Callisto Protocol Energy Converters Guide

All you need to know about Energy Converters and what they do

Energy Converters Cover
Energy Converters and What are they used for

The inventory size in Callisto Protocol is significantly less for players to store different items, so they have to manage it by keeping only the valuable items. However, making more space in inventory requires you to sell things like Energy Converters.

This guide will discuss everything about Energy Converters and how they are helpful for Jacob’s Inventory. Other related items such as Decoders and CPU Printers will also be included as they are equally important as the Energy Converters

Main Points

  • Energy Converters are items that you exchange for Callisto Credits at the Reforge.
  • We need to sell them so we can make room for other items in the inventory as the space is very limited.
  • Energy Converter, and its Pristine version, can sell for 100 and 200 Callisto Credits, respectively.

What are Energy Converters?

Energy Converters are your most common source for earning more Callisto Credits in the game. Callisto Credit is the in-game currency you can use to buy weapons and upgrade them according to your game plan.

collecting a pristine energy converter
A secret Pristine Energy Converter location

As mentioned earlier, inventory space is only limited to 6 items, which seems too less to me and it barely enough for you to have everything in it. Things like Energy Converters take up extra space in the inventory, so they should always be sold whenever you get a chance to visit a Reforge or an Upgrade station.

Callisto Credits given to you after selling them can be used to buy new weapons that you recently unlocked, if you are willing to upgrade a weapon as it does not satisfy your gameplay, or if you are low on health and you want a health injection immediately.

Reforge location
You can always visit a Reforge to sell Energy Converters

There is no specific part of the game where you are allowed to get Energy Converters. You can find them anytime and anywhere. Mostly, they are inside the loot boxes, which you can stomp and collect the loot.

You can also find them hidden behind large boxes, glass shelves or cupboards. The key is to loot everywhere and not leave a corner behind.

The inventory size initially contains six slots meaning you can save only six items. However, the inventory size increases at the end of Chapter 4 after a story cut scene. When Chapter 5 starts, your inventory size will be extended to 12 slots giving you more space to keep weapons and items.

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Types of Energy Converters

You can sell two types of Energy Converters at the Crafting Station; The Normal one will reward you with 100 Callisto Credits if you sell it. The Pristine version of Energy Converter will provide you with 200 Callisto Credits.

Other items similar to these that you can sell are Decoders and CPU Printers. They reward you with more Callisto Credits as they come later in the game. Decoder and its Pristine version can be exchanged for 500 and 750 Callisto Credits.

Energy Converters in inventory
Selling Energy Converters at the Reforge

Decoders are looted from the dead robots in the third chapter. Moreover, the CPU Printers can only be obtained by killing the Two-Head boss close to the end of the Callisto Protocol. CPU Printer and the Pristine CPU Printer will give 1000 and 1500 Callisto Credits.

Summing It Up

With that, you know all about Energy Converters and their purpose in Callisto Protocol. I hope you follow the guidelines and keep selling them at nearby Reforge Stations, so you get more Credits for valuable upgrades.

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