Captain Azmir Diablo Immortal – Complete Guide

Facing issues to complete a new challenge at Ashwold Cemetery? This guide entails all the details for finding Captain Azmir in Diablo Immortal and complete the quest.

Captain Azmir Diablo Immortal
Captain Azmir Diablo Immortal

Latest Diablo Immortal has everything for all kinds of players. Significantly, the captivating storyline that increases the difficulty level with progress is the prime aspect of Diablo Immortal. Captain Azmir Diablo Immortal is one such objective from the game’s endgame that is getting on the nerves of both hardcore and new players. 

Key Takeaways

  • Captain Azmir is an endgame NPC in Diablo Immortal who guards the Ashwold Cemetery and is a part of the Ashwold Cemetery challenge.
  • Some players face the unresponsive bug for Captain Azmir in Ashwold Cemetery.
  • The bug makes Captain Azmir unresponsive to players’ actions and can halt quest progression.
  • Unfortunately, there is no fix for the bug at the moment, and players will have to wait until the developers add new content to progress the storyline further.
  • Players need to keep an eye on upcoming updates to progress the storyline further in the Ashwold Cemetery.

Soon after the release, the game received a fair share of approval and criticism. Apart from that, the game also has some bugs that can disturb the playthrough experience of some players. However, that does not mean these bugs will completely halt your storyline progression. 

Players that have reached the endgame dungeon known as Ashwold Cemetery might face a bug with the A New Challenge. This bug can halt your quest progression by making Captain Azmir unresponsive to players’ actions. If you are also one of those players facing trouble for talking to unresponsive Captain Azmir, this guide will explain how to complete the quest. 

Although, talking to Captain Azmir NPC seems like a general task. But with the hidden bug on the rise, you might have to try different methods to solve the problem. Let’s discuss how to talk to Captain Azmir Diablo Immortal and complete the Ashwold Cemetery challenge. 

For those who do not know, the unresponsive bug for Captain Azmir arises in the Ashwold Cemetery zone for the game. Players will be asked to visit and speak to Captain Azmir to complete a quest called A New Challenge

It is worth noting that Captain Azmir is an endgame NPC. Players that have completed main quests and have reached at least a level 60 will be able to unlock the quest. Once these requirements are met, players can receive the objective to meet Captain Azmir. 

Who Is Captain Azmir In Diablo Immortal?

Before diving into the quest’s completion, you might also want to know a little about Captain Azmir. As said earlier, he is the endgame NPC that can be found at Ashwold Cemetery. The NPC guards the cemetery and is a part of the Ashwold Cemetery challenge. 

Captain Azmir Rare Dialogue
Captain Azmir Rare Dialogue

Captain Azmir is known to be a prime warrior of the zone to fight off the undead and join battle with a group of heroes. He also tipped off the heroes to the actual location of Asylla, now buried in the cemetery. 

Captain Azmir Location
Captain Azmir Location On The Map

Apart from Captain Azmir, the location is crawling with undead enemies that can pose a threat to your character and teammates. In this case, you might want to bring your best weapons and upgrade your gear using Diablo Immortal best gems. With these defenses on your side, players can easily progress the endgame storyline and achieve the targeted gaming experience. 

Captain Azmir Bug

Players can start A New Challenge by visiting Hell 1 and Ashwold Cemetery. As soon as the quest begins, you will receive a simple objective. This objective details visiting and talking to Captain Azmir. 

Since you have already unlocked the Ashwold Cemetery zone, all you need to do is to see Captain Azmir standing right next to you after the tutorial. Meanwhile, if you want to engage with the NPC, this is where the bug will be triggered and would not allow players to receive a response from him. 

Some players have also noticed that Captain Azmir will not respond to players other than the first dialogue. This dialogue goes, “What do you need, stranger? And be quick, I’ve got enough on my plate dealing with these rotten corpses…” Apart from that, you will not see a question mark on his head depicting the problem as more than just a bug. 

Bug Fix For Unresponsive Captain Azmir

Now that you are stuck with Captain Azmir, you surely want to know the latest fix for unresponsive NPC. Unfortunately, the truth is, there is no fix for Captain Azmir in Diablo Immortal. As of now, there has not been any patch releases or announcement related to the bug fixes for the Ashwold Cemetery challenge. 

Now here comes a catch to it. If you look closely at the objectives, you will realize that it’s about it for the quest. Meaning you have completed the content for Diablo Immortal for now and will receive more content in the future related to Captain Azmir. 

The quest description also says there is more to come to this challenge. Now you can wait until Blizzard Entertainments add more content to their most ambitious title of the year Diablo Immortal. 

How To Complete Captain Azmir Quest In Diablo Immortal?

As for the quest, you might wonder what to do when there is nothing else to the quest. That is about it, and you will have to wait until developers add another expansion. It is anticipated that the new expansion will start from here, right from Captain Azmir. 

For that instance, you need to keep a special eye on the upcoming updates to progress the storyline further in the Ashwold Cemetery. By the time of this writing, Blizzard Entertainment has not announced any new expansion in the future. 

However, since Diablo Immortal is a free-to-play entry in the series, developers will have something in the roadmap for this specific questline in Ashwold Cemetery. Apart from that, if it is a bug, which seems highly unlikely, a fix might also be on the way in the future patches for Diablo Immortal. 

Final Words

Waiting before the developers add more content to the quest can be daunting to some players. But in the end, all the wait will be worthwhile to achieve the best experience from the unique quest in the game. Players can receive updates from the Blizzard Forums for the upcoming expansion packs and the patch fixes. 

That is about it for Captain Azmir Diablo Immortal. Do you find this guide helpful for understanding why Captain Azmir is not responding to your character’s actions in the gameplay?

What are your thoughts on the annoying problem for the Ashwold Cemetery challenge in Diablo Immortal? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below. 

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