition, the BMW M3 GTR has a powerful engine that can lead you to the Edgewater within a few minutes, and you can just escape the cops now.
  2. I also recommend going to the station to restore the damage inflicted on the car.
Completing BMW Yaz’s Mission

Finally, deliver the car to the destination specified by the Blacklist. After completing the delivery, Yaz will reward you based on the final condition of the car.

Going to the Blacklist YAZ Mission

EA Play Subscription

You can also unlock the BMW M3 GTR through the EA Play Subscription method. This is a more direct and instant approach to getting the car, as it doesn’t require completing any in-game missions or challenges. Here are the details:

  1. EA Play Subscription: You can subscribe to EA Play for Need for Speed Unbound, which costs £3.99 per month or £19.99 for an annual subscription.

  2. Instant Access: With the EA Play subscription, you’ll gain instant access to the BMW M3 GTR for online single-player mode. It’s readily available for online multiplayer mode without the need for missions or challenges.

  3. Career Mode Access: To use the car in career mode, you must still complete Yaz’s High Heat Delivery Mission to unlock the BMW M3 GTR for all modes.

While the EA Play Subscription method offers quick access to the car in online single-player and multiplayer modes, choosing the Yaz’s Mission method is advisable if you want access to the BMW M3 GTR across all modes and a more immersive gameplay experience.

Characteristic Features Of BMW M3 GTR

Statistics of BMW M3 GTR
Maximum Speed218 MPH
Horse Power741
Maximum Torque550
¼ Mile10.6
60 MPH(s)3.4

BMW M3 GTR Statistics Table BMW M3 GTR Owned

Owned BMW M3 GTR

My Experience With BMW M3 GTR

As a childhood fan of the BMW M3 GTR, I recommend everyone get their hands on this roaring beast. It does live up to its name in the latest Need for Speed Unbound, and believe me, it is one massive nostalgic experience. 

The new BMW M3 GTR has the highest acceleration and handling, with the highest speed of 218 mph. This sums up that the BMW M3 GTR is the best racing car to go for.

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