Callisto Protocol Best Weapons Ranked

A complete and detailed guide about the best weapons in the Callisto Protocol also discusses other weapons and their abilities.

Best Weapons Callisto Protocol
Best Weapons

New games, new enemies same old hassle to find the best weapons to make things quick and easy. Let us help you out this time in the new Callisto Protocol.


  • The game offers a variety of modifications to your default weapons that can be transformed into new weapons as per your requirements.
  • Each weapon has an ability that makes it different from others and has its own attachment trees.
  • We have also listed a few additional weapons that might come in handy if you don’t find the best one right away in the game.

How To Unlock Weapons

Unlock Weapons
Unlock Weapons (Captured By VeriAliGaming)

The concept of unlocking the weapons in Callisto is pretty straightforward; you progress through the game until you complete the Outbreak Chapter, and then you will be rewarded with the Stun Baton that later you can print more weapons or upgrade in the printing machine.

Unlocking Printing Feature
Unlocking Printing Feature (Captured By VeriAliGaming)

Now while you can print some of the weapons to upgrade them, to unlock new weapons, you have to get the required Schematics that will be available throughout the game in different chapters and will allow you to unlock the desired weapons.

Best Weapons

Best Weapons
Best Weapons (Captured By VeryAliGaming)

The game offers a unique mechanic of printing the new weapons as you progress through the game, you can customise each weapon here, or you can get a new weapon altogether, consider it more of a crafting station just with a new name.

Printing Weapons
Printing Weapons (Captured By VeriAliGaming)

Following are the best possible weapons you can currently craft in the game to output the most damage and have a good time while staying alive.

Riot Gun

Riot Gun Shotgun
Riot Gun

A powerful primary shotgun with greater bullet holding capacity can clear many enemies. You can find this gun in the Callisto Protocol’s Lost chapter. It has a short duration for reloading that may help you in intense combat. No doubt this is one of the best weapons and reliable ones.

It offers impressive dealing damage and can easily take down the enemy.Riot gun has good stability, so you won’t have to experience recoil to a greater extent. This also allows you to have a stable aim at the target to get rid of it in one shot.

Its explosive rounds upgrade is excellent for making the crowd of enemies disappear. To get the maximum potential, you have to upgrade it.

Stun Baton

Stun Baton Melee Weapon
Stun Baton (Image Credits: Backseat YT)

The Stun Baton comes under the category of a melee weapon. Players come across this weapon in the later stages of the outbreak chapter. The crowbar gets replaced by stun as they obtain it, which is better than the previous weapon.

Being a melee weapon, it does not even require ammo, which is a plus point. You can use it when you are low on ammo or want to conserve it.

In Callisto Protocol, some bosses are hard to defeat just by using bullets, and that’s where you will need this weapon the most. Stun Baton can be handy in early and middle game stages, but you must keep upgrading it to fight with it later.

One can use it against extreme melee attacks and block the enemy’s strikes. To enhance the performance, you should go for the Block Break and Riot Control Swing, but overall complete upgrading is suggested to make it super dynamic.

Skunk Gun

Skunk Gun Weapon
Skunk Gun

This one is at the top of the list of best weapons. While playing through the Habitat chapter, you can get it. It can be used as an alternative to the Riot Gun at an affordable range. The close-range shotgun with the rapid rate of fire deals significant damage.

It is best to use when attacked by a mob of enemies, and this will blast them away, making enough space for you to prepare yourself for the next attack. However, to unlock it, you need to look for the Schematics.

The magazine capacity by default seems insufficient, but it can be increased by upgrading. The stability enhancement is best if you want to boost the strength and reduce the recoil. Besides this, the total damage of the gun also goes up through upgrades.

Hand Cannon

Hand Cannon Callisto Protocol
Hand Cannon

It is a Sidearm basic pistol weapon, and you get access to it during the Aftermath chapter in Callisto Protocol. Get it in 800 credits as soon as you receive the blueprint. Obtaining this weapon at the start of the game allows you to invest in it properly as you have much time.

It has a great range and is a perfect gun to use until you get your hands on the Riot Gun. It may offer less damage but is suitable for defeating enemies until mid-game.

Other Weapons


A blunt Alt melee weapon with no upgrades at this moment. Players can use it as an opening tool. You can obtain it after communicating with Elias during the Outbreak. This also unlocks the achievement of desperate times.


A temporary melee weapon that gets exchanged with the Stun Baton. The first melee equipment players get in the Callisto Protocol. At the Outbreak’s start, you have to fight with two gang members, from where you will obtain the Crowbar.


Tired of chasing the enemies? Pull them towards yourself by wearing the GRP glove on your forearm. You can pull the other items as well. Throw the enemies intensely after drawing them.

Upgrade it to make it stronger so you can even deal with enormous enemies. This weapon can be recharged either through battery or automatically. The latter takes more time, so you can switch to the former option for a quick recharge.

Tactical Pistol

A pistol with a fast-firing rate and efficient handling. You can opt for this sidearm while combating with the melee weapon. It will assist you in dealing with enemies effectively. Apart from this, it can be used to deal with small-sized creatures.

Assault Rifle

In the end, we have this long-range assault rifle with amazing stability and damage. It has an average rate of fire but gets the job done as you obviously need something to keep going, so why not an AR.

Closing Remarks

The writing journey of this guide ends here, and we expect that it has been of great help to you. The Callisto Protocol is new in town, and we are working on the guides related to the game to make the play more convenient for you.

We will catch you up with new stuff. Till then, keep reading our work and sharing it with your mates.

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