Modern Warfare 2 Best class Setups
Guide of Best Class Setups

COD Modern Warfare 2: Best Class Setups [Top 4]

This article will tell everything about Modern Warfare 2 Best Class Setups

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Each weapon class has its own benefits and depending on your playstyle we’d like to bring you best class setups available in new Call Of Duty MW II.

Key Takeaways:

  • Each Weapon Class allows customizations to make the weapon truly yours.
  • They consist of different Perk packages and come under certain loadouts, as a single loadout can contain different classes, so choose wisely according to how you like to play the game.
  • The Game allows you to play around with 50+ different weapon classes and create your own unique loadouts under them.

FSS Hurricane Class Setup

FSS Hurricane
FSS Hurricane (Captured By VeriAliGaming)

FSS Hurricane comes under the family tree of M4 class weapons and being honest we didn’t expect it to become a Meta weapon right after it’s appearance in the game.

The Gun is a beast in close-range combats, dominating every deathmatch round, even when you are against someone wielding a shotgun trying to face-tank you. If you can aim, then you can cause some serious trouble to your foes.

Being under the same weapon class as that of M4 comes with the benefits as well, you can utilize most of the attachments and if you own the vault edition then that’s cherry own top.

Down here we are mentioning the best setup for you Hurricane Class.

SA Schalldampfer 99

We all hate recoils; let’s admit it, and it gets worse if you are playing on a controller. This silencer makes sure you worry less about that and focus more on your fights.

FSS Cannonade 16 Barrel

Alright, Barrel, those lovely attachments that help us run around more while causing mayhem. Cannonade 16 increases your hip-fire accuracy and reduces your spread, which helps you land more shots while making quick movements. without worrying about ADS in close-range combats.

FSS Sharkfin 90

Only thing that we don’t like about games such as Call of duty is having to slow down at any point in the game, but sadly certain attachments require you to play slowly to improve your accuracy. But it’s not the case with this under barrel, as it improves your accuracy by a good margin.

You don’t have to sacrifice much of your hip-fire accuracy and stability, and you can invest into increasing your movements.


With the optics, we like to stick with the plain old iron sight as we expect most of the players will be engaging in the close-range combats, and they can use other attachments to enhance their setup unless some like to play with a scope.

Demo QuickSilver Collapsed

You want stability for your gun while running around jumping on the tanks and killing the enemy when you need a good grip for that, and this one should get the job done for you.

M4 Class Setup

M4 Setup
M4 Setup (Captured By VeriAliGaming)

Fan favorite M4 is always the go-to weapon for Call of duty players because it’s easy to control recoil and accuracy in close to mid-range fights, and the weapon is capable of outputting great damage with an extremely fast rate of fire.

Some of the attachments suitable for this weapon best class setups are mentioned below.

Echo line GS-X Suppressor

Suppressors are meant to control your recoil, especially at mid to long-range fights. High precision and accuracy are required to hit your target. There are methods like Tap-Firing, in case you are out of attachments but with this suppressor, you can easily control your recoil pattern.

Tempus Hightower 20 Barrel

If you are one of those players who like to take their time and are willing to sacrifice a little bit of movement speed, then you can gain a good amount of ADS accuracy with the help of this barrel; this attachment is extremely helpful in game modes like search and destroy or deathmatch.

FSS Sharkfin 90

Another great underbarrel attachment that you can pick is to improve your aiming stability on the M4 and it’s family weapons, as this attachment provides it’s stats without having a negative impact on other stats coming from different attachments on the same weapon.

60-Round Mag

In the case of the Assault Rifle that has a high rate of fire, we can say more is always better. Having a big 60 rounds magazine can ensure your survivability in game without worrying about reloading your weapon quite often and has the potential to do a full squad wipe if the moment is right.

Cronen Mini Red Dot

Red dots have their own fanbase, and we can see why an aiming accuracy improvement with excellent visibility is always something that most of the beginners are looking for while getting into the game. It gives a default vibe while playing the matches.

Lachmann Sub Class Setup

Lachmann-556  best class setups
Lachmann-556 (Captured By VeryAliGaming)

You can call it Lachmann to us its still our dear MP5 that we remember from the early days of COD especially in the Kill house deathmatches. The gun has just aged like a fine wine and now performs better than ever, it’s so good that it’s among the top 3 meta weapons in the game.

The best class setups for this gun are fully customizable, and a few of the recommended attachments from our side are mentioned as follow.

Sa Schalldampfer 99

Okay we know you like to spray your MP-5 a lot and we got you covered, in close combat situations you can easily control your hip-fire accuracy and radius thanks to this suppressor and beat down your enemies while jumping around.

VX Pineapple Vert Grip

Well, if you can just slow down a bit and take it easy, this grip guarantees excellent stability of the gun, which is a no-brainer for ADS players. It completes the best class setups with ease, and its a go-to attachment for everyone.

50 Round drum

Having a big magazine with something like Lachmann Sub is extremely useful in sticky situations where a reload can cost you the whole game. Each extra bullet counts and will help you in getting that victory for your team.

SZ Mini

SZ allows an improved ADS experience throughout the fights and controls your recoil effectively in a vertical pattern so that you can aim well and land most of your shots.


We like to keep the stock slot empty as it allows us extra mobility and due to above attachments we already have enough stability and recoil control that we don’t need to go low on movement speed as we are talking about MP-5 running and gunning should be your thing if you considering this gun.

556 Icarus Class Setup

556 Icarus best class setups
556 Icarus (Captured By VeryAliGaming)

Shooting All day long, that’s what Lmgs are for, and with the big magazine size comes massive recoil and messy accuracy, but with our mentioned attachments, we’ll make sure you can annoy your foes with a sweet camping experience and butter-smooth stability.

Echo line GS-X Suppressor

LMGs can be really loud and Icarus is no different, the suppressor helps reduce sound by a good margin and also improves the recoil of your gun in the ADS mode.

Ftac Coldforge 16” Barrel

LMGs like Assault Rifles are great picks for Mid-Range fights, but they do have a bit slow fire rate. With the help of this Barrel, you can increase your Bullet velocity and damage with improved ranged accuracy.

FSS Sharkfin 90

As we mentioned above, we are expecting you to chill and kill so that you won’t be moving around much, and having a slow speed won’t be an issue for you because this underbarrel offers great stability with a cost of movement speed that is more than just a little.


Now those who have a code that they won’t be camping and they don’t mind a bit of recoil; the grip allows you to run around more with the help of increased movement speed and hip-fire accuracy, which is really good if you are going into close-range fights.

Demo Fade Pro Stock

Speed is everything, especially if we are talking about best-class setups for LMG players, and we are making sure of that by adding one more attachment that will help you move around faster and improve your overall mobility.


For optics, we leave it to you as going with iron sights is pretty good as you don’t sacrifice on any more stats, but still if you want to put something, then a red dot or a 2x Scope will be plenty to get the job done.

Closing Remarks

This sums up the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 best class setups. If you love what we do and want to see more exciting content in the future, then do share these guides in your circle, as it helps us a lot, and we will be back with a new one very soon.

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