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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War “Sony Advantage”

PlayStation revealed recently in a trailer that playing Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War on PS5 will grant players exclusive bonuses. Such as early access to the zombie onslaught mode, additional tier skips on the Battle Pass Bundle. As well as extra weapon XP and double XP events. Sony have dubbed this the “Sony Advantage”. The Trailer highlighted that these benefits will be exclusive until November 1st 2021.

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Call of Duty PS4 & PS5 Versions Worth More Than Other Platforms

The PlayStation Party Bonus will reward players with an extra 25% bonus for weapon XP. Giving the PlayStation users a considerable advantage. Furthermore, PS5 and PS4 users will get access to additional 5 tier skips, lowering the value of players money on other platforms as they pay the same but get less content.

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PlayStation users will be additionally granted exclusive monthly Double XP events that last for 24 hours. Fans have been excited for the new zombie onslaught game mode only to find out that they cannot play it unless they play Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War on PS4 or PS5.

Play Zombie Onslaught “First” On PlayStation

Out of all those controversial exclusive benefits for PlayStation users this one takes the cake. As Activision and PlayStation state that you can play Zombie Onslaught first on PS4 or PS5. However, other platform users will have to wait an entire year before they can get access to the game mode. Therefore likely will be close to the next Call of Duty release.

Call of Duty Cold War Zombie Onslaught will be a PlayStation exclusive -  Esquire Middle East
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With so many benefits for only one platform, it’s difficult for Call of Duty fans on other platforms to not get frustrated with these news which increases the value of the PlayStation version of the game considerably. Therefore lowering the value of the same priced game on other platforms. To implement cross play for all and then give an advantage to one platform isn’t something that gives everyone a fair playing field in such a competitive, multiplayer-focused game. Get Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War here.

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