Counter Strike 2 Achievements Guide

Do you want answers regarding you Counter Strike 2 Achievements and where did all you other old 167 Achievements went to? Well, allow us.

counter strike 2 achievements

The long-awaited update to Source 2 Engine is finally here for Counter Strike fans but this comes with some drawbacks for the achievement hunters in the crowd as the Counter Strike 2 Achievements aren’t what you think they are.

Key Takeaways

  • There is only one Counter Strike 2 Achievement.
  • All the old 167 achievements from Counter Strike Global Offensive are no longer attainable.

What Happened To Old CS:GO Achievements?

To sum it up neatly all the old achievements of Counter Strike Global Offensive are now gone. You no longer have access to them and they will not count towards your completed achievements. All 167 achievements have been replaced by the Counter Strike 2 Achievements.

What Are The New Achievements In Counter Strike 2?

counter strike 2 achievements page

As of this point in time, there is only one achievement in Counter Strike 2 and it can be earned by playing one game. You don’t even have to finish the game, take it from me who got banned because my friends wouldn’t stop standing in my mollies.

So the best way to get this achievement would be to just go online and play one game with your friends or do one short game to get a feel for the new UI and enhanced graphics. At least That’s what I’m doing until new achievements arrive in Counter Strike 2.

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