Call of Duty MW3: How To Prestige [Explained]

This guide explains how to get Prestige and its levels in CoD MW3.

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Call of Duty MW3: How To Prestige?

Key Takeaways

  • Prestige is a ranking system in Call of Duty.
  • It starts after reaching the max level, i.e., Level 55 for the Call of Duty MW3.
  • The prestige ranks usually increase after every 50 Levels in multiplayer.
  • It offers different complex challenges that give aesthetic rewards like Calling Cards and Prestige Emblems.

Prestige Ranking System is not currently available in Call of Duty MW3, but it is announced to arrive as soon as Season 1 of the game starts on December 6. For the players who are already at the max level in the multiplayer, i.e. Level 55, they will get automatic promotion to Prestige 1 by levelling up to Level 56.

Considering the system present in the MW2, if the newer MW3 also follows the same trend, then the prestige system will consist of 5 ranks in each season. Additionally, each rank will increase once the player levels up by 50. The level division for this is shown below:

Prestige Rankings
Prestige Rankings (Captured By Us)
  • Prestige 1: Level 56 – Level 99
  • Prestige 2: Level 100 – Level 149
  • Prestige 3: Level 150 – Level 199
  • Prestige 4: Level 200 – Level 249
  • Prestige 5: Level 250+

Prestige System Challenges And Rewards

The Prestige challenges are additional that unlock once you are in the first rank, and they are more complex. These reward more XP to level up and increase your rank. However, the XP reward will be only in the game you are playing to level up your weapon as defined by the carry forward system.

Read more on challenges in MW3 on the official Activision Blog.

Additional rewards include the Calling Cards you receive to complete the challenges and the Prestige Emblems for each rank. You can equip these on your profile to flex your rank and skill to other players. However, they are cosmetic items only.

My Thoughts 

In my opinion, the new Prestige system is a lot different than its predecessors because it doesn’t reset in each rank. It’s better as players won’t have to grind for each item again. Furthermore, you can expect it to be similar to the one present in the MW2 series, as most of the stuff is carried to the new game as well.

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