Callisto Protocol Bosses [Complete Guide]

A Definitive Guide that discusses all the Bosses that appear in Callisto Protocol and how to defeat them.

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Detailed talk about Bosses in Callisto Protocol

In-game bosses are your enemies, usually appearing at the end of a mission or chapter. Callisto Protocol includes two boss fights, which is insultingly low for a game around 16 hours long.

In this guide, we will discuss all these Bosses and how to defeat them to reach the end of the Callisto Protocol.

Key Takeaways

  • Callisto Protocol includes Two Bosses that are seen toward the end of the game.
  • These Bosses develop different attacking techniques that need to be countered.
  • Two Head appears multiple times throughout the campaign with similar attacking moves.
  • Captain Ferris shows up a couple of times in the final chapter.

These Bosses will show up later in the game when you gain enough experience to face them. Let’s dive right into the topic.

The Two Head

two head at Chapter 6 ending on the platform
First look at the Two Head in Chapter 6

Two Head is the first boss in Callisto Protocol that you face. The twin-headed monster will make its first appearance at the end of the 6th Chapter – Lost, then in the Colony, and finally in the Final Chapter, Tower. Dodge the extended hands of the brute to avoid losing health.

As you keep dodging its attacks and dealing damage, the Two Head Boss moves into its second phase, where one head separates the other from its limbs and keeps attacking Jacob. It is not a pretty sight for the user, but the boss fights are designed to be brutal and gruesome.

The brute’s right arm has a connected hammer, while the left arm looks more like a sharp object, like the tip of an axe. We will see some of the attacking moves of Two Head and how to counter them to kill him.

Attacking Techniques By Two Head

The Two Head Brute follows a specific set of moves it keeps using throughout the battle. When the fight starts, the Brute is strong, so it will charge and land a powerful hit with either its left arm or right.

As Two Head moves to its next transformed phase, it gets more aggressive and attacks more frequently. The monster will remove half of its upper body and will be left with only one arm.

Attacking Strategies Against Two Head

Callisto Protocol has no variety in the attack strategies against the enemies other than dodging and counterattacking. The best way to counter Two Head is to let it run toward you and then get out of its way.

Always aim for the head as it weakens the Two Head significantly, which is most likely only the case for some enemies as they have other weak spots.

When it charges and reaches closer to swing its arm, dodge it by holding your controller stick left or right. You can use the left and right arrow keys to doge Boss attacks on PC. Counter back by hitting the Boss with Stun Baton to deal significant damage.

If you are on Minimum Security, the Boss fight is more straightforward. The best technique is to keep Two Head at some distance from you and use weaponry to deal damage. Use the high damage guns such as Skunk Gun and Revolver.

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You will fight Two Head toward the end of 6th chapter on the platform. After the cut scene, quickly look to your right toward the crates and gather as much ammo as possible before it attacks.

Two Head - The Platform
One on One with Two Head at The Platform

To finish your first objective, separate one head, stand at some distance, and use a high-damage weapon like Skunk Gun to do the job. In the second phase, keep dodging the aggressive Two Head punches and use weaponry to finish him.

Toward the end of the fight, when the Brute has taken enough damage to get down on its knees, use the Stunt Baton to finish him.


The Boss is once again seen inside the Colony when Dani is inside the memory of the colonists where you see discover their bodies. After the cut scene, including Jacob and Dani, Two Head will make its second appearance when it throws Dani into the wall.

Two Head - Colony
Two Head Brute appearing at the colony

This time there is a little twist; the Two Head Brute will spawn tiny monsters around itself which crawl toward you and bite. We recommend using shotguns against them, as one shotgun hit to the head can kill them. So, avoid using two or more revolver bullets.

The Colony Boss area has much greater surface area than the Platform, so you can move around the obstacles to maneuver Two Head. Keep your sprint button pressed, LB on Xbox, L1 on PS, and Shift on PC.

If you lose too much health, you can roam around and look for the blue boxes which contain health. Stomp them to collect health points. You can also get some gun ammo from them.

The best strategy against Two Head is to keep it at some distance from you and unload a shotgun at its head. There is a window where you can crawl out and use it to trap the brute inside. When it is about to come into the room, you can hold your aim on its head to deal more damage.

Like in the previous Boss fight, there will be 2 phases to this fight. Your objective of the first aim will be to bring the Two Head to its knees, then use Stun Baton to hit it until one head is separated from the body.

The Twin-Headed brute gets more aggressive as it goes to the second phase, but all the strategies remain the same as told.


Two Head appears for the last time in the 8th chapter of Callisto Protocol. You will face him inside the Medical Ward. To defeat the Boss again, use same techniques and strategies.

Two Head - Medical Ward
Jacob Lee vs Two Head in the Medical Ward

Keep in mind to keep the defense strong by dodging its attacks and using shotguns at some distance from the Two Head.

Captain Ferris – Alpha

Human Ferris
Ferris before getting infected

Captain Leon Ferris transforms from a human to a fully infected big zombie boss. He has several scenes with Jacob throughout the game, and Ferris mentions him as 521, the inmate number.

Capt. Ferris initially gets infected inside the control room when Jacob and Elias work together to find a way out of the Black Prison. There, Ferris plans to kill Jacob, but Jacob releases three infected humans on Ferris and claims that he died there.

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Ferris returns at the start of the 5th chapter when he is mutated and releases Jacob and Elias into the storm, but he never sees them again for some time.

The Mutated Captain returns stronger during the 8th Chapter, where he is fully transformed and ready to end you. This will be the most stressful fight of this game, as the chances of winning the battle in under 4 to 5 tries are very tough. Let’s find out how to end Captain Ferris.

Attacking Techniques By Ferris

Captain Ferris throws straight punches at Jacob that last between 4 to 6. The game’s difficulty level will tell how many punches he will hit you with.

Ferris is aggressive and will charge at you to throw punches. If you try to hit him with the Stun Baton or melee him with the wrong timing, he will grab your hand and kick you in the chest.

If you try to hit the captain when he punches your face, he will permanently block your hit and beat you again. That is why playing defensive in this fight should be your priority, and always attack at the correct instant.

Grabbing and Kicking do less damage than the punches, so it will not matter much. After Ferris reaches his Alpha phase and transforms into a giant ugly monster, the attacking moves evolve.

Alpha Ferris develops a shield bubble around its face, as shown in the cut scene. Jacob will try to break it to end Ferris. Further, the Alpha version also spits on Jacob, which can deal damage from a significant distance.  

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Attacking Strategies Against Ferris

First Phase

captain ferris return
Mutated Captain Ferris

During the early minutes of the fight, avoid the continuous stream of punches by dodging them and holding the sprint button. The punches are between 4 and 6, and Ferris mixes up between the numbers to create chaos.

After punching, if you see him getting back, that is when you attack with Stun Baton. After landing two hits, you will see a marked weak spot on him; shoot at it to give more damage. Note that Ferris will always land his first hit with the Left hand, so dodge toward the opposite side.

Avoid hitting during the punches, as he will hit you back, which is your loss. Using a ranged weapon like the assault rifle, unlocked in Chapter 6 or 7, should be used to land shots on his head to give more damage.

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We recommend saving as much ammo as possible for the later part of the fight when Ferris is entirely transformed. Save your ammo in the first phase because you will need all of it for the later fight. Stick to melee hits after the punches and keep doing it until you reach a cut scene.

The tougher part arrives after the transformation. This is the hardest and the most stressful fight in Callisto Protocol as it lasts for a long time, and if you die in between, it starts from scratch, which is annoying.

Second Phase

gigantic zombie ferris
Ferris after his final transformation

In the second phase, use the bigger room you are in and stay in the corners. You can collect health from different stations and throw the explosive objects found on the room’s edges.

Make sure you throw these explosives when Ferris gets closer so you can also hit him with a rifle on the head. If you lose too much health and the bar turns red, keep your distance from Ferris and look for health as you are one shot.

After landing too many shots on the shield bubble, Ferris will make a roaring noise as he calls the crawling monsters for assistance. The boss fight is more challenging as now you will deal with multiple enemies.

Take your shotgun out for these minions, as one hit to their head can kill them. As for Ferris, the strategy remains the same; blow explosives on its head, shoot an assault rifle on the bubble and keep dodging his attacks.

Also, ensure you avoid his ranged attack when he spits, as it damages significantly. The crawling creatures will drop health and ammo upon dying, so always collect it as needed for survival.

Keep shooting the head until a cut scene arrives. By then, your job here will be over.


Bosses in Callisto Protocol are big monsters that look scary and ugly. You interact with your first boss toward the end of the 6th chapter on the platform. You can defeat them by saving as much ammo as you can and dodging their heavy attacks.

This is all for our guide. Visit our website to find more helpful guides on Callisto Protocol that can assist you in completing the story missions. Play Castillo Protocol on Xbox and PlayStation by buying the game from their respective stores. You can play it on PC through Steam.

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