COD MW3: Best RPK Loadout + Unlock Guide

The RPK is a classic LMG in the Call of Duty Series, which returns in COD: MW3, but what is the Best Loadout for this Iconic Weapon?

COD MW3 Best RPK Loadout

The RPK stands out as a formidable LMG within COD: MW3, but what is its Best Configuration and Loadout? Moreover, what are the camo challenges, attachments, stats, and the unlocking process of the RPK?

Key Takeaways

  • The RPK is a classic LMG from the Call of Duty Franchise that returns in COD: MW3.
  • You can unlock the RPK in COD: MW3 by finding it in Farah’s Precious Cargo Mission or using the COD: MW2 Carry Forward feature.
  • The Best Attachments for the RPK are the 1MW Laser Box, TAC 597 Barrel, FT TAC-Elite Stock, True-TAC Grip, and 7.62 Overpressured +P1.
  • The Best Loadout for the RPK in COD: MW3 is the X13 Auto, Flash Grenade, Thermobaric Grenade, Munitions Box, Infantry Vest, Commando Gloves, Stalker Boots, and EOD Padding.

Unlocking The RPK

The RPK LMG in COD MW3 (Captured by VeryAli Gaming)

The RPK, classified as an LMG in COD, finds its way into Modern Warfare 3 via the Carry Forward feature. Moreover, this allows players who previously unlocked it in MW2 to wield its might. Furthermore, players had to unlock the RPK in COD MW2 by leveling the Kastov 762 to Level 16.

Those without access to MW2 acquire it in MW3 by doing Farah’s Precarious Cargo Mission. The RPK can be found in a cache during the Mission. Moreover, it’s in the northern middle room on the 1st floor of the expansive southeastern building you visit as part of the Mission’s objective.

RPK Stats

Class LMG
Rounds 75
Reserve 75
Platform Kastovia
Maximum Level 19
Description The RPK features a long, heavy barrel, high ammo capacity, and steel receiver capable of sustained full-auto fire without loss in accuracy.

Best RPK Attachments

Laser 1MW Laser Box
Barrel TAC 597 Barrel
Stock FT TAC-Elite Stock
Rear Grip True-TAC Grip
Ammunition 7.62 Overpressured +P

Laser: 1MW Laser Box

Enhance your RPK’s performance with the 1MW Laser Box, a weapon-mounted laser that tightens bullet spread during hip firing. The laser remains active when firing from the hip.

Barrel : TAC 597 Barrel

Consider the TAC 597 Barrel, a lightweight, elongated barrel crafted for the RPK’s heavy firepower.

Stock: FT TAC-Elite Stock

For improved aiming and recoil control, equip the FT TAC-Elite Stock, a polymer stock from Forge Tac designed to enhance accuracy.

Rear Grip: True-TAC Grip

Transitioning to the True-TAC Grip it’s a smooth rubber grip tailored for speed and quicker aiming.

Ammunition: 7.62 Overpressured +P

Lastly, maximize control with the 7.62 Overpressured +P Suppress, utilizing hotter rounds to increase target flinch.

Best RPK Loadout

Secondary X13 Auto
Tactical Flash Grenade
Lethal Thermobaric Grenade
Field Equipment Munitions Box
Vest Infantry Vest
Gloves Commando Gloves
Boots Stalker Boots
Gear EOD Padding

Secondary: X13 Auto

Given that this automatic handgun functions in a fully automatic mode, it serves as an excellent secondary weapon to transition to when facing opponents in confined areas.

Tactical: Flash Grenade

Using a Flash will help immensely when being rushed by multiple enemies on maps such as Terminal.

Lethal: Thermobaric Grenade

Alternatively, use a Thermobaric Grenade to deal with an onslaught of multiple enemies.

Field Equipment: Munitions Box

Ensure you never run out of Ammo with the Munitions Box.

Vest: Infantry Vest

The Infantry Vest proves optimal for agile players who prioritize swift map traversal. Additionally, it exemplifies speed and efficiency, placing you strategically for victorious gameplay.

Gloves: Commando Gloves

The Commando Gloves enhance battlefield mobility, saving valuable seconds during skirmishes by eliminating the necessity to halt when weapon reloading.

Boots: Stalker Boots

Stalker Boots increase your strafing speed, enabling you to dodge enemy fire skillfully. Furthermore, the heightened ADS movement speed helps evade incoming shots while aligning your own, providing a distinct advantage in the battle zone.

Gear: EOD Padding

EOD Padding proves effective in compact maps or objective-based modes, aiding in securing areas. This equipment mitigates the impact of enemy explosives, providing added protection.

RPK MW2 Carry Forward Camos

Camo Name Requirement Unlock Level
Dark Rainforest Get 50 kills with the RPK 2
China Lake Get 10 double kills with the RPK 7
Asphalt Get 50 kills while using a suppressor with the RPK 13
Rupture Get 20 kills while mounted with the RPK 18
Gold RPK Get 3 kills without dying 10 times with the RPK

My Thoughts On RPK Loadout

I love the RPK’s robust bullet strength and substantial, sustained fire capacity and recommend it as a capable long-range option. Moreover, learning some trigger discipline and using the COD: MW3 RPK Loadout I mentioned above is best. On the other hand, it also proves decent in close-quarters scenarios on Maps like Underpass, Rundown, and Scrapyard.

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