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Marvel Midnight Suns Costume Guide

Customization Options 

In Marvel’s Midnight Suns, you have extensive customization options for your heroes, including two types of costumes:

  1. Combat Appearance Costumes: These are the skins your hero wears during battles and when strategizing for attacks.

  2. Abbey Appearance Costumes: Heroes wear these skins while relaxing in the Abbey, their safe space. These are casual attire options.

To access the customization options in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, you need to go to the marketplace. The marketplace can be accessed from the main game screen below the option to load a saved game.

You can go to the Suits bar in the game to check all the skins that you already have available for your hero.

Key Takeaways

  • Customization Options include Cosmetics and Costumes.
  • The game gives players 3 ways to get Costumes.
  • You can get skins from the marketplace or by hangouts.
  • You can have Basic Abbey and Combat Ready costumes depending on your needs in the game.
  • Every Hero Costume also has different color options.
  • Many renditions from each hero’s comic book past have been incorporated into the game.

Heroes And Their Best Costumes

Does your character look like it is ready to face the enemy? A very high priority must be given to having a good appearance while saving the world. It appears that Midnight Suns has an ensemble of skins for you to collect. Choose these outfits for the heroes on your team.

Characters and their costumes
Characters and their costumes

Many renditions from each hero’s comic book past have been incorporated by the developers. This game also has several distinct outfits for the heroes.

Following is a list of our favorite heroes and their best available outfits (ranked):

  • Iron Man
    1. Bleeding Edge
    2. Iron Knight

Iron-Man's Bleeding Edge Suit/ Costumes
Iron Man’s Bleeding Edge Suit

  • Captain America
    1. Future Soldier
    2. Captain of the Guard

Captain America's Captain of the Guard Costumes
Captain America’s Captain of the Guard Costume

  • Captain Marvel
    1. Medieval Marvel
    2. Mar-Vell

Captain Marvel's Medieval Marvel Suit/ Costumes
Captain Marvel’s Medieval Marvel Suit

  • Blade
    1. Demon Hunter
    2. Blade 1602
    3. Nightstalker

Blade's Demon Hunter Costumes
Blade’s Demon Hunter Costume

  • Spider-Man
    1. Symbiote Suit
    2. Demon Spider

Spiderman's Symbiote Suit/ Costumes
Spiderman’s Symbiote Suit

  • Ghost Rider
    1. Death Knight
    2. Spirit of Vengeance

Ghost rider's Death Knight Suit/ costumes
Ghost rider’s Death Knight Suit

  • Hulk
    1. Fallen Hulk
    2. Maestro

Hulk's Fallen Hulk Skin/ costumes
Hulk’s Fallen Hulk Skin

  • Wolverine
    1. Logan
    2. X-Force

Wolverine's Logan Skin/ costumes
Wolverine’s Logan Skin

  • Magik
    1. New Mutants
    2. Phoenix Five

Magik's New Mutants costumes
Magik’s New Mutants Costume

  • Doctor Strange
    1. Future Supreme
    2. Defenders

Dr Strange's Future Supreme costumes
Dr Strange’s Future Supreme Suit

  • Scarlet Witch
    1. Shadow Witch
    2. Sister Grim
    3. Boss Witch
    4. Fallen Scarlett Witch

Scarlett Wtich's Shadow Witch costumes
Scarlett Witch’s Shadow Witch Costume

How To Get Costumes For Heroes

Ultimately, there are many ways to get your favorite outfits in the game. Unlike other games, this one doesn’t disappoint when it comes to the number of options. Let’s discuss the ways you can get the apparel that you want for your heroes:

  • Marketplace
  • Opening Chests
  • Abbey Activities

Let us explain how all that works:

Marvel's Midnight Suns Marketplace for costumes
Marvel’s Midnight Suns Marketplace

Getting Skins From The Marketplace

Firstly, the marketplace can be seen on the main screen of the game and is easily accessible to all the players of the game. You don’t have to do anything to unlock it. But you do need some stuff to buy things from the Marketplace.

Main game screen
Main game screen

In the game, there are two types of currencies for buying items for your heroes:

  1. Eclipse Credits: This is the premium currency used to purchase rare costumes and exclusive items. Eclipse Credits require real money to acquire.

  2. Gloss: Gloss is the primary in-game currency used for standard cosmetics and customization options. You can earn Gloss by completing missions or playing the campaign with increased difficulty.

    Opening Chests To Get Outfits

    While exploring the Abbey, you’ll come across Arcane Chests scattered throughout. These chests require an Arcane Key to unlock.

    Some of these chests can be opened repeatedly for extra rewards. When unlocked, they emit a bright golden light and contain various rewards, including costumes for your heroes.

    Activities In The Abbey

    Lastly, are you familiar with Hangouts in the game? The heroes can sit and pass time around with each other and do activities like friendly sparring. All of these activities can be done in the Abbey.

    This will increase your Friendship levels and is also helpful if you want to get more outfits for your heroes in the game. You can talk/interact with different characters in the game to gain apparel.

    Ending Point

    If you’ve made it this far, then you know all about the costumes for your heroes in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Make sure to give us a follow so you don’t miss any other articles from us. Don’t forget to comment with your thoughts below!

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