Code Vein: The Anime Souls-Like That Isn’t Appreciated Enough

Developed by Bandai Namco Studios, the anime twist to the souls-like formula deserves more love.

Today, numerous Souls-like games attempt to put their spin on the genre established by Dark Souls and its related titles. Games like The Lords of the Fallen and Lies of P have become beloved entries among fans. However, one Souls-like game stands out distinctly from the rest: Code Vein.

Key Takeaways

  • Code Vein presents a dark and gritty atmosphere with a combat system similar to other Souls-like games that players have come to love.
  • An intricate and deep leveling system and one of the best character customizers allow players to create builds that vary each playthrough, adding diversity to the game experience.
  • Fans of the game eagerly await a sequel that would provide a refreshing experience of the genre.

Code Vein is often dubbed the ‘Anime Dark Souls,’ but this title only scratches the surface. Despite its significant contributions to the Souls-like genre, Code Vein remains underappreciated. It truly deserves more attention and love for what it offers.

The World

The atmosphere of Code Vein’s map is dark and gritty, giving a post-apocalyptic vibe. Despite this, exploring the map is an interesting experience. Each area feels fresh and well-connected, creating a cohesive and engaging world.

Exploration inevitably leads to encounters with monsters and humanoid enemies. These enemies, presented as grotesque abominations, come in various forms. As in most soulslike games, players must observe and memorize each enemy’s attack patterns to avoid difficult situations.

Players must remain cautious of their surroundings to evade ambushes by hordes of enemies. I often found myself in tough situations due to being careless and ending up getting ambushed. It was initially unpleasant, but as I learned to be more observant, I found myself enjoying the game more.

Though the world of Code Vein is dark and largely desolate, there is beauty to be found. While the map design may not appear intriguing at first glance, delving deeper reveals distinct areas and points of interest that you will find interesting.

The Apocalyptic Yet Captivating World Of Code Vein | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

The game features many DLC dungeons too which are the main focus of the endgame or you can choose to complete them during a playthrough if you feel confident enough. Some dungeons will also come up during exploring. These are hidden and require the player to be attentive to their surroundings.

Smooth Combat

The best part of any soulslike game is its combat, and Code Vein delivers a perfect balance. The game features the classic roll, dodge, and attack system but adds much more to the combat experience. You will have different spells and casts depending on the build you have which adds depth to the gameplay.

You also have a companion who will fight alongside you in most areas. If you like a particular character, you can have them join you in facing enemies. Each companion offers a unique combat style and benefits on the battlefield, allowing players to experiment with different builds and companions to find the best synergy.

Engaging In Combat With Your Companion

Intricate Levelling And Class System

The leveling system and build customization in Code Vein are standout features of the game. Unlike Dark Souls, where you can level up specific stats if you have enough souls, Code Vein requires you to accumulate haze to level up, which increases your character’s stamina and health only.

To enhance other stats in Code Vein, you need to equip different blood codes, acquired by completing main or side content in the game. Each blood code offers unique stats and spells. Players can freely change their blood codes at any mistle, allowing players to tailor their build to suit their preferred playstyle.

Some blood codes are easier to acquire than others, while some are hidden and require effort. No matter the difficulty, getting a blood code is always rewarding as it unlocks the character’s memories, revealing lore and providing additional tools to handle various situations.

The Blood Code System | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

Armor and weapons can be upgraded and are influenced by the equipped blood code. The blood code system in Code Vein offers a high degree of customization and versatility, whether you prefer a ranged or melee build.

A Much Needed Comeback

The game features deep and detailed character customization that will keep players returning to create their desired character. The character customizer has different varieties of accessories to customize your character with, which will always give them a distinct and unique look.

Code Vein may not have a large player base, but it has many dedicated fans, including myself, who would love to see a sequel. With the success of Elden Ring, Bandai Namco could develop a Code Vein sequel that could become a great Souls-like game and a significant success for the company while offering the players an exceptional experience.

Code Vein has become a cult classic among fans of anime and soulslike games, and they eagerly await a sequel that could recapture the excitement of playing the original for the first time.

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