What Happens: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Ending

This guide dive deep into understanding the ending of Call of duty modern warfare 3 and explain final events of the game in complete detail.

Ending [Explained]
COD MW 3 Ending [Explained]

Key Takeaways

  • Soap dies in a tragic encounter with Makarov while saving Price in Call of Duty MW 3.
  • His funeral takes place, and the story leads to revealing the truth about Shepherd and Makarov.
  • Price and General Shepherd come across each other during the Post-Credits scene, where Price kills him for the betrayal.

The ending of Call of Duty MW 3 took some unexpected turns as some of the characters, like Shephard, who was meant to be the backbone of the investigation, came out as a traitor and created events that weren’t in favor of Price and his team. Let’s Find out everything about them!

Since I’m about to explain the ending to you, beware: there will be major spoilers, so if you haven’t finished Call of Duty MW 3 yet, read it at your own risk.

Soap’s Death

Things start to mess up for Price and his team when Task Force 141 arrives at the tunnel, and here, Soap and Price are assigned the task of disabling the bomb that Makarov places. The bad thing about this part is that two individuals have to do this job; Otherwise, one could defuse it while the other one could give cover.

Soap Diffusing Bomb with Price
Soap Diffusing Bomb with Price (Captured By Us)

Anyway, they both look into the situation so they may start the process of defusing. Soap keeps instructing the Price, and they reach the point where they have to cut down the red wire to stop the bomb.

But Makarov gets there before they do anything and starts shooting at them. Due to this, both Price and Soap get injured and fall down. Makarov tells his teammates to stay back and let him deal with them alone, as he is full of anger and wants to take revenge.

Then he places his foot over the Price and moves his gun towards him with the complete intention of killing him. Well, Makarov’s move gets dismissed as Soap makes an attack on him, but sadly, he gets shot in the head and gets wounded badly, which leads to his death.

Soap's death in Cod MW 3
Soap’s death in Cod MW 3 (Captured By Us)

This scene actually made me quite emotional since just like all veteran players we all know how many memories we got with Soap. Afterward, Gaz and Ghost reach there and make counter-attacks on enemies. Unfortunately, Makarov escapes the area without getting too injured.

Funeral And Back Story

Then this all ends, and Laswell writes a report and mentions Soap’s name as KIA. Then Gaz, Ghost, and Price go to the cliff somewhere near the Soap’s hometown and release his ashes in the air after saying some words in his honor.

Soap's Funeral
Soap’s Funeral (Captured By Us)

This scene is enough to break the heart of any person who gets too attached to characters in the game. Now, you all must be wondering, just like I did, why Makarov made Soap his target.  For this, you have to go back with me where Makarov got caught four years ago.

Soap pushed him to the ground and pointed his gun towards him. He seemed too angry and all prepared to take down Makarov, but Price intervened and stopped him from doing anything like that.

Then Makarov made a promise to see MacTavish again. Well, those who are aware of this tell me, have you ever thought that this would be the consequence of leaving Makarov alive at that time?

General Shepherd’s Death

I am assuming that you may have got an idea from the heading, but let me elaborate on what happens next after Soap’s death. This is a post-credit cut scene which you must not skip at any cost. So, the Shepherd appears to be sitting in his office, and some guy enters with a gun in his hand.

As the camera shifts towards the face, it becomes clear that the person is no one but Price. He comes here not on his personal decision, but Laswell has mutual involvement in taking this decision.

General Shepherd’s Death
General Shepherd’s Death (Captured By Us)

The conversation begins with Shepherd telling him that he is better than that, to which Price replies with a stern voice: “We both were.” General tries to make things look normal by saying: “This Job is about making sacrifices for the greater good.”

Price does agree with him just by the tongue, not with the heart, because he has come here to take down Shepherd, and there was no way to change his mind. Anyhow, the conversation continues, and Price stands in front of him across the table and then points the gun toward the General.

On which he says to Price that he won’t beg for his life, and then Price proceeds to shoot him. Shepherd’s head lies on a table with blood all around it while Price exits the room.

Why Did Price Kill Shepherd?

Woah! This is the most astonishing part as the completely other side of Price is shown here, which is full of hatred, dark, and unkind, but you all also need to know what made him that way. Let’s revise the past to fully understand his current behavior.

Shepherd betrayed Task 141, and Price held a grudge about this; apart from this, he believes that the General is majorly responsible for his Companion’s death as he didn’t let Price and Soap kill Makarov.

Price Killing Shepherd
Price Killing Shepherd (Captured By Us)

So, these were the major events that built up Price’s late dark personality, which allows him to take such steps that he may not ever take generally as he is not the kind of person who is into killing individuals without any reason.

Well, the General also didn’t tell the truth in court when he was asked to. This is another point that can be considered as a reason to hate him. The Cod Modern Warfare 3 ends there, leaving so many questions and suspense for us,

And to know what will happen next, we have to wait, or the best we can do is assume and try to link loose threads with each other.

My Thoughts

This ending is quite shocking for me, but somehow, the killing of General is the source of a little bit of peace because he was too problematic individual and Soap had to lose his life, which is mourning for all of us.

While the story left a lot of thing unanswered, I was hoping it to be a little bit more longer as Call of Duty MW 3 felt more like a DLC to the previous installment carrying over the story of Price and his team and it couldn’t lasted more than 4 hours which was a little disappoint when it comes to AAA Campaign. Let me know your thoughts about Modern Warfare 3 and I’ll see you in the next one.

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