Counter-Strike 2: Queue Times [Simple Fix]

Some players face long Queue Times while playing Counter-Strike 2, which completely ruins the mood when looking for Competitive fun.

Counter-Strike 2: Queue Times [How To Fix]

Even back in CS: GO, I had frustrations with Queue Times, but that was because I was playing at 3 AM, which is not Player Rush Time. Counter-Strike 2 also has long Queue Times, but that’s because of the opposite reason: too many players are queueing up.

Key Takeaways

  • Counter-Strike 2 Queue Times are long because the Servers cannot handle an influx of so many players.
  • Valve has responded to the situation and is progressing towards optimizing its Servers and reducing Queue Times.
  • You can reduce the Queue Times in Counter-Strike 2 by increasing the maximum acceptable matchmaking ping, queuing up for every map.
  • Valve has temporarily removed CSTV and Demo Recordings to reduce their Server Load.

Why Are Queue Times So Long?

Counter-Strike 2: Queue Times [How To Fix]
Waiting nearly 8 minutes for a match can be quite boring (Captured by Us)

Counter-Strike 2 Queue Times can be long for various reasons. However, the problem you may currently be facing is probably not your fault. There was a lot of hype around Counter-Strike 2, and Valve probably didn’t expect such a huge influx of players hopping onto matchmaking. Moreover, this caused the Servers to overload, and they couldn’t accommodate everyone.

However, Valve quickly responded to this problem, and they’re doing some things to alleviate it. Firstly, they got rid of CSTV. Thankfully, this is just a temporary solution, and you could always watch the Streams on Twitch. Secondly, they got rid of Demo Recordings. Again, this is just a temporary solution, so don’t worry about wanting to watch your Replays, as they’ll be back soon.

Steps To Fix Queue Times

It’s quite frustrating when other people queued up don’t accept the match (Captured by Us)

Here are a couple of things that worked for us and you can do to shorten your Queue Times:

  1. Queue up for every available map. Yes, this includes Office.
  2. Increase your Maximum Acceptable Matchmaking Ping to 150 ms, if not 200 ms.
  3. Queue up with 4 randoms, if not friends, to make the process twice as fast.
  4. Schedule your Gaming Session during Prime Time instead of 10 AM on a Weekday.
  5. Try playing on Community Servers instead.
  6. Wait for Valve to fix the issue.

My Conclusion

Honestly, this is somewhat of a good problem. It makes me happy to see such a resurgence in the Counter-Strike player base, and the fact that Valve’s Servers can’t keep up means that even Valve wasn’t expecting such a positive response. Moreover, Valve will certainly improve their Server System, so I’m not too mad about the queue times.

That should cover everything about Queue Times in Counter-Strike 2 and how you can fix them. If you enjoyed this guide, check out some of the other guides on VeryAli Gaming.

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