Costly Punch Crisis Core [Definitive Guide]

Crisis Core features some of the best abilities for Zack and Costly Punch is one of them!

Costly Punch Crisis Core

The best attribute related to Costly Punch Crisis Core is to pull off its insane 99,999 damage chance! It is a special attack that excludes both magic and physical damage.

The way it works is by utilizing Zack’s HP to unleash tremendous damage upon enemies. The only downside to this attack is that it depletes a portion of Zack’s overall Health. In contrast to that, you may want to avoid using the attack if your HP is 1.11 times higher than your maximum HP.

You’ve already noticed after playing a few hours of Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion that Costly Punch delivers a considerable amount of damage than any normal attack.

Key Takeaways

  • Search the M9-5-4: Abnormal Power to find the skill.
  • You can also steal it from Mako Ifrit.
  • Other than that, you’ll need to complete half of the side missions i.e. 50%.
  • Costly Punch can deliver 99,999 damage at a chance.
  • Costly Punch will do you no good if you’re health is 1.11 times higher than your maximum HP and it will deal 0 damage to the enemies.
  • You will learn how to craft and acquire Costly Punch.
  • Zack can only use 1/10th of his potential strength to utilize Costly Punch earlier in the game.
  • To craft the skill, you will need to buy “Mascot” Summons such as Chocobo and Moogle, DMW Materia, Research Dept. QMC, Bahamut, and Ifrit Materia (“boss” summons).

Costly Punch Crisis Core Reunion

As said before, Costly Punch is a move utilizing special attacks that deliver immense damage to the opponents. However, it has a base damage of 38 making it look like something out of the ordinary.

It can be said that the more HP your character has, the damage inflicted by the move will increase exponentially. Apart from that, you can achieve a 99,999 damage output if you play the move in a special manner. My guide on Costly Punch Crisis Core will showcase the skill/move itself, and how players can acquire it using various methods.

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How To Unlock Crisis Core

There are several approaches you can take to obtain the skill. You can either craft, steal or buy Crisis Core. Firstly, you can craft it by using Materia Fusion, without it you won’t have easier access to the move. To craft the move, players can use the following methods;

  • They will need to use “DMW Materia“, and any of the four “Punch” Accessories.
  • Beginner players reading my guide should not think of “Materia” as a typo for “Materials.” These are special items used to cast spells, use command abilities, and more!

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Crafting Costly Punch in Crisis Core

Materia Fusion
You can fuse Costly Punch with different DMW Materia to refine the move!

You will need to head over to Research Dept. QMC+ where you can obtain DMW Materia from inside a chest. Players will have to travel toward the shop in Gongaga which will appear after the scene with Cissnei.  The next step after Research Dept. QMC+, players will need to head over to Junon Souvenirs shop.

You can find the chest with a mission labeled “M2-4-1: A Solitary Island.” Where you can buy Materia for various Mascot Summons. Summons are your best bet to turn the tables against your opponents. The Mascot Summons can be found in the DMW’s Chocobo Mode. The summons you need to be looking for is Magic Pot, Chocobo, and Tonberry.

Thirdly, players will need to access another chest located in the North-West corner of the map. The mission will be labeled “M7-5-3: Girl on the Desert Island.” There is a Summon different from the Mascot Summon and it is called the “Boss” Summon.

You will fight any Boss Summon in the story. However, to acquire them, you will need to complete Side-Quest missions. You’ll need to have access to Bahamut, Odin, Ifrit, and other Boss Summons.

Apart from that, DMW Materia can also be acquired as a reward by completing missions specifically in the M9-4 and M9-5 mission lines.

Punch Command Materia

In the final phase of crafting your skill, you will need to get your hands on one of the four Punch Accessories in the game. These are Iron Fist, Magical Punch, and Goblin Punch. Acquiring the Goblin Punch in chapter 10 will require more than 30+ hours of gameplay. Therefore, the easiest method to take Goblin Punch is by completing M9-2-5: To the Lower Levels. Or you can have a 50% steal chance from Vajradhra Kumbhira in M4-4-4: Wutai in the Slums.

M4 Mission Line
You can access M4-4-4: Wutai in the Slums from the “Missions” section!

Coincidentally, Magical Punch can be found in M6-5-5: Arms Development Dept. After you have acquired the above-mentioned items, you will need to use the Materia Crafting. It will cost you around 12,000 SP.

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Stealing Costly Punch

You will have a 50% Steal chance from Mako Ifrit in M9-5-1: Hojo’s Monsters. It is one of the direct and easiest methods to get your hands on Costly Punch. Evidently, it rids you of the complicated crafting methods!

After you have acquired Costly Punch, you can use it to reach the 99,999 damage cap by the following method. There are two specific items players can use to help Zack reach the damage cap. They can either use Genji Glove or Brutal.

To unlock Genji Glove, players will need to clear M8-5-6: Treasure Info 6 mission line to unlock the M9 missions. Furthermore, you’ll get access to the M9-4-6: Biomechanical Threats mission where you will find Genji Glove in the large room. Here is a guide on Crisis Core Genji Set which will enable you to acquire the Genji Set!

“Brutal” can be found early on in the game by clearing M7-4-6: Breakthrough mission. Once you have each of these items, you can equip them to increase the damage cap to 99,999 for Zack.

These were the methods to get your hands on one of the best moves in Crisis Core. I hope the guide had enough information to help you with your questions!

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