COD MW3: Best Pistols Loadouts [Top 3]

Learn all about best loadouts for pistols in COD: MW3 and the class setup that you can use them with to get the most damage output.

Modern Warfare 3 Best Pistols Loadout
A detailed guide on Modern Warfare 3 best Pistols Loadout.

Players might overlook their secondary weapon, concentrating solely on advancing their primary arsenal. However, possessing an exceptional handgun as your secondary firearm can turn the match in your favor. Continue reading to learn about the best Modern Warfare 3 Pistols loadout.

Key Takeaways

  • Handguns are a player’s secondary weapon choice, which mostly works better in close-quarter combats.
  • Most pistols lack damage or fire rate, but some exceptions include Renetti, Basilisk, and COR-45.
  • Renetti is currently the most picked pistol in Modern Warfare 3, and rightly so. With a perfect loadout, you can convert it into a high-damage-dealing SMG.
  • The other two pistols, Basilisk and COR-45, are also amazing picks, and a great loadout makes them even better.

Best Renetti Loadout

Renetti Handgun
Renetti Handgun (Captured By Us)

Players have already chosen the best pistol of Modern Warfare 3, Renetti. It has the potential to become a fully automatic mini SMG. Renetti goes with most primary weapons due to its impressive damage even without any attachments early on and staggering fire rate.

As the progression chart shows, you can unlock Renetti after reaching Level 21 on your character. Once you do, make sure to equip the following attachments and make the handgun even better.


MuzzleMonolithic Suppressor
Rear GripRenetti Wood Grain Grip
OpticSlate Reflector
Magazine30 Round Mag
Conversion Kit / Aftermarket partJAK Ferocity Carbine kit

Muzzle – Monolithic Suppressor

This muzzle helps players sneak up on enemies without getting detected easily. Another major benefit is the reduced recoil of such a high fire rate handgun.

Rear Grip – Renetti Wood Grain Grip

Improves the player’s movement speed along with Sprint to Fire and Aim Walking speed. A necessary attachment to help players focus on enemies clearly.

Optic – Slate Reflector

Players can choose any other optic they’d like. Slat Reflector is one of the many good options for aiming at enemies better.

Magazine – 30 Round Mag

The magazine is another attachment where players can use their own preferred option. I’ve selected 30 Round Mag for a decent magazine size.

Conversion Kit / Aftermarket Part – JAK Ferocity Carbine kit

A must-have aftermarket part for your Renetti. The weapon will completely turn into a fully automatic mini SMG with this single attachment. The damage output will increase immensely.

Class Setup

VestInfantry Vest
BootsLightweight Boots
GlovesQuick-Grip Gloves
GearBone Conduction Headset
TacticalBattle Rage
Lethal Semtex
Field EquipmentMunitions Box

Best Basilisk Loadout

Basilisk Handgun
Basilisk Handgun (Captured By Us)

If you’re looking for a handgun that works well in close-range combat, Basilisk is the one. The weapon is good at one-shotting enemies if the range isn’t too much. So, this hard-hitting handgun is definitely recommended, but only with the right attachments, or else you’ll face some issues with range and fire rate.

You can unlock Basilisk by reaching Level 3 with your character.


Barrel10.5″ FTAC Arrow
Trigger ActionBryson Match Grade
LaserBasilisk Grip Laser
Ammunition.500 Snakeshot
Rear GripAkimbo Basilisk

Barrel – 10.5″ FTAC Arrow

This Barrel will improve the player’s Damage Range, as it’s something the Basilisk handgun lacks.

Trigger Action – Bryson Match Grade

Another drawback of Basilisk is its average fire rate. Equipping Bryson Match Grade will improve this very issue.

Laser – Basilisk Grip Laser

Players can choose their preferred laser for Basilisk, but Basilisk Grip Laser is a great option, too.

Ammunition – .500 Snakeshot

To strengthen your close-range combat game, I recommend using .500 Snakesnot for improved Damage Radius.

Rear Grip – Akimbo Basilisk

Lastly, the most important attachment to have on the Basilisk is the Akimbo Basilisk Rear Grip. You can dual-wield by equipping two Basilisks at once. Double the damage output and take down enemies much faster with this single attachment.

Class Setup

VestInfantry Vest
BootsLightweight Boots
GlovesQuick-Grip Gloves
GearMission Control Comlink
TacticalBattle Rage
LethalFlash Grenade
Field EquipmentMed Box

Best COR-45 Loadout

The semi-ballistic pistol, COR-45, is increasingly favored as a secondary firearm, reflecting its growing popularity among players. As the description says, this handgun excels in impressive recoil control. Players who enjoy double-tapping enemies while also dealing incredible damage should surely equip COR-45 as their secondary weapon.

You can unlock COR-45 by reaching Level 20 on your character.


MuzzleSonic Suppressor
Trigger ActionXRK V21 Heavy Match
OpticSlate Reflector
LaserAccu-Shot 5mW Laser
Ammunition .45 Auto High Grain
Rear GripTactical Grip Cover
Magazine30 Round Mag

Muzzle – Sonic Suppressor

Other than becoming undetectable on the minimap from this suppressor, players will also see a massive improvement in the Bullet Velocity. COR-45 lacks in damage range a bit, just like its fellow handguns. Sonic Suppressor increases the Damage Range, too.

Trigger Action – XRK V21 Heavy Match

You can immensely improve the Fire Rate of COR-45 with this single Trigger Action attachment. This is a must for close-quarter combat. Other slight improvements in Sprint to Fire speed, Aim Down Sight speed, and Hipfire and Tac stance spread are also noticeable.

Optic – Slate Reflector

You can choose an optic of your choice, but I personally prefer the Slate Reflector.

Laser – Accu-Shot 5mW Laser

To improve the Hipfire accuracy, I chose Accu-Shot 5mW Laser, but you can choose any other laser.

Ammunition – .45 Auto High Grain

Some pros this ammunition includes are No Enemy Skulls and increased Bullet Velocity.

Rear Grip – Tactical Grip Cover

The Rear Grip will improve the movement speed of players.

Magazine – 30 Round Mag

The magazine is another attachment where players can use their own preferred option. I’ve selected 30 Round Mag for a decent magazine size.

Class Setup

VestEngineer Vest
BootsLightweight Boots
GlovesScavenger Gloves
GearEOD Padding
TacticalBattle Rage
Field EquipmentMunitions Box

My Verdict On Loadouts For Pistols 

My personal favorite loadout out of these three is Renetti’s. This secondary firearm itself is extremely powerful, and attaching the JAK Ferocity Carbine kit makes it almost as good as a normal SMG. Most players pick Renetti with almost all their primary weapons due to it being a Meta Weapon right now, so a good loadout is crucial to equip. COR-45 is another fan-favorite sidearm, so I’ve got a loadout for whichever one you prefer. Good Luck, Gamers!

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