COD MW3: Deep Cover Mission [Easy Steps]

A complete walkthrough guide about the deep cover mission where you get to play as Kate Laswell in Call of Duty MW 3 and infiltrate the base.

Deep Cover Mission
Deep Cover Mission [Walkthrough]

Key Takeaways

  • You must head to the Admin building without being detected in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3.
  • Get the keycard by killing the guard to enter the Admin building.
  • Meet Yuri to get the drive and then escape the building from the rooftop where Nikolai is waiting for you in a helicopter.

You get to play as Kate Laswell to do the Deep Cover Mission. She’s meeting with her old friend Nikolai to get intel from Yuri, a contact she has. But before meeting, she must find her way into the Military base and get to the admin office.

I’m sharing a complete walkthrough with you on how you can get to the Admin office and complete this mission. Let’s Get Started!

Laswell And Nikolai

So before the mission Begins, Laswell comes to Nikolai, and their conversation starts about Makarov and the problematic situation. Laswell tells Nik that she wants to go to Arklov Military Base, and Nik tells her that it is “Heavily Guarded.”

Laswell Meeting Nikolai
Laswell Meeting Nikolai (Captured By Us)

After this, she explains to him that she wants to get there and also needs to get back in the same way, which means there should be a transport ready to pick her up once she’s done with the mission.

They both continue to talk, and then Nik asks about the contact of Laswell, and she says, Yuri. Then, they both get in the helicopter and leave for the base.

Head To The Admin Building

You, play as Kate Laswell, will reach the hilly area with the help of Nik by staying under the radar; then, you have to go towards the base without getting caught as there will be so many guards around to keep an eye on all corners.

Head to the admin office
Head to the admin office (Captured By Us)

I’d recommend don’t use the pistol for now. Just stay low, put your weapon aside so Kate will be able to walk without any weapon, and it will lower the risk of getting into trouble and then head forward.

So, your first objective will be to reach the Admin Building. After getting down the hill, move down the path and go straight to where the tanks will be standing outside the warehouse building. You can either use the road to reach the next spot or,

Get inside the warehouse to avoid any interaction with the guards. If you want to stay outside, then you need to have a strong pretending game. Just walk casually and don’t act in a certain way that may grab anyone’s attention.

So, move to the right path after coming down from the dirt path and then continue to move till there is another way on the left. Head there and move forward till you reach the end. This area’s left side will be close, and there will also be a patrol from which you need to keep your distance.

Simply turn right, and you will be able to spot the entrance of the building. Some individuals will be coming out of it, which will indicate that you need a keycard to get inside.

Get The Keycard

So, your next main objective will be about getting the keycard. Stay right there where you have been, and let the marker appear on a person who holds the key. It will save you from figuring out the right person, and no one will suspect you at all.

During all these activities, Laswell will be updating Nik, and he will be instructing, paying attention to his words, and following them. You will have to look for the officer who will leave the building and then will go into another.

The keycard
The keycard (Captured By Us)

Walk gradually and start following him as he gets the thing we want. There is a chance of getting the suspicion from the guards, but you need to try your best and stick to the objective. Keep going, then move upstairs and start shooting right after entering without wasting a single second,

So the opponents get no time to defend themselves. Grab the keycard instantly and head to the main building.

Enter The Admin Building

Scan the card and then head inside the Admin Building. Nik will guide you about Yuri’s location. After entering, go straight, and then the very first door on the left will be the storage room.

Kate Laswell Meeting Yuri
Kate Laswell Meeting Yuri (Captured By Us)

An objective: “Meet Yuri” will appear on screen at this moment. Their conversation will begin, and Laswell will ask Yuri what he has got on which he will show her device saying “FSB files on Barkov’s research”. 

Yuri Sharing Device with FSB files on Barkov’s research
Yuri Sharing Device with FSB files on Barkov’s research (Captured By Us)

More discussion will take place, and then Price will contact Kate to warn her about the gas missile that will hit the base and will ask her to move out. The signals will be weak, but Laswell will get the message; fortunately, she will inform Yuri.

Yuri will ask her to leave first as they can’t go out together. From there, another main thrill will begin as you will have to move out of the building.

Get Back In Helicopter

Exit the storage room, go straight in the direction from where you came, and then move to the corridor on the right. Keep going straight until you reach the end, and there will be the stairs.

Go up the stairs, then turn left, then again go straight, and then on the left side, there will be an open elevator. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work so you will have to climb the long ladder but anything to save your life, right?.

Start climbing, and you will reach another area of the building. Get inside, go straight, then take a left, and there will be more stairs leading to the upper side. Then, you will reach another door and open it to move outside on the roof.

Laswell escaping the admin building in a helicopter
Laswell escaping the admin building in a helicopter (Captured By Us)

The helicopter will be all set to take you away from this catastrophic situation, get inside, and then the mission will be completed.

My Thoughts 

In my opinion, deep cover mission requires stealthy approach as you are not advised to use weapons in a Military Base which is heavily guarded while you are low on ammo. The most hectic part is the escaping one after the attack on the office, as there is no time and everything needs to be done quickly and you have to use stairs to get to the top because Yuri left in the elevator, But so far, it is one of the best missions in Modern Warfare 3 as you get to play as Kate Laswell and get to know her side of the story.

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