Callisto Protocol Best Weapons: Pros, Cons, Types

A complete and detailed guide about the best weapons in the Callisto Protocol also discusses other weapons and their abilities.

Best Weapons Callisto Protocol
Best Weapons

The concept of unlocking the weapons in Callisto is pretty straightforward; you progress through the game until you complete the Outbreak Chapter, and then you will be rewarded with the Stun Baton that later you can print more weapons or upgrade in the printing machine.
Unlock Weapons
Unlock Weapons (Captured By VeriAliGaming)

Now, while you can print some of the weapons to upgrade them and unlock new weapons, you have to get the required Schematics that will be available throughout the game in different chapters and will allow you to unlock the desired weapons.

Below, I will list my pics of best weapons in Callisto Protocol that will suit variety of playthroughs for you.


  • The game offers a variety of modifications to your default weapons that can be transformed into new weapons as per your requirements.
  • Each weapon has an ability that makes it different from others and has its attachment trees.

Unlocking Printing Feature
Unlocking Printing Feature (Captured By VeriAliGaming)

Riot Gun

Best Shotgun.
Riot Gun Shotgun
Riot Gun

Why did I Choose Riot Gun?

A powerful primary shotgun with greater bullet holding capacity can clear many enemies. You can find this gun in the Callisto Protocol’s Lost chapter. In my opinion, the main selling point for this weapon is that it has a short duration for reloading that may help you in intense combat. 

It offers impressive dealing damage and can easily take down the enemy. Riot guns have good stability, so you won’t have to experience recoil to a greater extent. This also allows you to have a stable aim at the target to get rid of it in one shot.

Its explosive rounds upgrade is excellent for making the crowd of enemies disappear. To get the maximum potential, you have to upgrade it.

  • Best Shotgun.
  • Ideal damage per shot.
  • Excellent Stability.
  • Explosive Rounds.

  • Only unlocked at a certain point in the campaign. 

Stun Baton

Powerful Melee Weapon. 
Stun Baton Melee Weapon
Stun Baton (Image Credits: Backseat YT)

Why did I Choose Stun Baton?

The Stun Baton comes under the category of a melee weapon. Players come across this weapon in the later stages of the outbreak chapter. The crowbar gets replaced by stun as they obtain it, which is better than the previous weapon.

Being a melee weapon, it does not require ammo, which is a plus point. You can use it when you are low on ammo or want to conserve it.

In Callisto Protocol, some bosses are hard to defeat just by using bullets, and that’s where you will need this weapon the most. Stun Baton can be handy in early and middle game stages, but you must keep upgrading it to fight with it later.

One can use it against extreme melee attacks and block the enemy’s strikes. To enhance the performance, you should go for the Block Break and Riot Control Swing, but overall, I highly suggest upgrading to utilize its maximum potential.

  • Ideal for beating specific bosses.
  • Excellent for Melee-focused playthrough.

  • Exposes character to the incoming strikes.
  • Upgrade Required.

Skunk Gun

Best Close-Range Shotgun.
Skunk Gun Weapon
Skunk Gun

Why did I Choose Skunk Gun?

This one is at the top of the list of best weapons. While playing through the Habitat chapter, you can get it. It can be used as an alternative to the Riot Gun at an affordable range. It is a close-range shotgun with a rapid rate of fire that deals significant damage.

It is best to use when attacked by a mob of enemies, and this will blast them away, making enough space for you to prepare yourself for the next attack. However, to unlock it, you need to look for the Schematics.

The magazine capacity by default seems insufficient, but it can be increased by upgrading. The stability enhancement is best to boost the strength and reduce the recoil. Besides this, the total damage of the gun also goes up through upgrades.

  • Best Close-Range Damage Output.
  • Efficient Crowd Control.

  • Demands Upgrading. 
  • Not Ideal for Beginners.

Hand Cannon

Best Pistol in Callisto Protocol. 
Hand Cannon Callisto Protocol
Hand Cannon

Why did I Choose Hand Canon?

It is a Sidearm basic pistol weapon, and you can access it during the Aftermath chapter in Callisto Protocol. Players can obtain this weapon at the start of the game, which allows you to invest in it properly as you have much time. Get it in 800 credits as soon as you receive the blueprint. 

It has a great range and is perfect until you get your hands on the Riot Gun. It may offer less damage but is suitable for defeating enemies until mid-game.

  • Best Side Arm.
  • Ideal Range.

  • Lacks Damage Output.

My Other Recommendations

Apart from my top recommendation of getting the Stun Baton or Riot Gun, you can also consider Shiv a blunt melee weapon. It is an excellent starter choice in your arsenal and is easily obtainable after speaking to Elias during the Outbreak. 

Crowbar can also act as a temporary melee weapon that gets exchanged with the Stun Baton. The first melee equipment players get in the Callisto Protocol. At the Outbreak’s start, you must fight with two gang members, from where you will obtain the Crowbar.

If you have any queries or feedback, share them with us in the comments section below, and I will try to answer them.

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