COD MW3: Best KV Inhibitor Loadout [Pros, Cons]

Whether you are looking to play aggressively or want to camp at a quiet spot, KV Inhibitor is the sniper for you. Learn more about the KV Inhibitor loadout by reading this guide!

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Call of Duty: MW3 Best KV Inhibitor Loadout

Key Takeaways

  • KV Inhibitor is a recent addition to the sniper rifle collection of Call of Duty: MW3.
  • I recommend you to play through the various game modes and reach Level 25 to unlock the sniper.
  • My preferred secondary weapon with KV Inhibitor is the P90 SMG, as its high fire rate and large magazine can wipe enemies at close ranges when the sniper becomes ineffective.

KV Inhibitor is a newly added sniper rifle in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. It is semi-automatic and can adapt to various playing styles. But what attachments and equipment should you pick to make this sniper rifle unstoppable and easy to use?

KV Inhibitor
KV Inhibitor (Captured By Us)

KV Inhibitor Stats

Weapon ClassSniper Rifle
Fire ModeSemi-automatic
Caliber.338 Magnum
Magazine Size10 Rounds
Starting Ammunition10+30
Ammo TypeSniper Ammo

Out of the 10 snipers in Call of Duty: MW3, KV Inhibitor is a new addition that is showing remarkable results. I have tried it with my loadout picks, and it gets me important kills to be the MVP.

Here I present a summary table for the KV Inhibitor Loadout.

NameEquipment TypeHow To Unlock
Kastovia GXR-12BarrelKV Inhibitor Level 20
FTAC SP-10 Angled GripUnderbarrelKV Inhibitor Level 14
.338 Magnum Spire PointAmmunitionKV Inhibitor Level 7
5 Round MagMagazine-
Ivanov Wood StockStockKV Inhibitor Level 6
Broadside Factory GripRear GripKV Inhibitor Level 11
SL Razorhawk Laser LightLaserSVA 545 Level 10
KR V4 1x RiserOpticRiveter Level 16
Scavenger GlovesGloves-
Lightweight BootsBoots-
Bone Conduction HeadsetGear-
Flash GrenadeTactical-

Best KV Inhibitor Attachments

Barrel – Kastovia GXR-12

By default, the KV Inhibitor sniper rifle has a very slow ADS speed. With the Kastovia GXR-12 attachment on this sniper, you will experience better ADS Speed and improved Movement to reposition yourself quickly.

Underbarrel – FTAC SP-10 Angled Grip

When you hit back-to-back shots with KV Inhibitor, you will experience more horizontal recoil than vertical. Therefore, I chose the FTAC SP-10 Angled Grip to improve the sniper’s shaky nature

Ammunition – .338 Magnum Spire Point

In my opinion, I want my sniper to get more range and deal more damage to the opponent. The .338 Magnum Spire Point ammunition is to enhance the bullet speed, so no enemy can escape from your shot.

Magazine – 5 Round Mag

Instead of having a bigger magazine, I would prefer a single magazine with more rounds. This is essential because you wish to hit more shots with a sniper without reloading, as it slows you down and the opponents can hide.

Stock – Ivanov Wood Stock

At the cost of recoil, the Ivanov Wood Stock will get you extra points for ADS Speed stability. A more stable aim will keep your scope still for a longer time. Furthermore, it will help you get higher accuracy.

Rear Grip – Broadside Factory Grip

I strictly recommend you keep the Broadside Factory Grip with KV Inhibitor. It fixes the slow movement speed that comes with this sniper. Moreover, you will get significant points for gun handling.

Laser – SL Razorhawk Laser Light

Although your enemies can see the Laser, you can kill them before they react to it. This is possible with improved ADS Speed and better weapon accuracy, so you don’t miss your shots.

Optic – KR V4 1x Riser

With a semi-auto sniper, you need a scope like KR V4 1x Riser, so your vision is clear. I tried some other optic attachments as well, such as Axial Arms 3x and KR V2 3.25X Hybrid, but I recommend you stick with the KR V4 1x Riser.

Refer to the table below that contains the names of all KV Inhibitor attachments.

BarrelKastovia GXR-12
UnderbarrelFTAC SP-10 Angled Grip
Ammunition.338 Magnum Spire Point
Magazine5 Round Mag
StockIvanov Wood Stock
Rear GripBroadside Factory Grip
LaserSL Razorhawk Laser Light
OpticKR V4 1x Riser

Best KV Inhibitor Loadout Equipment

Vest – Overkill

As an aggressive Call of Duty player, I prefer to keep a second primary weapon to back up the KV Inhibitor. The Overkill Vest allows me to keep dual primary weapons, so I recommend you choose the P90 SMG or the WSP Stinger. Moreover, it offers a large magazine with a high fire rate.

Gloves – Scavenger Gloves

Scavenger Gloves will improve your gun handling. It means that after switching from melee to primary weapon, you will draw KV inhibitor faster. This will reduce the delay and you can kill the enemy when they are still in your vision.

Boots – Lightweight Boots

KV Inhibitor is heavy, so it will slow down your movement speed. To cater to it, I strictly advise you to equip yourself the Lightweight boots, not only they will increase your movement, but you will also sprint for a longer period.

Gear – Bone Conduction Headset

When camping or inside the enemy territory, the Bone Conduction Headset will help you minimize the surrounding noise, so you can hear the enemy footsteps with higher accuracy.

Tactical – Flash Grenade

If you have given away your location and the enemies are pushing on you, hide behind a cover to throw a Flash Grenade discreetly. This will block enemy vision, and you can crawl out to finish them and stay safe.

Here is a short table that lists all the equipment for this loadout.

GlovesScavenger Gloves
BootsLightweight Boots
GearBone Conduction Headset
TacticalFlash Grenade

Secondary Weapon Choice

The convention with a sniper is to keep a light weapon that can handle close-quarter combat and leave the faraway enemies for the KV Inhibitor. Keeping that in mind, I will recommend you keep the P90 SMG as your secondary weapon.

Below are a few facts that explain why I prefer to pair the KV Inhibitor with the P90 in my loadout:

  • P90 is an SMG. That means that it has high-performance output at close ranges. You can confidently pull it out if you are struggling with the KV Inhibitor.
  • When repositioning yourself, carrying the sniper in your hands is not recommended, as it is heavy and offers lower mobility.
  • Therefore, I prefer keeping P90, so I can get rid of the opponents if they appear by surprise.
  • P90 has a large magazine of 50 rounds. This is insanely high for an SMG, and you can finish off a large group of enemies easily when a high fire rate is also kept in mind.


  • Exceptional Bullet Speed.
  • Low Recoil.
  • Better Fire Rate due to Semi-Automatic nature.


  • Reduced Accuracy for Hipfiring.
  • Slow ADS Speed.
  • Restricted Movement when sniper in hand.

My Thoughts On The KV Inhibitor Loadout

I believe that KV Inhibitor is an underrated sniper, and you should use it more often. It is a new addition to the COD world, so it still has to prove its worth. Moreover, if you keep all the attachments I listed, you can turn them into a quick scoping machine that can get you a lot of kills during spawn hunting or other enemy traps.

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