COD MW3: How To Get Campaign Rewards [Expert Insights]

Campaign Rewards are obtained by completing campaign missions. They are usable in other MW3 game modes as well, such as Warzone and Zombies. Learn more about them by reading this guide!

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Call of Duty: MW3 How To Get Campaign Rewards

Key Takeaways

  • Campaign Rewards are the buffs you receive at the end of the campaign missions. 
  • They apply to other MW3 modes as well, such as Multiplayer and Zombies.
  • There are four types of Campaign Rewards: Operators, Calling Cards, Weapon Blueprint, and Double XP Tokens.
  • In my opinion, their biggest drawback is that they don’t provide any stat buffs. These rewards are only for aesthetics.

Campaign Rewards are available at the end of each mission. You are only required to complete all 15 campaign missions, and the rewards are piled up automatically. Moreover, I figured out that you can utilize these rewards when playing Multiplayer, Zombies, or Warzone mode.

There are four types of Campaign Rewards I have found so far, which are covered below. They provide different kinds of buffs that will have an effect on other modes of MW3 as well. 


  1. Four missions will unlock new characters that you can equip.
  2. Operators look different and have different visuals to introduce new styles.
  3. In my opinion, they do not offer any stat buffs to the player, as the operators are only here for aesthetics.

Calling Cards

  1. They will allow you to customize your profile that other players can see in multiplayer matches.
  2. I play multiplayer a lot, so I think this profile customization feature helpful to show my trophies.

Weapon Blueprint

  1. You can obtain these Blueprints after completing all campaign missions.
  2. They will help customize your weapon skins in Battle Royale and Multiplayer modes.

Double XP Tokens

  1. If you want to level up and get more  XP points in less time, I recommend you to use these Double XP Tokens.
  2. These tokens are active for either 30 minutes or 1 hour. You can see the Limited Time along with the Token you get.

Here is a complete list of the Campaign Rewards and what they offer.

Type Name Unlocking Mission
Operator Doc Highrise
Operator Pathfinder Crashsite
Operator Jabber Danger Close
Operator Corso Reactor
Calling Card Ghillie Guy Payload
Calling Card Breather Operation 627
Calling Card Rhapsody Frozen Tundra
Calling Card Toxic Drip Flashpoint
Weapon Blueprint Trojan Horse
Emblem Passenger
XP Token Double Player XP Token (30 min) and Double Weapon XP Token (30 min) Precious Cargo
XP Token Double Player XP Token (1 hour) and Double Weapon XP Token (1 hour) Oligarch
XP Token Double Player XP Token (1 hour) and Double Weapon XP Token (1 hour) Gora Dam
XP Token Player XP Token (30 min) and Weapon XP Token (30 min) Deep Cover

How To Check Rewards Progress?

I found out that if you are in the middle of your campaign and you are not aware of the rewards you currently have, you can check them from the main menu. On the menu screen, find the option that is labeled Campaign. You will be able to see your entire campaign progress here.

Next, open the Mission List. You will see the mission progress and the items listed in front of them. Those are the Campaign Rewards that I have already talked about. This is the only way to check these rewards and it is very accessible. Furthermore, I advise you to keep looking at them after a few missions to see where you stand. 

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