COD MW3: Best Riveter Loadout [Our Recommendations]

Riveter is a fully automatic shotgun that can destroy opponents at close range. Go through this guide to choose the appropriate attachments and make Riveter overpowered!

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Best Riveter Loadout

Unlike many weapons, Riveter is a Fully Automatic Shotgun that can be mistaken for an Assault Rifle. After the beta version came out, I started using it for testing purposes and I am shocked with the results. Let’s guide you through the Best Riveter Loadout.

Key Takeaways

  • Riveter is a fully automatic shotgun that dominates the enemies at close range.
  • The max level of Riveter is 24. Along the leveling-up stages, you unlock various attachments.
  • Pair it with the Renetti semi-automatic Handgun to get rid of opponents at mid-range or higher.

Riveter Stats

Riverter Auto Shotgun
Riverter Auto Shotgun (Captured By Us)
Weapon Class Shotgun
Fire Mode Fully Automatic
Caliber 410 Gauge
Magazine Size 15 shells
Starting Ammunition 15+45
Ammo Type Shotgun Ammo

Riveter packs too much firepower and it is overpowered at close range with the appropriate attachments. It has a maximum level of 24, therefore, I recommend you max it out to get all the necessary attachments.

Here is the summary table for the Riveter Loadout in Modern Warfare 3.

Name Equipment Type How To Unlock
Pneumatic Integrated Suppressor Barrel Riveter Level 24
FTAC SP-10 Angled Grip Underbarrel KV Inhibitor Level 14
.410 Gauge Slug Ammunition Riveter Level 10
30 Round Mag Magazine Riveter Level 19
Demo LTS Stock Stock Striker Level 12
Gunner Vest Vest Level 20
Lightweight Boots Boots
Tac Mask Gear
Flash Grenade Tactical
Renetti Secondary Weapon

Best Riveter Attachments

Barrel – Pneumatic Integrated Suppressor

To silence your shots and get sneaky, use the Pneumatic Integrated Suppressor as your Barrel. At the cost of slight Handling stats, you will get significant improvement in Range and Accuracy. These stats will let you kill enemies with Riveter that are not at point-blank ranges.

Unlock Requirement: Get Riveter to Level 24.

If you are still not at level 24 and want to seek an alternative, I suggest you stay with the Adjudicator Long Barrel.

Underbarrel – FTAC SP-10 Angled Grip

If you wish to make your weapon vibrate less, use the FTAC SP-10 Angled Grip Underbarrel attachment with the Riveter. It will significantly minimize recoil in the horizontal direction while disturbing the vertical recoil slightly.

Unlock Requirement: Get KV Inhibitor to Level 14.

Ammunition – .410 Gauge Slug

The Slug shots are essential with the Riveter shotgun. They will highly increase your damage output, which makes this weapon unstoppable. After I equipped the .410 Gauge Slug ammunition, killing enemies became very easy.

Unlock Requirement: Get Riveter to Level 10.

Magazine – 30 Round Mag

Without any enhancement, the Riveter shotgun has 15 rounds in the magazine. I think this is very low, as the magazine will empty quickly due to high fire rate, and reloading frequently is annoying.

Unlock Requirement: Get Riveter to Level 19.

Stock – Demo LTS Stock

To help with your movement and sprint speed, I use the Demo LTS Stock to help me sprint faster. Note that your Accuracy is reduced with this attachment, but it is balanced by the suppressor.

Unlock Requirement: Get Riveter to Level 7.

Optic – Slate Reflector

The Slate Reflector Optic attachment is similar to the traditional red dot sight. It is easy to use and helps target opponents that are not close. I have seen that many prefer the iron sight, but I prefer the Slate Reflector to avoid restricting my vision.

Unlock Requirement: Get Striker to Level 12.

Here is a table that contains all attachments for the Riveter Loadout.

Barrel Pneumatic Integrated Suppressor
Underbarrel FTAC SP-10 Angled Grip
Ammunition .410 Gauge Slug
Magazine 30 Round Mag
Stock Demo LTS Stock
Optic Slate Reflector

Best Riveter Loadout Equipment

Vest – Gunner Vest

Unlocking at Level 20, equip the Gunner Vest to enhance Reload Speed. Combining this with the bigger magazine, the Riveter becomes very strong and easy to use.

Gloves – Quick Grip Gloves

Switching from Primary to Secondary weapon takes a lot of time if Riveter is your main weapon. To increase this swap speed, equip the Quick Grip Gloves perk to make things smoother

Boots – Lightweight Boots

Lightweight Boots make you move swiftly on the field and increase your movement speed. Use this perk to play aggressively and get closer to enemies smoothly.

Gear – Tac Mask

Tac Mask will save you from explosive damage. Hence, you will stay safe behind cover when reloading or spotting enemies. Moreover, if you are showing aggression, enemies will throw flash and gas grenades to stop you. However, Tac Mask will reduce their damage and you can easily take them out.

Tactical – Flash Grenade

I frequently use this strategy to throw a flash grenade behind a cover spot. Any enemy hiding behind will immediately crawl out. This gives you a window to quickly approach and take them out with a Riveter shotgun. I recommend you use this combination to get additional kills.

The Table below mentions the necessary equipment we need along with the Riveter Loadout.

Vest Gunner Vest
Gloves Quick Grip Gloves
Boots Lightweight Boots
Gear Tac Mask
Tactical Flash Grenade

Secondary Weapon Choice

Renetti Handgun
Renetti Handgun (Captured By Us)

With the Riveter auto shotgun being the primary weapon, you need something fast and reliable. I recommend you keep the Renetti Handgun. It is semi-automatic and offers very low recoil and high damage.

Renetti’s maximum gun level is 21.

Here are a few reasons why I prefer combining Riveter with Renetti in my loadout:

  • When Riveter is out of ammo, switch to Renetti to clear the ground. It is fast and deals significant damage.
  • Renetti Handgun is light, so you can switch to it at a faster speed. This will decrease your reaction time, so you can quickly change weapons and kill the enemies.
  • When targeting opponents at long ranges, I convert the Handgun to burst mode to get more accuracy and damage.

Personal Thoughts On The Riveter Loadout

In my opinion, Riveter is a very strong shotgun at close range. If things take a turn, you can always swap to Renetti and kill the faraway enemies. I recommend you take advantage of your movement and sprint to keep moving around the map and track the enemy spawns. This shotgun will work perfectly at taking out a large group with enhanced damage stats.

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