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We talk about the voice actors behind the famous in-game characters of Callisto Protocol.

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Learn more about the voice actors in Castillo Protocol

Callisto Protocol is the latest horror game created by Glen Schofield who also is the creator of the legendary Dead Space series. Despite the game getting many negative reviews, horror genre enthusiasts are loving the peak performance of actors in the game.

The game is full of cinematic cut scenes and realistic gameplay that will make you think you are watching a movie that is full of twists and intense scenes.

If you are curious to know about the voice actors in Callisto Protocol, you have come to the right place. Here, we will discuss some of the known actors who worked hard to make this game a huge success.  

Key Takeaways:

  • Callisto Protocol involves too many infected zombies so around 7 main and supporting characters are voiced in it.
  • We discuss how these characters affect the main plot of the game.
  • Most characters are given voices by well-known actors in the film industry.

Jacob Lee – Josh Duhamel

Every game’s plot revolves around its main character. Well, Jacob Lee is behind all the heroics in Callisto Protocol. The game is played in the third-person view focusing on Jacob Lee. The game starts with him being a prisoner on Callisto, the biggest moon of Jupiter.

The plot evolves when Jacob Lee, who is a cargo ship pilot, escapes the Black Iron Prison intending to stay alive by surviving among all the infected. The character is involved in gruesome combat and interacts with other survivors along the way.

Jacob Lee progresses further in the game by saving other prisoners stuck in the famous Black Iron Prison that want to escape. He goes on to use different gun mechanics that save him from getting bitten by a zombie.

Josh Duhamel in an interview about Castillo Protocol
Josh Duhamel interview by IGN

The main character is voiced by none other than Josh Duhamel. You might have seen Josh in the famous Transformer series where he plays Colonel William Lennox. He also achieved success playing Danny McCoy, Chief of Security on NBC’s Las Vegas.

Looking at Josh’s voice-acting background, he is known as the voice behind Harvey Dent, the two-face man. As one of his gaming records, he also spoke as William Pierson in Call of Duty: World War II.

Dani Nakamura – Karen Fukuhara

Voiceovers are a new experience for actors that are used to acting in movies and TV Shows, but Karen Fukuhara made her debut in the best possible way. Dani Nakamura, the in-game character of Karen, is a main character in Callisto Protocol.

When you start to grow in the game, you will see that Dani is Jacob’s ally and they move together. Dani Nakamura is the leader of an anti-UJC (United Jupiter Company) group, known as The Outer Way, which wants to reveal the secrets of UJC to the public.

Dani is a badass in this game whose aim is to find the truth behind UJC and Callisto. Her dark history pushes her to fulfill her objective which is why she will never take no for an answer.

Karen Fukuhara getting interviewed for Castillo Protocol
Karen Fukuhara interview by IGN

As the story is based far in the future, Dani is a hacker which makes her good with computers, so she knows her way with the new future tech.

Karen is making her debut in voice acting. Previously, she was known for playing Katana in the first installment of Suicide Squad. She made her name in the film industry with her groundbreaking performance as Kimiko in The Boys which the directors loved.

Elias Porter – Zeke Alton

Elias Porter is another support character portrayed by Zeke Alton. The character is revealed in the early phases of the game and is first seen in-game when Jacob is trying to escape the prison.

Elias has been stuck in this prison for a long time, so he knows his way around it. He teams up with Jacob during phase 1 and tries to get out of the prison maze.

What makes Elias an important character is his knowledge of the Black Iron Prison. If Jacob denies his help, he will never find a way out of there. That is why the value of support characters is very high in Callisto Protocol.

Zeke Alton getting interviewed for Castillo Protocol
Zeke Alton interview by IGN

Zeke Alton is an accurate match for the support role and the former US Navy Test Pilot portrays it perfectly. His voice-acting career involves voicing Captain Quantum in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and other games like World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth and COD: Vanguard.

The actor has also made several appearances on a couple of TV shows known as Triage and The Morning Show.

Warden Duncan Cole – James C. Mathis III

Duncan Cole is the one character in the game who is considered to be the biggest evil. He is the warden of the Black Iron Prison and is also responsible for experiments initiated by UJC. To play a character like Duncan, you need someone who is experienced and knows what he is doing.

With the main plot revolving around surviving amongst the infected, Dani Nakamura together with Jacob Lee tries to collect solid evidence from Duncan as their escape plan from Callisto is off the charts.

Duncan is a tough bone who does his job well as a Warden and never lets anyone step a foot out of the Prison. Villains like Duncan Cole need to put in more effort than the main characters as they are the ones who bring twists to the story and make it more interesting.

James C. Mathis III in an interview for acting in Marvel
James C. Mathis III interview by Marvel HQ

The experienced James C. Mathis III has already been the voice of many other characters such as Black Panther in Marvel vs Capcom. He also is behind the voicing of Black Panther in Avengers Assemble.

If you are a veteran video game player, you may also recognize James from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater where he voiced Donald Anderson. God of War lovers may also identify this personality as he was the voice behind Hildisvini in GOW: Ragnarok.

Sam Witwer – Captain Leon Ferris

Sam Witwer portrays a character that always keeps people in danger. Capt. Leon Ferris is the closest companion of Warden Duncan Cole, and he must always keep the prisoners in trouble. He is one of the main characters in Callisto Protocol.

The character Leon Ferris stays in the game for a longer period so he might have a part in building up the plot for the end of this game. Leon will be involved in some major Boss Fights that change the course of the Callisto Protocol.

Sam Witwer getting interviewed for Castillo Protocol
Sam Witwer interview by IGN

Sam has a huge fan base in the gaming community, and he additionally received lots of positive feedback on his role in Callisto Protocol. The community remembers him from his past roles in Horror games like the Protagonist Deacon St. John in Days Gone.

You may recognize Sam Witwer from his well-known roles in movies and TV shows like Star Wars, Smallville, Supergirl, and Riverdale.

Louise Barnes – Doctor Caitlyn Mahler

Caitlyn is on the good side and tries to help Jacob in fulfilling his goal. She is a prison doctor in Callisto and has an important job during the apocalypse. She reveals secret information about UJC and Duncan so Dani and Jacob can reach him and end this misery.

Dr. Caitlyn is introduced in the middle phase of the game as her only purpose as a supporting character is to help the survivors in defeating the evil and end the apocalypse.

Louise Barnes in one of her movies
Louise Barnes during an acting scene

Louise Barnes is portraying the supporting character and also making her debut as a voice actor. But she is not new to the horror genre as she earned success by acting in Survival Evil, a South African Horror Film.

Jeff Schine – Max Barrow

Max Barrow is introduced at the start of the game along with Jacob Lee. They both are co-pilots that were assigned to deliver the cargo package to Callisto by UJC. More to the plot. they were unaware of what the package held and that this would cause a major problem.

Max didn’t stay in the game for long as he failed to survive the crash landing on the biggest Jupiter moon. His retirement was caused by the Outer Way group when they interfered with the cargo shipment with intention of getting intel on UJC.

Jeff schine during a voiceover scene
Jeff Schine in one of his podcasts

Jeff Schine is a veteran when it comes to voicing in video games. He has been behind the voice of Chris Redfield in the fan-favorite series of Resident Evil games. Jeff was involved in voicing Javier in The Walking Dead: New Frontier.

You may also recognize Jeff from acting in movies like SEAL Team, Extant and A Mother Knows Worst.

Ending Notes

Developers of Callisto Protocol have chosen the voice actors very carefully, so each character plays his role with perfection. The actors put in a lot of hard work in making the game successful. Some of the known actors in the gaming community like Sam Witwer brought fame to the game.

Make sure to check out the game if you love horror as it will surprise you. Buy Callisto Protocol for PC on Steam. You can also play it on Xbox series X/S, PS4, and PS5. Buy the game from their respective console stores.

Also, check out our website for more useful guides on Callisto Protocol that may help you progress further in the game.

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