COD MW2: What is Battle Rage? [Controls + Tips]

A detailed guide containing everything you need to know about Battle Rage, a new feature added in the latest Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

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A Detailed guide on what is Battle Rage and how to use it

The newly released game Modern Warfare 2 has introduced some new interesting features. If you are an old COD player, you might be aware of field upgrades and what they are. Battle Rage is one of those which provides you with a boost to help you win a fight.

Our guide will be covering everything related to Battle Rage and how to use it to survive longer during and get easy kills. However, players are still figuring out how to use it and what it does to dominate their enemies easily.

Key Takeaways

  • Battle Rage provides mid-fight assistance by providing resistance to tactical equipment for survival.
  • How to unlock and equip Field Upgrades in Modern Warfare 2.
  • Perks of using this item include faster health regen, increased damage, and infinite sprint.
  • In-game situations described where you might find Battle Rage useful to dominate.
  • Problems you might find using Battle Rage.

How to Equip Battle Rage in Your Loadout?

Equipping Battle Rage
Equipping Battle Rage from the weapons loadout menu

You can unlock and use Battle Rage by visiting the weapons menu. Up there, you will click on the multiplayer loadout option which will display all your custom loadouts. Select the loadout of your choice. After choosing, Select the Field Upgrades option. In there, you can browse all the upgrades. The item Battle Rage will be visible for you to equip if unlocked.

 All the Field Upgrades unlocked at your level will be visible to you so you can pick your choice. This Field Upgrade unlocks at Rank 24 along with a JOKR Launcher at the same level.

Uses Of Battle Rage

Battle rage gives you a temporary boost along with clearer vision as stated in the game description. This combo is quite useful during a fight when you want to aggressively push the enemy team for some bonus kills.

  • It offers resistance against tactical equipment (like grenades and Molotov cocktails).
  • Regenerates your health faster, especially when getting kills during the boost.
  • Increases damage dealt to opponents and sprint speed.
  • Allows for extended sprinting, giving you an edge in chasing down enemies.
  • Keep in mind, it has a medium recharge speed and lasts about 20 seconds, so use it strategically.

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How to Use Battle Rage In-Game?

In-game using Battle Rage
POV when Battle Rage is activated

you can play on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, each with its own control scheme for activating Field Upgrades like Battle Rage:

  • PC: Press X
  • PlayStation: Press L1+R1
  • Xbox: Press LB+RB

Battle Rage has both offensive and defensive advantages. It can be used aggressively to eliminate enemies behind cover by sprinting at them.

Defensively, if you find yourself trapped in the enemy spawn area and need a quick escape, equipping Battle Rage can help you make a swift exit. However, keep in mind that Battle Rage doesn’t make you invulnerable. Taking more damage than the health regained will still result in your character’s death.

How to Make Your Gameplay Better Using Battle Rage?

At the beginning of the match, Battle Rage is not available for use, so you need to make some progress and gain XP by getting kills.

  • The boost lasts for about 20 seconds, so time its activation carefully for aggressive pushes or quick escapes.
  • While the boost is active, tactical equipment won’t affect you, but you can still take damage from regular weapons.
  • If you’re not landing shots accurately, take cover until your health regenerates to over half.
  • Flanking enemies without being spotted and activating Battle Rage can lead to easy multi-kills.
  • Battle Rage offers protection from tactical equipment, giving you an advantage when pushing enemies behind cover, as their stun grenades won’t affect you.

Problem with Battle Rage

When you activate Battle Rage, you might notice a slight change in your vision. Many players have commented on that saying their vision gets blurry. A vision like that disturbs your aim and it gets hard to land shots on your enemies which is a big drawback.

Conclusive Remarks

Battle Rage is a potential Field Upgrade that you can equip if you are going for high-kill rounds and big killstreaks. With it, you can wipe out the whole enemy squad and escape with the help of perks like increased damage and fast health regain.

Although it has a medium recharge time, it can still be a preferred Field Upgrade if you are confident enough to go for it. Always remember to stay focused and trust your aim when flanking your enemies or pushing them face-front. Equip Battle Rage and wow your teammates by scoring those multi-kills.

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