COD Modern Warfare 3: How to Get Tactical Stance Kills

Learn how to get kills in Tactical Stance a unique way to shoot your enemies without entering into ADS Mode!

Modern Warfare 3 Tactical Stance Kills
A guide on Tactical Stance Kills in COD: Modern Warfare 3.

A new in-game mechanic, Tactical Stance, allows players to shoot in a unique style. This style is a mixture of both ADS (Aim Down Sight) and Hip-fire. Players will become familiar with this mechanic once they receive a challenge to get 25 kills while in Tactical Stance.

Once in a Tactical Stance, the firearm will tilt sideways, giving players improved mobility and better accuracy due to a smaller crosshair. If you enjoy playing with heavier firearms, then Tactical Stance is extremely beneficial as you’ll move around much faster. Another benefit of this mechanic is that it puts the weapon in shooting position instantly, meaning no delays.

Key Takeaways

  • Tactical Stance is a newly introduced shooting mechanic in MW3.
  • Once in a Tactical Stance, the firearm will tilt sideways, and players will increase mobility.
  • Players will also notice better accuracy due to a tight crosshair in Tactical Stance.
  • This mechanic works better in close-quarter combats.
  • To get into Tactical Stance, enter ADS (left mouse button/LT/L2), then press the V / Down Button on the D-pad.
  • Players can disable the feature from settings if they’d like.

How To Get Kills In Tactical Stance

Worry not if you’ve no clue how to perform this new mechanic and secure kills in it. You can easily switch to Tactical Stance if you know the right buttons. Here’s how to get into a tactical stance and start killing enemies:

  • For PC: Press the Left mouse button to enter ADS (aim-down-sight), then press “V.”
  • For Xbox: Press the LT button to enter ADS, then press the Down button on your controller’s D-pad.
  • For PlayStation: Press the L2 button to enter ADS, then press the Down button on your directional pad.

Once players press the mentioned keys, they’ll instantly enter the Tactical Stance. This mechanism works even while the player is on the run.

I’d suggest players stay closer to enemies to secure kills in the Tactical Stance. Killing enemies is far easier in close-quarter combat while in a Tactical Stance, so make sure to close the distance before shooting at the opponent.

If you’re not satisfied with the default settings of getting into Tactical Stance, you can change it from the settings. Go to Settings, then select Keyboard / Controller. These are other options you can select:

  • Off (disable Tactical Stance mechanic)
  • ADS + Sprint
  • ADS + Melee
  • ADS + Down Button
  • Double-tap ADS

My Verdict On Tactical Stance

The mechanic may seem useless to some players, but if you enjoy playing with weapons of short range, I’ll highly recommend turning on this feature. It will enhance your response time and mobility significantly — essential factors in close-quarter combat situations. Given that you’ll be experiencing Tactical Stance as part of a challenge, you have the option to keep it if it suits your liking. If not, rest assured that the disable option is readily available in the settings. Happy Gaming!

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