COD Modern Warfare 3: Destroy Mercenary Convoy

COD Modern Warfare 3 brings back the Zombies Mode, but how do you destroy the mercenary convoy in the 2nd tier Mission of Operation Deadbolt?

COD MW3 Destroy Mercenary Convoy

The Zombies Game Mode returns in COD: Modern Warfare 3 and will have you destroy a Mercenary Convoy. Moreover, this is one of the many Operation Deadbolt Missions in the Zombies Game Mode. However, achieving the task without details on how to proceed can be tricky.

Key Takeaways

  • Destroying the Mercenary Convoy is one of the 2nd tier Operation Deadbolt Mission Objectives in the Zombies Game Mode in COD: Modern Warfare 3.
  • After destroying the Mercenary Convoy, you need to get the Stronghold Keycard to unlock the 3rd tier of Operation Deadbolt’s Missions.
  • The Mercenaries in the Convoy are not undead zombies. Rather, they are well-equipped mercenaries, so take caution when engaging with them.
  • Adopt a stealthy approach by utilizing a suppressor on your gun. Alternatively, use a long-range (sniper) rifle to deal with the enemies from afar.

Embarking on the 2nd tier of Operation Deadbolt missions in COD: Modern Warfare 3 Zombies requires players to pursue and annihilate an armored convoy, all while eliminating the enemy mercenaries safeguarding it to secure a vital mercenary stronghold keycard.

Finding The Convoy

The Mercenary Convoy spawns randomly to find it isn’t as simple as one would think, but here are some guidelines to make sure you can locate it:

  1. Keep an eye on the main roads where it randomly spawns.
  2. Identify a cluster of three car icons maneuvering across the map as the telltale sign of the Mercenary Convoy’s presence.
  3. Beware of a singular Armored Truck on the main road, as it doesn’t constitute the Mercenary Truck Convoy. Your target is a trio of Armored Trucks moving together.
  4. For the Act 1 Interceptor mission, it suffices to destroy just one of these trucks.
  5. Upon successfully dismantling the mercenary vehicle, seize the nearby Mercenary Stronghold Keycard to fulfill your mission.
  6. If you forget to retrieve the keycard immediately, consult the Tac Map to pinpoint its location.
  7. Optimize your search efforts by hijacking a vehicle from the Tac-Map’s light green icons, efficiently covering the ground and saving precious time compared to traversing the map on foot.

How To Destroy Mercenary Convoy

Given the heightened challenge posed by mercenaries compared to regular zombies, assembling your squad before engaging them is prudent. Furthermore, you can drive the armored truck to the convoy location for a few extra seconds to get into the proper positions. However, swift action is essential; the soldiers will exit the vehicles and open fire once detected.

On the other hand, during the skirmish, prioritize locating cover instead of confronting Mercenaries directly. Unlike their zombie counterparts, these mercenaries are armed with sniper rifles and equipped with machine guns, posing an immediate threat. Hence, caution is paramount to avoid being swiftly eliminated.

After successfully eliminating all enemies, explore where the mercenaries fell to locate the mercenary stronghold keycard. While players may have found keycards elsewhere in Urzikstan, this specific one is necessary to fulfill the second objective of the Interceptor mission. With the keycard in hand, the mission concludes, unlocking the 3rd tier of missions for Operation Deadbolt.

Ending Thoughts

I died several times before completing the mission, but it became quite easier when I used a stealthy approach. Furthermore, I put on a Suppressor on my Holger 26, which made it a bit easier not to be immediately detected and eviscerated by the enemy.However, if your primary weapon isn’t available, check the hidden cache on the hill just south of where the convoy appears for a long-range rifle. Moreover, this long-range gunfight alternative is also a good way to Destroy the Mercenary Convoy in COD: Modern Warfare 3.

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