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A detailed guide featuring the complete list of all the chapters in Callisto Protocol and bounties players can secure.

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Callisto Protocol Chapters List

This guide showcases the list of all the chapters arranged chronologically in The Callisto Protocol, including their descriptions and some benefits players can obtain from finishing specific chapters of the main game storyline. Without further ado, let’s dive right into the guide.

Key Highlights

  • Callisto Protocol has 8 major chapters only, which are part of the main game lore.
  • Players can gather audio logs, weapons, weapon schematics, trophies, and 2 armor sets while progressing through these chapters.
  • Trophies get unlocked upon collecting and activating a certain number of audio logs throughout the chapters.
  • We have given a spoiler warning for players who have just started playing the game or wish to avoid any significant story spoilers before completing the game themselves.


The chapters listed below contain some story spoilers from the central campaign part of the game, so we recommend readers and players continue reading at their own risk.

Primary Chapters List In Callisto Protocol


The opening chapter introduces the significant and playable character, Jacob Lee, and sets off the major events in-game. It shows Jacob and his co-pilot best friend, Max, crash landing onto Callisto, Jupiter’s moon, after encountering The Outer Way terrorists onboard their ship without them being unaware.

As a result, Jacob is arrested and confined to the Black Iron Prison, where he discovers an unknown disease that has turned many people on the moon into biophage monster creatures.

Audio Log Retrievable:

  • Jacob Lee; Jacob’s Job.

Trophies Unlocked:

  • Mugshot
  • The Outer Way


In the game’s second chapter, where the real show begins, you are represented with many new combat capabilities as you navigate the disease-infested prison. After an intense ending to the first chapter, Jacob notices things are significantly out of the ordinary surrounding his holding cell and the entire facility.

Jacob faces violent biophage monster creatures who were once prisoners and prison facility staff members.

Audio Logs Retrievable:

  • Dr. Caitlyn Mahler; Mahler’s Appointment.
  • Elias Porter; Elias’ Anticipation.
  • Captain Leon Ferris; Ferris’ Lament.

Weapons Unlocked:

  • Stun Baton
  • Crowbar
  • Melee Axe
  • Shiv

Trophies Retrieved:

  • Float Like A Butterfly
  • Desperate Times
  • Flesh Wound


As this chapter starts, Jacob makes a new friend, Elias Porter. You will now have to face off against more biophage monsters. The main protagonist survives the terrifying Black Iron Prison facility with horrible near-death experiences.

Subsequently, completing this chapter will take double the amount of time compared to the first 2.

Audio Logs Retrievable:

  • Sergeant Eric Jane; Locked Door.
  • Officer Pruitt Matos; Laundry.
  • Duncan Cole; Secret Room 1.
  • Dr. Ewan Hayes; Med Lab Outbreak.
  • Officer Dachs Symmons; Hanged Guard.
  • Officer Kerry Brown.
  • Tadhg Song.
  • Dani Nakamura

Weapons Unlocked:

  • Hand Cannon
  • GRP

Trophies Retrieved:

  • In Striking Distance
  • Workplace Hazard
  • Terminated
  • Get A Grip
  • Chew Them Up
  • If The Shu Fits
  • Reforged
  • Paper Jams


This chapter features Jacob’s escape plan from the prison facility. He also has a momentary face-off against Dani, who was part of the Outward Terrorists and bombarded his spaceship. Jacob is on a mission to arrive at the Habitat Dome as soon as possible to catch up with Elias and escape from the Hangar area.

Audio Logs Retrievable:

  • Dr. Caitlyn Mahler; Corruptors.
  • Officer Bruno Vorenus; Crosswired.
  • Dr. Jae Moonbell; Cocoons.
  • Officer James Reese, Suicide Guard.
  • Sergeant Bill Pekelo.
  • Officer James Reese; Security.
  • Officer Kyle Serra; Evacuation.

Armor Set Acquired:

  • Space Suit Armor
Callisto Protocol space suit armor set
The Space Suit Armor | Credits: PlayStation

Weapon Unlocked:

  • Skunk Gun Schematic

Trophy Retrieved:

  • Without A Paddle


In this chapter, you will experience a sudden change of environment as you go through an extremely heavy snowstorm. Consequently, as revealed in Habitat, where Captain Ferris is alive, the escape plan of Jacob and Elias from Callisto is ruined as he tries to kill off Jacob by not letting them escape from the Hangar.

Jacob discovers that the disease turning people into biophages has, unfortunately, also spread outside the prison facility as Jacob encounters these monsters outdoors.

Audio Logs Retrievable:

  • Miranda Kristofich; Terraforming.
  • Richard Cids.
  • Dr. Caitlyn Mahler; Combustors & Shipments
  • Lieutenant Devon Wayne; Close The Gate.
  • Officer Aaron Taycho.
  • Max Barrow; Max’s Concern.
  • Sergeant Scott Dvitny; Eradication.

Armor Set Unlocked:

  • Survivor’s Suit Armor
Callisto Protocol survivor's suit
The Survivor’s Suit Armor | Credits: VeryAliGaming

Weapon Unlocked:

  • Riot Gun

Trophies Retrieved:

  • Crash Site
  • You Need A Gun
  • In The Pipe, Five By Five


 Jacob and Dani work together. The duo gets trapped beneath the surface of Black Iron Prison, an ancient and ruined settlement of Arcas, as the ship on which they were trying to run away gets bombarded by The Warden.

However, the duo discovers all the essential information below the prison surface and uncovers the events that led to the catastrophic biophage outbreaks throughout Callisto. Jacob and Dani also face off against new types of Biophage creatures they have never seen before on the surface.

Audio Logs Retrievable:

  • Dr. Sheehan Yune; Field Logs 1, 2, & 3.
  • Yannick Sage; Secret Room 2.
  • Arden Jeddha; Arcas Evacuation.

Weapon Unlocked:

  • Tactical Pistol Schematic

Trophies Retrieved:

  • Giving Back
  • Power Up
  • The Commonality
  • Two Heads Are Better Than One


After a dramatic and epic showdown ending to Colony, tensions and stakes are higher than before in this chapter. Jacob also has a shocking encounter once again with Captain Ferris, who the biophage disease has now infected.

Sadly, Dani also gets infected, so time runs out for her before she transforms into one of those creatures. She and Jacob desperately try to reach The Warden’s tower to find a cure.

Audio Logs Retrievable:

  • Alex Wang; Miner Log 1.
  • Derryn Barr; Miner Log 2 & 3.
  • Yannick Sage; The Mole.
  • Buidhe Redwork; High Town.
  • Ji-Kwan Park; Miner Log 4.
  • Duncan Cole; Disagreement.

Weapon Unlocked:

Trophy Retrieved:

  • What Lies Beneath


In this final chapter of The Callisto Protocol, Jacob lands back in the prison cell where he started his mission to escape the corrupted moon. Dr. Caitlyn assists him in curing Dani of the biophage disease and gives him the information to heal her completely.

Jacob shares one final epic combat with Captain Ferris, who turns out to be the Alpha and has been working under Warden Cole this whole time. After defeating the Alpha, Jacob successfully provides Dani with the antidote to cure her.

Audio Logs Retrievable:

  • Dr. Tala Ismene; Observation & Taken.
  • Edward Bates; Experimentation.
  • Duncan Cole; Cole’s Triumph.

Trophies Retrieved:

  • Grim Reaper.
  • The Protocol Is About Life
  • Full Circle
  • I Do Belong Here

Final Remarks

To sum it up, this brings us to the end of our chapters list guide for Callisto Protocol. Make sure to give us feedback down below in the comment section. Aside from the chapters list, if you are also intrigued about seeing the entire movie cutscenes for each chapter in-game, we highly endorse you to view this video.

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