COD Modern Warfare 3: Zombies Automated Backup [Quick Guide]

The Automated Backup Zombies Mission in COD: Modern Warfare 3 is interesting, but what do the objectives specify?

COD Modern Warfare 3 Zombies Automated Backup Mission

You’ll come across the Automated Backup Mission while playing the Zombies Game Mode of COD: Modern Warfare 3. Moreover, this Mission has tricky objectives like locating Ammo Mod Circuit Boards and using them to activate the 3 Deadbolt Turrets spread throughout the Map.

Key Takeaways

  • The Automated Backup Mission appears during the Zombies Game Mode of COD: Modern Warfare 3.
  • Completing the Mission requires collecting Ammo Mod Circuit Boards and activating the Deadbolt Turrets.
  • You do this by finding the Circuit Boards located in Strongholds and other such places and using them to activate the Deadbolt Turrets.
  • You get 1500 EXP for completing this Mission and the Death Perception Acquisition.

The Automated Backup Mission is a Zombies Game Mode-specific mission where you must locate Circuit Boards and activate the Deadbolt Turrets.

In the new Zombies mode story of Modern Warfare 3, there are various tasks to accomplish. Moreover, each Mission or act has its objectives you need to complete.

Initiating The Mission

You need to do two things to complete the Automated Backup Mission and progress the Zombies Mode Questline:

  1. Find three different Ammo Mod Circuit Boards.
  2. Activate the Deadbolt Turrets with each of the Mods.

Ammo Mod Circuit Boards

To acquire Ammo Mod Circuit Boards, I’ll recommend to look for the blue item icon on the Tac-map. Furthermore, you can find them within reward caches by fulfilling objectives in Urzikstan.

Moreover, these Ammo Mods are common in Strongholds. Hence, make sure to get a Stronghold Keycard to get access to multiple of these caches.


I’ve tested that player can locate the Deadbolt Turrets before finding the Ammo Mod Circuit Boards as well. However, that would be counter-intuitive as you need the Circuit Boards to operate the Turrets.

Moreover, it’s the same process of locating the three Deadbolt Turrets indicated by the blue turret icons on the map. Furthermore, interact with 3 of them using a Deadbolt Mod, Napalm Mod, and Brainrot Mod to finish the Mission.

Automated Backup Mission Rewards

After you finish the Zombies Automated Backup Mission, you’ll get the Death Perception Acquisition. Moreover, this indicated your progression in the Act 1 Tier of the Missions.

Furthermore, you’ll also get 1500 EXP and some bonus Mission rewards for any extra things you did during the Mission.

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