COD Modern Warfare 3: Best Pistols [Our Top 5 Picks]

Here are the Top 5 Best Pistols in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, elucidating what separates them regarding power or lack thereof.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Top 5 Best Pistols

The array of Pistols available in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for battle provides an impressive range of choices. Moreover, this is interesting because Pistols often find themselves overshadowed, given the option to wield two primary weapons. But which of these Pistols is the Best in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3?

Keep in mind, this guide is just for pistols, however, if you want loadout for these pistols, we have an entirely different guide as well.

Key Takeaways

  • The Best Pistol in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is the Renetti.
  • There are 2 versions of the Renetti with varying Damage, Velocity, DPS, and other stats.
  • Pistols may be weak at their base level, but they can match primary weapons like the Holger 26 when max-leveled and with the right attachments.
  • Sidearms are usually situational weapons that should only be used to quickly recover from exhausting your primary weapon’s ammo in a gunfight.

Best Pistols Comparison Table

WSP Stinger26/24/241000400202502
.50 GS153/123/104166.734274702.2


Renetti Handgun
Renetti Handgun (Captured By Us)
VersionDamageRPMDPSTTKBest RangeMax Range

Our choice for the best Pistol in COD: Modern Warfare 3 is the Renetti. Initially, it sits in the mid-tier range without attachments, delivering a reliable but low-damage three-shot burst. However, akin to the FTAC Siege, it can effectively transform into a highly potent SMG.

The catch is that reaching the pinnacle involves maxing out your Renetti level to unlock its key attachment, the JAK Ferocity Carbine Conversion Kit. Once secured, the Renetti becomes a standout firearm, boasting impressive damage, accuracy, decent range, and minimal recoil. It’s a remarkable transformation for a sidearm.


Basilisk Handgun
Basilisk Handgun (Captured By Us)
DamageRPMDPSTTKBest Range Max Range

The Basilisk packs a serious punch and, in the MW2 era, stood as the preferred sidearm for many players. Few sidearms can legitimately double as a one-handed sniper rifle, but the Basilisk excels in this role. Basilisk is currently available only in Warzone 2 game mode and will soon be transferred to other Multiplayer modes.

With the right attachments, it boasts exceptional range and damage potential, albeit with a substantial kick that can be managed with practice. With some skill development, the Basilisk evolves into a potent Pistol, capable of holding its own even in lobbies dominated by primary weapons.

WSP Stinger

WSP Stinger
WSP Stinger (Captured By Us)
DamageRPMDPSTTKBest RangeMax Range

Functioning as a Micro Uzi SMG, the WSP Stinger proves to be a reasonably effective Pistol. Despite its drawbacks in recoil and accuracy, expected from a Uzi-style weapon, it excels at dealing reliable damage-per-second up close. While not topping the charts in this category, the WSP Stinger performs admirably, making it a viable choice for those seeking a versatile sidearm.


DamageRPMDPSTTKBest RangeMax Range

The P890 allows for a more aggressive playstyle with high damage and mobility. With a respectable fire rate and superior damage-per-shot compared to similar pistols, it’s far from a subpar choice. However, better and more dependable options are available in the current landscape.

.50 GS Desert Eagle

DamageRPMDPSTTKBest RangeMax Range

Regrettably, the .50 GS Desert Eagle is overshadowed by the more potent and user-friendly Basilisk. Particularly with the increased health pools in Modern Warfare 3, the .50 GS falls short, as its damage output can’t compensate for its pronounced upward kick and sluggish fire rate. However, it makes this list just because of how stylish it looks.

My Thoughts On Pistols

I’ve mentioned that the Renetti is the best pistol in MW3 at the moment due to high damage output, less recoil and fast rate of fire even during tap firing which makes it a great weapon for primary and secondary, but I only use it in-game modes like Team Deathmatch as they are more close combat favored and allows me to use the gun’s full potential. Furthermore, I like to use the .50 GS Desert Eagle when I’m playing other game modes because it just clicks well with me despite it not being the best in the meta right now if you good at aiming you can one-shot your enemies.

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