Callisto Protocol Assault Rifle [How to Get]

A Definitive Guide on how to get the Assault Rifle in Callisto Protocol to help you survive in combat.

Assault Rifle Cover
Callisto Protocol Assault Rifle

Were you having difficulty getting to all the guns in Callisto Protocol? Playing a survival game like this requires you to equip the best guns in the inventory. With luck on your side, Callisto Protocol allows you to play with Assault Rifle making combat easier.

Out of the ten different weaponry, Assault Rifle is introduced in the late phases of the Callisto Protocol, specifically in the 7th Chapter called The Colony. This guide will answer all your queries regarding how to get to the UJC Special Ops Assault Rifle.

Key Takeaways

  • To get the Assault Rifle, you first need to find its schematic and print it from a nearby Reforge or an Upgrade Station.
  • During the starting minutes of Chapter 7, you will find the Assault Rifle Schematic.
  • As you make your way forward, you will find the schematic after getting the objective of finding the keycard for an elevator.
  • The final location of the schematic is inside the bathroom of a general store, where you will also find an Energy Converter.

Assault Rifle Description

Exploring The Colony will get you to the location of Assault Rifle Schematic. As the schematic is optional to collect, it might not catch your attention. The rifle costs 1000 Callisto Credits and comes with different weapon upgrades like Homing Ammo, with which you never miss your target.

During the game’s early chapters, ammo available for your weapons is minimal, so you forcefully have to shift towards the melee combat. However, when you progress further into the game, you upgrade your guns and find them useful for the end-chapter and final bosses.

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A look at the assault rifle in callisto protocol
How the Assault Rifle looks in the inventory

Assault Rifle is a ranged weapon that will help you encounter the infected when they are far away from you. You can also use it for a closer distance, but it will be less effective. Furthermore, Assault rifle has large magazine, as more bullets deal more damage.

High ammo is also an advantage over the low damage statistics of the gun, as more bullets shot at the enemy can deal more severe damage. This is a stable weapon thus the effect of shaky aim is neglected.

Let’s see how to get the schematic of the Assault Rifle. After collecting it, you can take the schematic to any nearby Reforge and purchase it.

How To Find Assault Rifle Schematic

The schematic is close to the starting location of the 7th chapter. Once you make your way forward for a few minutes, you will find yourself inside The Slums area, where your mission objective will be to Find the Elevator Keycard.

on our way to finding the keycard for elevator
Find the Elevator Keycard objective unlocked

If you hear Jacob closely, you will listen to him say something about finding the security room. The whole place crawls with zombies, so first, you must take them out in stealth mode or by combat which is your choice. Stealth on Minimum Security is a lot easier than others.

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After the area is zombie-free, please make your way up the ladder with random letters and symbols beside it. The ladder is hard to miss as a yellow light is shed on it, and it’s the first thing you see when you reach the targeted area.

climbing ladder
Climb the ladder to move forward

After climbing the ladder, make a 180-degree turn and find yourself in front of the General Store.

location of general store
Head inside the General Store

Head straight into the general store and exit it from the other end. You will now see a label on the wall saying Security with an arrow pointing to the left.

Security label
Follow the label

That is where the security room is; you can follow it to complete the objective. To get the schematic, look to its left to find a bathroom with flickering tube light.

Bathroom entrance
Go inside the Bathroom to collect the AR Schematic

This is where you will find the schematic and take it to a Reforge or an upgrading station to print the gun and equip it in your inventory.

Schematic found
AR Schematic Collected

Couple of enemies will be on your trail after you have collected the Schematic. To continue the mission, make your way out of the bathroom and move left till the end of the path. Move right to collect the keycard beside a trapped zombie and get to the elevator.

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Assault Rifle Upgrades

printing assault rifle in the reforge
Animation when printing the Assault Rifle

You can upgrade four attributes of your Assault Rifle that will give you high assistance during Boss fights. You will have to spend your Callisto Credits on these upgrades to purchase them. Make sure you have enough before you plan on upgrading it. Let’s look at the upgrades now.

High-Capacity Magazine

First upgrade
High-Capacity Magazine

To purchase the update, you will need 500 Callisto Credits. More bullets in the gun magazine as equipping this upgrade will drastically increase your Ammo Capacity stats. A maximum of 25 shots can be in your magazine at once. 3 Bullets are shot at once as this is on burst mode.

Magnum Rounds Damage

second upgrade
Magnum Rounds Damage

This upgrade is more expensive than High-Capacity Magazine but still not the costliest upgrade for Assault Rifle. You will spend 1500 Callisto Credits to purchase it.

The Damage stats of your gun will be boosted with the following upgrade so that the enemies will be killed with fewer bullets wasted. Using this with the High-Capacity Magazine will allow you to hurt your enemies more quickly, so fewer bullets can get the job done.


third upgrade

This is a potential upgrade for your Assault Rifle as more stable the gun helps in the aim getting less shaky, which helps in hitting the head of the target. Gather 4500 Callisto Credits for this upgrade as it is the most expensive upgrade for the most expensive gun, the Assault Rifle.

TK63 Homing Rounds

fourth upgrade
Homing Rounds

This is by far the essential upgrade that your gun needs. We suggest you prioritize this upgrade over the others, as it will help you the most in combat. It does not increase or decrease weapon statistics, but it will give you aimbot.

An alt-fire module will be added to your rifle. Typically, this is a burst rifle, and at a time, three bullets are shot, but after the alt-fire module is attached, six rounds will be fired in one go, and they will constantly shift their projectile in a way that it always hits the target, hence the aimbot. The update costs the same as the Stability Upgrade, which is 4500 Callisto Credits.

Final Remarks

This is it for our complete guide on the Assault rifle. Despite being the most expensive gun in the game, it has its advantages against Two Head and the final boss that will help you defeat them with much less effort.

Since you have reached the end of it, check out our website for more helpful guides and leave feedback for us. If you haven’t played Callisto Protocol yet, you can download it on a PC through Steam. Buy it on PlayStation and Xbox from their respective in-game stores and enjoy.

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