Call Of Duty MW2 Keeps Freezing On PS4 [FIXED]

A complete guide on how to fix your Modern Warfare 2 from Freezing and Crashing on PS4

COD: MW 2 game keeps freezing ps4
Complete guide on how to fix your game freezing and crashing on PS4

Modern Warfare 2 is the latest game released in the Call of Duty collection and was the most hyped-up game of 2022. But all the hype is ruined if you are not having fun while playing the game. Community of MW 2 have been facing problems when their game is freezing or crashing.

It is common for every game to be buggy and full of glitches in its initial phases which are fixed through updates in the future. The same situation was for Modern Warfare 2 and many people have reported different scenarios of their game freezing in the match.

If you are playing Modern Warfare 2, you might notice that it either freezes or crashes on PS4, PS5, and other consoles as well. The problem in all cases is mostly similar so it can be solved by following the steps explained in our guide.  

Key Takeaways:

  • Modern Warfare 2 has just been released and is full of bugs and glitches
  • Many situations where COD MW2 will freeze and crash.
  • Game performance can be improved by changing in-game settings or updating them.

Scenarios Where Modern Warfare 2 Might Freeze

COD MW2 Flag Capture mode Gameplay
Snapshot of MW2 gameplay captured on PS4 Pro

You might have experienced this when you search for a multiplayer match and your game freezes or crashes. However, If you are lucky enough, you might get inside a match and start playing but it will crash mid-game which can be unfortunate if you were having a good game.

Modern Warfare 2 can also freeze when you die in-game, and the kill cam appears on the screen. It will freeze and you will have to restart your console which can be frustrating for everybody.

Not only in multiplayer mode, but the problem also continues if you are running the campaign and your game will freeze during a mission. If you relaunch the game, you will lose your mission progress and will have to start the mission from scratch.

Everyone experiences the freezing situation differently. Some players are lucky that they get through a complete mission without any lag or crash.

Errors In Modern Warfare 2 (Freezing)

A very common in-game error that you might have come across will go something like this:

MW2 in-game Freeze Error
In-game error is shown when MW2 freezes

If you press Exit on the screen, it automatically takes you out of the game and you will have to relaunch.

If you own a PS4 Pro or above, and you are facing the same problem, your console will display the following error:

Console Error shown on PS4 Pro display when COD MW2 is launched
Error appearing on launching COD MW: 2

If you continue with it, it will take you back to the home screen and you will have to start the game again.

How To Fix Modern Warfare 2 Freezing And Crashing

Fix For Campaign Mode

Campaign cutscene
Campaign cutscene of Captain price captured on PS4 Pro

On your PS4 while playing the campaign, avoid trying to continue the previous mission from the main menu by selecting the resume mission button.

Instead, first, go to the Select Mission menu, and from there hover over the mission which you currently playing; after that just select Resume Mission. This will take you directly to the point where you saved your game last time, so you do not have to start it from the start.

System Update To Avoid Game Freezing

If you trying to play multiplayer mode, then the above fix is not for you. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is a new release, and it will come with frequent updates. If you are keeping your game and console updated to the latest version, the freezing will be gone.

This will keep most of the bugs and glitches out of your system as updates are the reason they are removed or fixed.

If you do not know how to update your console, you can learn by following this link

Modern Warfare 2 can be updated manually from the PS Store. In the search bar, type Modern Warfare 2 and click on it which will tell you if your game is already updated or not.

The Riot Shield Fix

Although the game is very unstable at this point, some in-game graphics are triggering the game to automatically freeze and shut down on its own. If you are equipped with a riot shield, then your game will get stuck at the kill cam.

To fix this, simply go to your selected loadout and unequip the riot shield and try playing a game. You will notice your game running smooth with no freezing errors.

On the side of unequipping riot shield, also unequip Overkill from your loadout. Not keeping the overkill perk has also proved successful for some people in the community so it’s worth a try.

To unequip Overkill, simply head over to the weapons section from the main menu. Select the multiplayer loadouts. Move 4 steps to the right and select your perk packages. In there, you will notice different perks equipped for you. Select any of the assault packages that you are using and unequip overkill.

We hope this Riot shield + Overkill fix works for you.

Gunsmith Fix

Gunsmith Menu
Make your favorite loadout from gunsmith menu

If the above fix did not work for you, don’t worry because we have some other solutions that you can still try. If you are looking to play any multiplayer mode, start searching for the match in the usual manner.

When you are queued up and waiting for it to start in the lobby, go to the Weapons Menu by clicking R1 on your controller. After reaching the menu display, select your loadout and open up the gunsmith. Now, you just have to wait over there till your match starts and your screen will not freeze.

In-game Fix For Freezing

The above-mentioned fixes are temporary and might stop working after a while. If you are looking for something that is more permanent, try this.

Head over to the options menu where you will be looking at all the game settings that can be modified. The reason for game freezing can sometimes be the high textures your PS4 might not be able to display, especially if you have an old PS4.

COD MW2 changing settings
Options menu, where you modify graphics settings to fix freezing

When you are in the game options menu, try changing the following settings:

  • On Demand texture streaming – Off
  • World Motion Blur – Off
  • Weapon Motion Blur – Off
  • Film Grain – 0.0
  • Depth of Field – Off
  • FidelityFX CAS – On
  • FidelityFX CAS Strength – 100

You might notice a slight change in your in-game graphics, but your game will not freeze anymore.

Fixing Error CE-34878-0 To Stop MW 2 Freezing

As we have mentioned earlier about the console error CE-34878-0. This is a very common error among many games and can be removed by deleting your saved game data.

To reach the saved data in your PS4, head upwards to the Functions Menu by pressing the UP key on your controller D-Pad. Over there, on the right side, click and open settings by pressing X or O on your controller.

PS4 Options menu
Console menu option where you can delete Modern Warfare II’s saved data

Click Applications Saved Data Management which will lead you to all the saved data of every game in your library. Open the Modern Warfare 2 folder and delete all the saved data.

Restart your PS4 and run modern warfare 2 again; the game will run smoothly without freezing.

6. Contact PlayStation Support

If any of the above-mentioned solutions fail for you then we suggest that you contact Play Station customer support as a last resort. What you can do is open their help page on a web browser and explain your issue. They will reply to you within 24 hours.

Make sure to explain the problem well to them so they can fix it as soon as possible.

Ending Remarks

Modern Warfare 2 is very buggy and full of glitches at the moment. If you trigger any glitch by keeping wrong graphic settings, your game might freeze.

In order to stop that, follow all the mentioned solutions which will help you in playing the game with no problems.

We hope that this guide was helpful for you. If any mentioned fix worked for you, don’t forget to check out our website which contains detailed guides on all games.



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