Modern Warfare 3: How To Get Cyphered Tablet [Trial & Tested]

Struggling with finding the Cyphered Tablet in MW3? Then this guide is for you as it covers everything about these tablets in Zombies Mode.

How To Get Cyphered Tablet
How To Get Cyphered Tablet [Explained]

Key Takeaways

  • Cyphered tablets are mission-specific in Zombies Mode.
  • You have to do the objectives to attain the tablets depending on which Act or Tier you are.
  • In Act 1 of Operation Deadbolt you get Cyphered Tablet quests under Tier 5.

How To Find Cyphered Tablet

The Cyphered Tablet can only be found during the Tier 5 missions in Act 1 of Operation Deadbolt, unlike other stuff that you can find around the map. So the missions that will get you the Cyphered Tablet include Hands off, Blasted, and Bring ‘em on.

Operation Deadbolt [Act - 1] Tier -5
Operation Deadbolt [Act – 1] Tier -5 (Captured By Us)

Each of them requires you to do the objectives, and after this, you will be able to acquire the tablet. For example, if we talk about the mission: Bring ém on, you will have to do the following:

  1. Kill 50 zombies with Frenzied Guard Field.
  2. Kill a special or elite enemy with Frenzied.
  3. Acquire Cyphered Tablet.

So you have to complete the first two tasks, including killing zombies or other enemies, and upon killing them, the tablet will drop on the ground and will be marked so you can spot it easily without missing a chance to pick it up.

Go to the marked location and attain the Cyphered Tablet. Make sure to pick it up quickly as soon as you get the location. 

DO KEEP IN MIND – The most important thing without which you can’t attain the Cyphered tablet in MW3 is equipping of Frenzied Guard on Field Upgrade. Go to the gear and select it before going into the zombie battle; if you miss it, then the tablet will not drop.

Why Is Cyphered Tablet Needed?

Cyphered tablets play an important role in completion of main game missions and allows you to complete the Tier missions of the active operations. 

My Verdict On Cyphered Tablets

My personal thoughts regarding finding the Cyphered tablet in MW3 are that dealing with tons of enemies can be overwhelming from time to time especially when you have to acquire the tablets in later missions. But it can be dealt with a equipping guns that output huge raw damage like Riverter or Ray gun which can easily wipe floor with enemies no matter what level they are.

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