Crisis Core Reunion: How to Get Cactuar Summon?

Are you looking for a Cactuar Summon? This guide will lead you to How to Get Cactuar Summon.

Cactuar Summon
Crisis Core Reunion Cactuar Summon

Cactuar Summon is an excellent reward for defeating the Cactuar. Moreover, you can get this Cactuar Summon by completing a series of missions. Furthermore, the series of tasks will be explained to you in a while. Also, the assignments are more challenging to get and solve. For that reason, this guide will help you to get the Cactuar Summon.

Key Takeaways

  • Cactuar is the strongest and the rare enemy in Crisis Core Reunion Final Fantasy Reunion VII.
  • You can get Cactuar Summon by completing a series of missions.
  • Firstly, you must fight with Cactuar to unlock the missions M3-1-3 and M10-1.
  • Cactuar Summon can be obtained by completing the relevant missions.
  • Due to the massive damage of Cactuar Summon, it is a highly demanded Summon.
  • You can get the power of 1000 needles using Cactuar Summon.

What is Cactuar?

Cactuar Crisis Core
Cactuar in Crisis Core reunion Gameplay

Cactuar is one of the great enemies in the Crisis Core Reunion. Moreover, you will encounter this enemy in the two most challenging missions. In addition, you must fight with the Cactuar to complete the mission. However, it is more complex to get than it looks.

Moving on, you must defeat the Cactuar efficiently to get the Cactuar Summon as a reward. Cactuar Summon is a special summon among the mascot Summons in the Crisis Core Reunion Final Fantasy VII. Moreover, the Cactuar Summon has tremendous damage that will boost your power.

Where to Find Cactuar

The main objective is to find the Cactuar in the Crisis Core Reunion. As we said previously, finding and getting the Cactuar Summon is complex, and you must follow a few steps to find the Cactuar.

Moreover, the agenda behind finding the Cactuar is to fight and defeat him to get the Cactuar Summon as a reward.

You can find the Cactuar in Chapter 4. However, you must complete one mission to access the series of relevant tasks to get the Cactuar Summon.

Cactuar Summon
Crisis Core Reunion Cactuar Summon

How to Unlock the Missions for Cactuar Summon

Moreover, the Cactuar is crucial for unlocking the missions, after the completion of which you can get the Cactuar Summon as a reward. In addition, finding the Cactuar in Crisis Core Reunion and unlocking the sets of missions to get the Cactuar Summon in compensation is a whole game. Now, you must follow these simple steps to find the Cactuar:

  1. Firstly, go to Chapter 4.
  2. Now, approach the first save point in the Church.
  3. Go to the east side of the map in Crisis Core and find the Cactuar.
  4. Now, find the Cactuar in mission three and win the fight to unlock the Mission 10 series.
  5. Pass the missions 10-1-1 and 10-1-2 efficiently to unlock the 10-1-3.
  6. Next, in mission 10-1-3, you will be able to fight with Cactuar, and after defeating him, you can get the Cactuar Thorn in Reward.
  7. Cactuar Thorn is vital to successfully add the image of Cactuar to DMW.

Now, the main thing is to solve these missions. For that reason, you should be consistent in following the guide carefully.

Unlocking Mission 10 Crisis Core
Unlocking Series of Mission 10 in Crisis Core Reunion

Missions Rating Information

It is crucial to know that the mission’s rating is just three stars. Thus, it means that the tasks are not complex. It’s just the steps you must follow carefully.

Moreover, the series of mission 3 is also simple. Indeed, you can fight and trounce the Kactuar. However, you must be patient about the ultimate reward of Cactuar Summon.

Now, we will explain everything about the missions and guide you on how to complete them efficiently.

Mission 3-1-3: Eliminate the Genesis Copies

Missions are rated three stars for quick completion. Mission 3 unlocks Cactuar Summon, proceed to Chapter 5.

Two prerequisite missions are needed for Mission 3-1-3:

  1. Mission 3-1-1: Foes on the Waterfront
  2. Mission 3-1-2: Massive Machines

These missions introduce basic challenges with enemies like Blood Taste Enemy, G Assassin, Heli Gunner, and Guard Spider. You can handle them easily.

genesis Troop in Crisis Core reunion
Genesis Troop in Cactuar Summon Mission Crisis Core Reunion

Principle Objective of Mission 3-1-3:

Security will inform you that an influential group is residing near the coast. Also, some powerful genesis troops with heavy weapons live in the shelters.

Remember that the troops are powerful but not more than you, so dare to defeat them. Now, the principal objectives of mission three are:

  • Genesis Group is coming toward the wasteland.
  • First, Stop the Genesis Troop from entering the wasteland.
  • Now, defeat the enemies in the genesis group.
  • Last, defeat the allies of Genesis Group.
  • Mainly, the enemies are G Avenger, G Eraser, and Cactuar.
  • You must defeat the Cactuar to get access to Mission 10.

Tactics for Completing the Mission

In the mission to find the Cactuar, your HP may be reduced due to enemy encounters. Maintain good health to handle powerful attacks.

Always exercise caution with weaker enemies. If they’re easy to defeat, handle them swiftly.

In upcoming missions, Cactuar becomes more fragile, making it easier to defeat.

Defeat the Cactuar in this mission to unlock Series of Mission 10 and obtain Cactuar Summon.

In Mission 3-1-3, follow these steps:

  1. Escape the Genesis Troop.
  2. Boost your health.
  3. Defeat enemies.
  4. Reach the Coast Wall.
  5. Find the Cactuar.

Mission 3-1-3 Reward:

Delving into the guide, after completing mission 3-1-3, you can get the following intermediate rewards:

After this, you can unlock the mission ten series. How to solve mission ten? Keep in touch with this guide; it will lead you to every strategy on How to get the Cactuar Summon in Crisis Core Reunion.

genesis Troop in Crisis Core reunion
Genesis Troop in Cactuar Summon Mission Crisis Core Reunion

Mission 10-1: The Cactoid Secrets

Next to mission 3-1-3, there is a whole series of Mission 10, which are:

  1. Mission 10-1-1: Where is the Cactuar?
  2. Mission 10-1-2: Kactuar Clone
  3. Mission 10-1-3: Cactuar Found?

As the name suggests, missions 10-1 are about the Cactoid Secrets. Now, these are the Ultimate missions, after the completion of which you can get the final reward of the Cactuar Summon.

Mission 10-1-1: Where is the Cactuar?

The first mission in Series of Mission 10-1 is “Where is the Cactuar?” Your objective is to locate and defeat the Cactuar in this mission.

As you progress, you’ll learn that one of the Troop’s pets, named Cactuar, is missing. Defeating Cactuar is essential to complete the mission and obtain valuable information about the Genesis Troop.

To find the lost pet Cactuar, contact the Coastal Area Security Agency and offer your assistance in investigating the case.

Where is Cactuar?

Notably, the question arises where is the Cactuar? So, you can find the Cactuar in Wasteland. Now, you can defeat the Cactuar to move on to the next mission.

where is Cactuar
Where is Cactuar in Crisis Core Reunion Mission

Principal Objective of Mission 10-1-1:

Notably, the Principal Objectives of Mission 10-1-1 are:

  • Find the Cactuar in the Wasteland.
  • Defeat the Cactuar to make progress in a series of missions 10.
  • Deal with enemies like Fly Eye and, ultimately, the Cactuar.
  • Finally, this will complete your mission.

Tactics for Completing the Mission 10-1-1:

The Cactuar in the mission is known as the Kactuar. Use the game’s maps to locate the Kactuar efficiently.

Before starting the mission, explore the entire area, especially the coastal site, to improve your chances of finding the Kactuar.

From the coastal site, follow two paths leading to the wasteland, which contains a treasure box. Inside, you’ll find an Elixir and Potion Chest.

Collect the rewards and return to the initial pathway point. Continue exploring the area to find two more paths. One is a dead end, while the other leads to the Kactuar.

Fight and defeat the Kactuar quickly; it’s weaker than in Mission 3-1-3. As your final reward for this mission, you’ll obtain the Muscle Belt.

Mission 10-1-1 Reward:

After the completion of Mission 10-1-1, you can get the following items as a reward:

  • Elixir Chest
  • Potion Chest
  • Muscle Belt

Mission 10-1-2: Kactuar Clone

The second mission in Series of Mission 10-1 is “Kactuar Clone.” This mission involves searching for the original Kactuar, as the one you defeated earlier was a clone.

In this mission, explore the area, and you’ll notice there are no boundaries behind you, allowing you to explore in all directions. Search for the Kactuar in this open area.

While exploring, you’ll come across a Treasure Box containing remedies. Collect them and return to the mission’s initial point. Ahead, you’ll find a long path.

Follow these steps to collect rewards:

  1. Take the first right to find the AP Up Materia.
  2. Continue forward, then turn left, and proceed straight.
  3. Reach a dead end where you’ll find a Treasure Chest containing the Cursed Ring.
    Fighting Cactuar
    Fighting Cactuar in Crisis Core Reunion Final Fantasy VII

    Tactics for Completing the Mission 10-1-2:

    In short, you can follow these steps to complete the mission:

    • Find the original Cactuar in the Wasteland.
    • This time, there will be three Cactuar clones.
    • Beat the clones of the Cactuar.
    • There will be other enemies like Trap, Raijincho, and Cactuar.
    • Beat all the enemies, including the clones of Cactuar.
    • Finally, beat the Cactuar in Wasteland to complete the mission.

    Mission 10-1-2 Reward:

    When you finally beat the real Kactuar in the mission 10-1-2, you can get the following items as a reward for debating the Cactuar:

    • Champion Belt
    • Cursed Ring
    • Ap Up
    • Remedy

    Mission 10-1-3: Cactuar Found?

    Cactuar Found
    Cactuar Found in Crisis Core reunion final fantasy VII

    The final mission to obtain the Cactuar Summon is Mission 10-1-3, offering the desired reward.

    In this mission, you’ll face ultimate enemies:

    1. Trap
    2. Replicon
    3. Kactuer
    4. Kactuar

    You’ll also encounter a White Cape and Safety Bit.

    Search for the lost pet in the Wasteland for security purposes, and you’ll be rewarded with the Cactuar Thorn upon mission completion.

    To progress, explore the outfield, similar to the previous mission. Follow these steps:

    1. First path leads to a dead end with a treasure box containing a Safety Bit for health restoration.
    2. Return to the starting point and take the second path to face the original enemy, Kactuer. Before defeating Kactuer, collect the White Cape from a treasure chest by taking a left turn. Then, proceed to beat Kactuer.

    Tactics for Completing the Mission 10-1-3:

    Cactuar Fight
    Fighting Cactuar in Mission 10 in Crisis Core Reunion Final fantasy VII

    Following the second path, you will encounter the original enemy, Kactuer. Now, you must protect yourself from the enemy. Moreover, this can be done by sticking to the right wall in the wasteland. Here, you will find another treasure box containing X Potion.

    You can finally fight the Kactuer in the wasteland by getting all the items in the missions. Moreover, this time the enemy is more powerful than the previous one. So, you must be careful in competing with the Kactuer. Finally, when you beat the Kactuer, you will get the Cactuar Thorn as a final reward for completing the mission, which can be used to summon the enemy in the game.

    Cactuar Summon Mission Completed
    Final Mission of getting Cactuar Summon In Crisis Core reunion Completed

    Mission 10-1-3 Reward:

    For completing the mission 10-1-3, you will get the following rewards:

    • Safety Bit
    • White Cape
    • X Potion
    • Cactuar Thorn
    Cactuar Thorn
    The Ultimate Reward of Cactuar Thorn in Crisis Core Reunion Final Fantasy VII

    Finally, this sums up the series of mission ten in Crisis Core Reunion Final Fantasy VII. It would be best if you learned essential strategies to beat the Cactuar in the mission ten strings. For that reason, you can read the following paragraph.

    Strengths of Cactuar:

    You can beat enemies by knowing their strengths. For that reason, this will guide you about the techniques to handle the enemies.

    Notably, you should know the abilities of the Cactuar so that you can make your strategy to beat the Cactuar. Moreover, the Cactuar has the following skills:

    • 1000 Needles
    • Mystery Kick
    • Flee
    • Three Seconds Recovery Time

    Notably, the most dangerous skill is the 1000 Needles attack of the Cactuar. Moreover, the 1000 needles attack is deadly when it throws needles at you. Consequently, you can lose your power instantly, which can be fatal if your HP falls to 1000. Thence, you must be careful about the 1000 needles attack of the Cactuar.

    Moreover, you can use the following tactics as well to beat the enemy and get the enemy as a reward:

    • Costly Punch
    • Gravity Materia
    • Thundaga
    • Blizzaga
    • Firraga

    Finally, you can get the Cactuar as a Summon in Crisis Core Reunion by beating the enemy. Moreover, Cactuar Summon can summon the enemy in the game. Furthermore, you can visit our Crisis Core Reunion Costly Punch guide to learn about its tactics.


    Thus, this concludes our detailed guide on Cactuar Summon in Crisis Core Reunion. You can pass all the missions efficiently by following this comprehensive guide. Moreover, you can easily find and beat the enemy using the abovementioned tactics in Crisis Core Reunion Final Fantasy VII.

    Moreover, suppose you crave Crisis Core Reunion Final Fantasy VII. In that case, you can visit our comprehensive guides on All Trophies, DMW Guide, Cursed Ring, and Blast wave Materia.

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