COD Cold War Perfected The Zombies Experience

Treyarch went all out with COD Cold War Zombies, and I still cant get enough of it even years after it's release.

Call of Duty is mostly famous for its action-driven campaign and arcade-ish multiplayer gameplay. But for me and many others like me, we have a sweet spot for the Zombies mode in our hearts. This phenomenon started with Call of Duty: World at War and is still being continued as new Call of Duty games are released.

Key Takeaways

  • While Treyarch has developed and continues the Zombies game mode, nothing has come close to being as perfect as the Zombies mode of Call of Duty Balck Ops Cold War.
  • The endless rounds of shooting and blowing zombies up are taken to the next level by Treyarch by adding a progression system that gives you a sense of becoming stronger.

Treyarch has been working on the Zombies mode for a decade and a half on their Black Ops series. They have tried different pacings, different mechanics, and systems but COD Black Ops: Cold War was the closest to being perfect.

Satisfaction Of Eliminating Hordes

The main reason why the Zombies mode of Call of Duty became famous was because players could fight huge groups of zombies in endless rounds and mow through them with their weapons. The Cold War version preserved the satisfaction of previous Zombies games.

Zombies Gameplay | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

Nothing beats the feeling of getting streams of headshot score feeds when emptying the magazine at the heads of zombies or shotgunning the zombies out of existence. I have more than 500 hours in the COD Cold War Zombies and this feeling is still far from getting old.

The starting rounds feel slow so that players can warm up and gets intense in the blink of an eye. I don’t know how but in one round I would be toying with the enemies and in the next one I would be running for my life. This thrill is something only COD Cold War Zombies has been able to give me.

Previous games tried to add a layer of horror to the game mode but players get used to this very quickly. It’s a good thing that Treyarch tried to make the Zombie killing gameplay their priority in this game. The gameplay will make you keep coming back for more and the satisfaction it provides is just addicting.

Not Just Maps, But Campaigns

The maps in Zombies mode are not just playgrounds for painting the ground with zombie organs, they are campaigns themselves.

Each map has its own stories and references that are sure to make you feel nostalgic if you have played the previous games. It is a great system that Treyarch came up with to add more personality to the maps.

Some maps even feature final bosses which feel like a typical raid boss that you and your friends fight against in looter shooters or MMO games.

ORDA, A Zombies Boss | From: Call Of Duty Wiki

When completing the main quest or the story quest of a map, you will get bonuses and the story progresses too. This makes the maps feel like playing a campaign and the excitement for playing the next map increases even more.

Vast Progression

In the previous games, you would customize your weapon so that when you purchase them in-game, they are according to your taste. In COD Cold War the player can start with a customized weapon from the start and build a stronger weapon loadout by spending points on them.

If you like a weapon and do not want to let go of it, COD Cold War will let you keep it and even upgrade it to become viable for later rounds.

Weapon Upgrades | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

The game features a progression system that’s similar to a rogue-like game’s progression. When you lose or exfil a round you can get bonuses that can be used to upgrade your favorite weapon type and abilities. So whenever you start your next Zombies game, you will be stronger than before.

Different weapon upgrades, skills, abilities, and, unlocking more perks will give you many reasons to stick to the game and you will be dedicating a lot of time to the game. Just make sure you keep track of the time and your schedule is free because this game just sucks you into its void of perfect progression.

Undead Paradise

COD Cold War had mixed feedback on its multiplayer aspect, making players hesitant when purchasing the game. But the Zombies mode was far from disappointing and many Zombies mode fans were happy with the efforts of Treyarch.

It was the best Zombies experience that Treyarch delivered and even hundreds of hours felt like a start. I hope that Treyarch gets to make a COD game that is based on the Zombies’ experience.

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