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Bungie Raises Over Half a Million Dollars for Recovering Children

Game2Give is the global annual charity event hosted by Bungie Foundation and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Beginning December 1st, 2020, the Destiny community and gamers from around the world will join forces in support of the Little Lights.

As the “formidable” 2020 comes to an end, and we reach the season of giving. Bungie intends to give more than a Destiny 2 next-gen update. As the company has tasked itself with raising money for children recovering in hospitals. With the task starting a couple of days ago, Bungie has already raised over half a million dollars and is fast approaching their 2 million dollars goal.

The money raised helps the Bungie Foundation fund the iPads for Kids Program to reduce distress and suffering in children by providing patients with a distraction that offers therapeutic play and a sense of normalcy. Allowing patients to relax and have a positive experience at a hospital.

“Play Games Heal Kids” as a Light Keeper

Becoming a Light Keeper allows you to donate and host your own charity stream to support the charity. In addition, Light Keepers will be able to win awards. Such as a new Light Keeper’s emblem, while people who donate can also access a limited edition Mist Blossoms emblem and Gilded Ghost shell.

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Bungie Announce Destiny 2 Next-gen Updates

In other news, players can expect some major improvements to performance for Destiny 2 (Get the latest Destiny 2: Beyond Light at 25% off here) in the next-gen upgrade launching on December 8th. However, cross-generation play will launch later on December 10th. Both Xbox Series X and PS5 will run Destiny 2 at 4K60fps while 120fps will only be available in the Crucible game mode. The Xbox Series S will struggle, however, to keep up with the two consoles as the Series S will be limited to 1080p at 60fps.

Unfortunately Xbox Series and PS5 owners will need to redownload all 70GBs of the game. With the release of Cyberpunk 2077 pre-load dates announced around this date. Gamers with download speeds on the slower side are going to have to bite the bullet it seems.

Bungie highlighted in an update that Destiny 2 will additionally include cross-generation play between Xbox series X/S with Xbox One players. PS5 owners will be able to play with PS4 players. Furthermore, Destiny 2 will have quicker load time for the game such as inspecting character inventory. For the first time, players will be able to customize their FOV on the console.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light - Launch Trailer - YouTube
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