Black Ops Cold War Season 1 Trailer Released, New Warzone Info

With the launch of season 1 for Black Ops Cold War just around the corner, December 16th. Treyarch released a cinematic trailer focusing on the narrative for the season. Additional information on season 1 content has been revealed by the official Call of Duty blog post as well as leaks. (If you want to buy Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War & you are on XBOX then check this great deal for the game, for other platforms check here.)

Players can expect a wide variety of multiplayer updates such as new multiplayer maps as well as a plethora of game modes: 6v6 modes, playlists, 2v2 gunfight that includes 4 new maps and a fireteam map which takes place in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles. Players can get double XP and Double Weapon XP starting 10 AM PT Saturday until the launch of Season 1.

Further information has been released on the Call of Duty blog about Warzone’s upcoming update. A massive expansion of free content, as Black Ops Cold War converges into Warzone with the integration of over 30 new weapons to Warzone, new operators, player progression, and Battle Pass rewards. Additionally, the Battle Royale will be getting a new map and mode. Treyarch has stated that Warzone will keep Modern Warfare (2019) mechanics.

Many Call of Duty fans have argued that Black Ops Cold War lacked content on release. So the season 1 & Warzone updates might be enough to win over the community. However, Treyarch has kept their cards close to their chest on more zombies’ information.

Cold War Season One Leaks

A number of Black Ops Cold War Season 1 images have been leaked by @TheGhostOfMW2 showcasing maps that align with the official Black Ops Cold War Blog post. Such as an image of a map that looks like it could be part of Raid, the new fireteam map. However, these images are not confirmed and could possibly be fake, therefore it’s best to take it with a pinch of salt.

Other leaks include Operator Skins, calling cards, master craft weapons along with weapon skins which can be found here.

Image Source

Other maps that have been leaked include a Christmas variant of Nuketown 84. As well as four maps included in season 1 & inspired by the campaign consisting of the KGB headquarters & the subway explored in the East Berlin mission as well as a map that resembles the training course found infiltrating the Soviet base in the campaign. Finally, a map that resembles Ascension due to the iconic rocket. It should be noted, however, we only get glimpses of these maps.(If you want to buy Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War & you are on XBOX then check this great deal for the game, for other platforms check here.)

New Warzone Map “Rebirth Island”

The next image apparently shows the new Warzone map, Rebirth Island which will release alongside Black Ops Cold War Season 1. This one is a lot more believable as it goes along with the cinematic trailer Call of Duty released recently. As a result of focusing on Adler’s discovery of Nova 6 being used by a terrorist named Stitch. In Black Ops lore Nova 6 gas was created on Rebirth Island, making for a fitting map. However, the map is considerably smaller than Verdansk.

Image Source

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