Why The Callisto Protocol Couldn’t Achieve The Same Level As Dead Space.

Despite having the same director, Callisto Protocol couldn't receive the same praises as Dead Space.

Why The Callisto Protocol Couldn't Achieve The Same Level As Dead Space?
Why The Callisto Protocol Couldn't Achieve The Same Level As Dead Space?

Dead Space is my favorite action-horror game. The game had a massive eerie vibe with its fair share of classical combat mechanics. Each of its settings was beautifully haunting and tried to instill fear into players.

The jumpscares, variety of enemies, and gore tried to hit a sweet spot that made its horror element more effective.  

Key Takeaways

  • The Callisto Protocol could be the direct successor to the Dead Space series.
  • Despite having Glen Shcofield’s direction and great cast members, Callisto Protocol failed to leave its mark.
  • The game became a target of technical issues, unnecessary jump scares, and lazy gameplay.

With the announcement of Callisto Protocol and considering it was being directed by the same developer as Dead Space, I was ecstatic to experience the horror lore once again. The game was expected to feature Josh Duhamel and Karen Fukuhara which came as a cherry on top for me. Of course, my favorite actor from The Boys TV show was making her debut in the gaming world. 

However, despite having a great cast, and brilliant director, Callisto Protocol failed to touch the heights of Dead Space. To be sure, its boring combat mechanics and repetitive villains must have played a crucial part in bringing it down. I on the other side believe, that its predictable jumpscares and sneaking through vents could be the major boring elements for players.

High Dependency On Jumpscares

The Callisto Protocol seemed to have overly relied on jumpscares. Like every fourth crate I open, boom there’s a monster in it. Lights start flickering. Surprise! Here comes a horrifying bloodthirsty monster. 

Source: VIK7ORIO, YouTube
Source: VIK7ORIO, YouTube

In vast cases, the game set up such jump scares become too obvious. For example, a seemingly dead person on the floor suddenly comes to life has been a common setup in video games. IT IS NOT SURPRISING AT ALL! Such tactics frequently reminded me that The Callisto Protocol has nothing new and unique to offer.

Whenever I start enjoying the game, a jump scare ruins that experience. It feels like the developers are deliberately annoying players, “Tired of boredom? Here’s an instant panicking element for the 100th time.”

The game had a big potential but repeated jump scares not only ruined my mood but also destroyed the overall gaming experience. 

Ventilation Shaft

Another factor that I perceived as terribly dull is the use of ventilation shafts. I mean, I take four steps in the game, and a ventilation shaft appears. Understandably, traversing through ventilation shafts to sneak is an integral part of a horror game.

This doesn’t mean you can milk it continuously and reuse this trope. A ventilation shaft should be used to offer something compelling. If it doesn’t reveal new story elements or provide a sense of danger, it is nothing but a missed opportunity.

How continuous sneaking through shafts got me like.
How continuous sneaking through shafts got me like…

I heavily felt this sequence slowed down the pace of the game and missed a chance to provide a new level of immersion.

The Callisto Protocol Is A Wasted Potential

Callisto Protocol could be the successor to Dead Space games and give birth to another horror franchise. It was anticipated to be the next big thing due to Glen Schofield’s connection to it. But it couldn’t meet the expectations

It had a solid foundation and great atmospheric design. Yet, technical issues, boring combat, and receptive sequences consumed a big chunk of it.

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