Callisto Protocol Full Ending [With Images]

Comprehensive guide on final boss fight & ending of Callisto Protocol.

Final boss fight and ending of Callisto Protocol explained.

In this article, I will show you how to defeat the final boss of the Callisto Protocol and explain the ending of this game. So, what are you waiting for; let’s get started!

Key Takeaways

  • Captain Ferris is the final mutant enemy you will have to defeat; to get the cure from his dead body to save your companion Dani from the virus.
  • Jacob had to sacrifice himself by giving his escape pod to Dani, as he wanted to rescue her and take the evidence of experiments with her. 
  • The scene between Doctor Mahler and Jacob shows there is still hope that Jacob is not dead.

Final Boss Fight

So, you have almost completed your Callisto Protocol game. However, you will have to fight Captain Ferris, the final boss of the Callisto Protocol game. 

Warden Cole is responsible for the virus in the first place. On the contrary, Warden Cole has the cure for the virus as well, which you need to save your companion Dani from the deadly virus.

Warden Cole explains Jacob why he evolved the human beings.
Conversation with Warden Cole

There is a conversation between Jacob and Warden Cole. In this discussion, Warden Cole explains why he had to make the virus. Warden Cole shows Jacob the evolved human body of Captain Ferris.

You will have to fight Captain Ferris to get the cure from his dead body. So, how will you confront Captain Ferris? Do not worry; we have got you covered!

Follow my steps to conquer the brawl against Captain Ferris.

Firstly, do not forget that Captain Ferris is an evolved human with muscular body and durability skills. Try to dodge the attacks from Captain Ferris by using your sidestep abilities.

Secondly, try to use combos with your different guns; for instance, changing every gun after two to three shots of that gun. Ensure you continuously distance yourself from Captain Ferris, as he can grab your weapon and hit you with a powerful attack.

Captain Ferris is the final boss. Virus takes over his body and he is fully mutated.
Fighting with Captain Ferris

Captain Ferris’s face gets covered by a protected layer of his skin due to the effect of the virus, as you can see in the image. Use your shotgun and target the face of Captain Ferris. Also, do not forget to kill the crawling creatures coming out around the battlefield.

Perform the following steps to defeat Captain Ferris. When you beat Captain Ferris, you will receive the antidote from his dead body. This antidote is essential to cure and save your friend Dani.

Ending Of Callisto Protocol 

When you beat Captain Ferris and save your ally, Dani, you will have to run for the place where there is an escape pod. There is only one escape pod in that place, so Jacob forcefully gives that pod to Dani. You can see this in the image shown below.

Jacob sacrifices himself to rescue Dani by giving one and only escape pod to her. This is one of the main ending event of Callisto Protocol.
Sacrifice of Jacob

Dani resisted a lot, but Jacob did not listen to her. After the escape pod gets out of the Black Iron, Dani realizes that Jacob has also given evidence about the uncertified experiments on human beings by the Warden Cole.

In the end, see a scene of Jacob fighting with monsters, and a hologram of Doctor Mahler appears by saying that there is another way to get out of the Black Iron. But for this, she needs Jacob’s help.

Dr. Mahler asking help from Jacob to find another way to get out of the Black Iron.
Conversation with Doctor Mahler

The last scene of Doctor Mahler and Jacob shows that Jacob is still alive even after sacrificing himself for Dani. However, this is still unknown whether Jacob is dead or alive as the game ends there, keeping this a secret.

Final Remarks

Now you know how to defeat Captain Ferris and the ending of the Callisto Protocol. Just follow the instruction given you will easily defeat that monster. 

On the contrary, I have got some hope that Jacob is still alive. As a result, we can have a sequel in which we will be escaping from the Black Iron.

That’s all from this guide.

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