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Super Nintendo World

Check Out Today’s Super Nintendo World Grand Opening

Today was the grand opening of Japan’s Super Nintendo World in Osaka. The park faced multiple setbacks due to the Covid pandemic, so everyone was excited to see it finally open to the public. Whilst strict restrictions are in place to keep park-goers safe, the overall atmosphere was one of celebration. You can refresh yourself with the theme park’s reveal trailer below.

Adults and children alike can now enjoy the wonders of our favourite plumber brothers without needing a console. Those who turned up for the event were able to try the rides for the very first time and take part in a parade with their beloved characters. The Super Nintendo World celebrations were attended by Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of Mario and all-around nice guy. Alongside him was USJ president and CEO, J.L. Bonnier.

According to CNN Travel, some guests became emotional as they stepped into the magical kingdom. Many grew up playing the original games and have now brought their children up on the newer releases.

[The park] is beyond my expectations. I feel like I’m in the Mario world.”

Sakura Konohana

Safety First

But the park is not yet able to run at full capacity. They can currently cater to 10 000 people a day, roughly half of expectations pre-Covid. Before entering the park, guests are subjected to temperature checks, and a mandatory mask-wearing rule is enforced. Customers can only take them off whilst eating. Social distancing in queues is also requested, as is ‘scream in your hearts‘ – the slogan first coined last summer to reduce the risk of virus spread.

Sadly, Japan is currently not allowing any international travel into the country. Therefore, it might be a while before the rest of us get a chance to enjoy Super Nintendo World. Until then, we at least have these awesome photos from yesterday’s opening to enjoy.

That’s all from me

What do you think of the grand opening of Super Nintendo World? Will you be booking a ticket when possible?

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