COD Modern Warfare 3: Harvester Orbs’ Farming [Expert’s Advice]

Harvester Orbs drop some useful loot during COD Modern Warfare 3 Zombies, but how do you find Harvester Orbs?

COD Modern Warfare 3: How To Find Harvester Orbs

Giant purple anomalies, Harvester Orbs, hover across the Urzikstan map in COD: Modern Warfare 3 Zombies mode. For players facing a shortage of funds, these airborne orbs present an opportunity, albeit one that demands effort to reap the rewards.

Key Takeaways

  • Harvester Orbs are purple orbs that hover all over Urzikstan in COD MW3 Zombies.
  • Harvester Orbs are generated randomly, so there is no guarantee to find a Harvester Orb in the same area.
  • Players need to fire multiple shots into Harvester Orbs while they move around to destroy them.
  • Harvester Orbs drop various loot like Essence, Tools, Gas Masks, and Weapons.

Finding Harvester Orbs

Harvester Orb
Harvester Orb (Captured By Us)

Discovering Harvester Orbs in COD Modern Warfare 3 involves exploring different locations on the map, although their appearance can vary from one game to another. The randomness of their placement means that finding them in a specific spot during one game doesn’t guarantee their presence in the next.

Notably, these orbs are not marked on the overworld map, only becoming visible when players approach them. Despite this unpredictability, there are specific locations where these orbs are more likely to appear.

Preferring open areas over city landscapes, the Harvester Orb manifests in zones with elevated danger levels. Engaging with these orbs is notably safer in low-threat regions, where zombies remain a persistent pursuit.

Destroying Harvester Orbs

Inflicting damage on the Harvester Orbs involves a constant barrage of gunfire. However, each shot prompts the orb to attempt escape, necessitating players to persistently pursue it. Waiting too long can result in the orb vanishing. Shooting the orb yields a small amount of Essence with each hit and a substantial amount upon its destruction. Moreover, it also drops Tools, Gas Masks, and Weapons.

My Thoughts On Harvester Orbs

I found Harvester Orbs very annoying to locate, let alone destroy. Moreover, how they jump around while I try to destroy them is an annoying chore. However, the annoyance ends up being worth it because they drop items when I need them, so it helps to clutch a situation when I’m overwhelmed by a swarm of zombies.

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