Callisto Protocol Best Difficulty [Settled]

Are you trying to figure out what is the callisto protocol best diificulty setting for you? Well, we can help you find out.

callisto protocol best diificulty

Are you jumping onto the hype of Callisto Protocol? Well, from what we are seeing, it is quite well received by both casual and veterans of the survival horror genre. This is quite possibly due to its difficulty scaling allowing players to meet their requirements and needs.

This guide will help you determine the Callisto Protocol Best Difficulty for you based on your skill set, knowledge regarding video games, and current life circumstances.

Key Takeaways

  • Callisto Protocol has a total of 4 difficulty settings.
  • Minimum Security prefers a story-based experience where the gameplay is an auxiliary due to the nerfs to enemies and the buffs to weapons.
  • Medium Security is the default setting where most players will be comfortable and is for people who have played a game or two like this before.
  • Maximum Security caters to people who are experienced in these games and are looking for a challenge to entertain them.
  • Contagion is the hardest difficulty setting that can only be described as a hardcore mode where you only have one life, and the game is more challenging than ever.

Callisto protocol gameplay
Callisto Protocol Infected

Minimum Security

Going Through A Horde Of Infected Callisto Protocol
Going Through A Horde Of Infected

The more accessible game mode to start. This is designed with the sole purpose of getting story over gameplay. In this mode, the gameplay takes a backseat with some notable nerfs. These include:

  • Increased number of loot locations.
  • An increased rate of items dropping from enemies.
  • Enemies have a smaller health pool when fighting.
  • The enemies do less damage to the player.

We recommend this if you don’t have much time to commit to gaming but would like to experience the aesthetic and story of the game. On this setting, you can complete the game around the 8-hour mark or 12 hours if you aren’t familiar with the genre.

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Medium Security

Selecting Callisto Protocol Best Difficulty
Selecting Difficulty

The most normie game mode to start. This is designed as the best of both worlds, with equal attention to gameplay and story.

This is the Callisto Protocol best difficulty for most players simply due to it being designed as the default difficulty when the game was in development. This difficulty setting includes:

  • The base number of loot locations.
  • The default rate of items dropping from enemies.
  • Enemies have the default health pool when fighting.
  • Enemies do the standard amount of damage when engaged in combat.

We recommend this if you are slightly experienced in this survival horror genre. You can complete the game in around 10 to 14 hours in this setting. However, remember that this is for people who are at least casual gamers and somewhat familiar with the genre.

Maximum Security

callisto protocol containment cell
Contamination Cell

Finally, a challenge. This difficulty setting was designed to give the player a hard time stimulating them. The story takes a backseat with some nice buffs to gameplay in this mode. These include:

  • A lower number of loot locations.
  • A reduced rate of items dropping from enemies.
  • Enemies have a larger-than-average health pool when fighting.
  • Enemies do a significantly increased amount of damage in combat.

Recommended only to players who are well-versed in the survival horror genre and like a challenge. Mainly because they have gotten so used to these games that even medium seems easy to them. You can complete this difficulty setting within 12 to 15 hours and reduce this time even further.


Facing Off Against Infected Callisto Protocol
Facing Off Against Infected

In the end, we have the ultimate challenge-run difficulty; Contagion mode.

This model is designed for challenge runners. People who revel in the difficulty and challenge of overcoming the insurmountable obstacle presented to them. Contagion mode is the difficulty mode for those kinds of people as it contains:

  • Single Life in-game.
  • Health and Ammo drops are few and far between.
  • All other mentioned aspects are bumped up to the maximum.

An important thing to note is that this mode is only available if you buy the Season Pass for Callisto Protocol. This decision to gatekeep the most challenging difficulty behind an additional paywall is quite contentios but not enough to detract from the game’s overall enjoyment.

Final Thoughts

We would recommend you go for Medium Security. This is mainly because the developers have designed the game to be played by a broad audience and age demographic. Hence, they have geared the Medium Security towards the most people.

That is why, in our humble opinion, Medium Security is the Callisto Protocol Best Difficulty for most people.

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