COD MW2: What Is Weapon Tuning & How To Unlock It?

A brand new feature of "Weapon Tuning" was introduced in the latest update of MW2 and I've discussed how to use it to its full potential.

Weapon Tuning In MW2
Weapon/Attachment Tuning in MW2

A recent update of Modern Warfare 2 brought a new feature called “Weapon Tuning”. Players can modify each weapon and customize it according to their playing style, all from the new Weapon Tuning feature.

But a lot of confusion came along with it about how to use weapon tuning in MW2 and if the tuning even provides any benefits or not.

To help players overcome their confusion, I have carefully tested the feature and gathered all the essential information regarding it.

Key Takeaways

  • Weapon Tuning is a brand new feature in Modern Warfare 2, which helps players adjust the attachment’s functions. 
  • To unlock the Weapon Tuning feature, the max level of the weapon is required.
  • There are multiple attributes of an attachment that can be tuned and altered as preferred by the player.
  • The wrong way of implementing the weapon tuning process gives off more disadvantages, so many things should be considered first.
  • Due to some crashes, the Weapon Tuning feature was disabled, but the issue has been fixed, and the feature is re-enabled.

What Is Weapon Tuning

Tuning An Attachment – Image Captured By Us.

The new feature of Weapon Tuning in Modern Warfare 2 allows the adjustment of a weapon’s attachments further. The adjustments made are fully customized and let players alter the weapon’s function however it suits them. Players have been loving the control they’ve got now on their favorite weapons. 

The weapon tuning feature provides a slider for the majority of the attachments. The players can use this slider and move it back and forth for adjustments. The Radar Chart in the center guides the player on what adjustments are made.

Attachments that can be tuned are:

  • Barrel
  • Underbarrel
  • Muzzle
  • Grip
  • Rear Grip
  • Stock
  • Optic
  • Ammunition

However, secondary attachments such as Laser and Magazine do not offer a weapon tuning option just yet.

The tuning process can worsen an attribute of an attachment while enhancing the other. Let’s say you want to adjust your Barrel attachment. You can increase your Aim Walking Speed, but as a result, the Recoil’s Steadiness cuts down. 

Due to such inconvenience, the slider is set in mid as default. But each player differs in playing style, so maybe a player doesn’t care about losing Recoil’s Steadiness as long as he gets more Aim Walking Speed. So, mostly, players are happy about managing attachments with full freedom. And they can always change the slider to mid if they’d like.

How To Unlock Weapon Tuning

If you’re wondering where your Tune option is, it’s because you probably haven’t reached the max level of a gun. So level up your weapon till its limit, and to do it quicker, turn on any double XP tokens available for the weapon chosen. Playing easy kill-secure modes such as Deathmatch and Kill Confirmed is another easy way to gain XP faster. 

Keep in mind each weapon offers a different Max Level. Some weapons, such as M4 and Lachmann-556, have a max level of 20, but other ARs, such as Kastov 762 and Kastov-74U, have a max level of 21. Some weapons, such as the M16 max level, have been reduced to Level 16, so you can surely unlock the feature faster if you choose low Max Level weapons.

Max Levels Of Weapons – Image Captured By Us.

Now that you have reached the max level of a weapon, just go to that weapon’s “Build Weapon” option. All tunable attachments equipped will have the “Tune” option above once you hover your cursor over them.  

How To Tune Weapons 

Sliders To Tune Weapons – Image Captured By Us.

As mentioned, hover above the attachment equipped in the Build Weapon option. A Tune option will pop up. Choose it, and the two sliders will show up. One slider can be seen on the left, vertically. Another slider is on the bottom horizontally.

The attributes that can be tuned from these sliders are:

Optic Tuning

  • Aim Down Sight Speed or Flinch Resistance.
  • Close or Far (Eye Position).

Barrel Tuning

  • Recoil Steadiness or Aim Walking Speed.
  • Aim Down Sight Speed or Damage Range.

Muzzle Tuning

  • Recoil Smoothness or Aim Down Sight Speed.
  • Aiming Idle Stability or Bullet Velocity.

Underbarrel Tuning

  • Recoil Stabilization or Aim Down Sight Speed.
  • Aim Walking Speed or Aiming Idle Stability.

Ammunition Tuning

  • Damage Range or Recoil Smoothness.
  • Recoil Steadiness or Bullet Velocity.

Rear Grip Tuning

  • Recoil Steadiness or Aim Down Sight Speed.
  • Sprint To Fire Speed or Aiming Idle Stability.

Stock Tuning

  • Aim Walking Steadiness or Aim Down Sight Speed.
  • Aim Walking Speed or Aiming Idle Stability.

All these attributes can be adjusted once an attachment is equipped. A detailed Radar Chart on screen helps understand in depth the function of how each adjustment will affect the gameplay. 

For instance, if you max out your “Recoil Smoothness” in Muzzle Tuning, the graph will show you which attributes have been improved and which ones dialed down. But if you do the opposite by reducing “Recoil Smoothness” fully, the graph will be completely different.

Is Weapon Tuning Useful

Consider the Pros and Cons displayed with each attachment before modifying your weapon. For instance, countering a drawback like reduced Aim Down Sight Speed from a specific attachment can be managed by enhancing it elsewhere in the tuning process. However, avoid excessive adjustments to maintain balance.

Replacing an entire attachment can offer desired attributes without compromising others, while minor changes can be achieved through attachment tuning. Remember, significant attribute enhancements might negatively impact others, so maintaining a balance between the attachment’s Pros and Cons is crucial when tuning your weapon.

Weapon Tuning Not Working

A lot of players complained about their game crashing after the Weapon Tuning update was released and players started tuning their attachments. Since the crashes were occurring consistently, Infinity Ward instantly disabled the weapon/attachment tuning feature and announced by tweeting:

“We are disabling attachment tuning until further notice to investigate crashes for users with 5 attachments tuned. If you currently have a tuned attachment equipped, you will need to unequip and reequip it to use your loadout.”

However, the crash has just been fixed, and the weapon-tuning feature is back in the game! Infinity Ward recently tweeted and announced the reenabling of the feature:

“The attachment tuning feature has just been re-enabled. More details about this update in tomorrow’s blog post.” 

There are more updates coming tomorrow, but one thing is for sure: the Weapon Tuning feature is no longer disabled, and players should be able to use the function again.

Final Remarks

I have summed up everything related to the new Weapon Tuning feature and the recent crashes related to it. Despite being a risky feature to mess around with, Weapon Tuning is still a step in the right direction, and players are absolutely loving it so far. Tune your attachments and craft your perfect weapon!  

Make sure to check out our Fastest Way to Level up weapons in the MW2 guide so you can unlock the weapon tuning earlier.

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