Counter-Strike 2 Ranking System: Everything You Need To Know

Counter-Strike 2 has adopted a more transparent Ranking System, so it's much easier to determine how far you are from ranking up.

Counter-Strike 2 Ranking System

If you have been bothered by how you couldn’t see your Rank Progress while playing Competitive. Thankfully, the Ranking System in Counter-Strike 2 makes it clear where you exactly lie Competitively and how far you are from leveling up.

Key Takeaways

  • Counter-Strike 2 has a new Rating System along with a revamped Competitive Mode.
  • The new Rating System is a part of Premier Mode, and you get a Rank that puts you on your Regional Counter-Strike 2 Leaderboard.
  • Competitive Mode grants you a rank on a per-map basis and does not use the Rating System.
  • You must have a Prime Status and be at least Level 10 to play Premier Mode.

Types Of Ranking Systems

There are 2 of Ranking Systems in Counter-Strike 2:

  1. Competitive Ranking Systems range from Silver 1 to Global Elite.
  2. Rating Ranking Systems, which range from 0 to over 30,000.

Firstly, you can get a Competitive Rank by playing Competitive Mode. Furthermore, your Competitive Rank is on a per-map basis. Hence, you could be Legendary Eagle Master on Inferno but Gold Nova Master on Mirage. I like this change as each map has its own Nade Trajectories and Quirks, which will more accurately reflect players’ ranks.

Secondly, your performance in Premier Mode affects your Counter-Strike 2 Rating. Furthermore, your Rating is not exclusive. Hence, it is affected by your progress on all the Maps you play. Moreover, you will get an ELO rating, which will be used to place you on a Leaderboard that refreshes every season.

What Is The Leaderboard?

The Counter-Strike 2 Leaderboard shows you how you compare to other players via the following parameters:

  1. Rank, which shows you your position on the Leaderboard.
  2. CS Rating, which shows your ELO rating.
  3. Wins, which shows how many games you have won.
  4. Win %, which shows how many games you have won relative to how many games you played.
  5. % Rank, which shows your position on the Leaderboard relative to other players. For example, a 20% Rank means you are in the top 20% of players.

What Is Premier Mode?

Counter-Strike 2 Ranking System
You need Prime Status to play Premier Mode (Captured by Us)

Premier Mode is a higher-quality Competitive Mode in Counter-Strike 2. Furthermore, you must play 10 games in Premier Mode to get a Rating. Moreover, you will be shown how much ELO you can potentially gain or lose at the start of the match. This number varies depending on the match and your match history.

There are 2 requirements for playing Premier Mode:

  1. Be at least Level 10.
  2. Have a Prime Status. You can purchase Prime from the Steam Store if you don’t have it.

All Counter-Strike 2 Ranks

You need to play Competitive 10 times on the same map to get a Rank (Captured by Us)

As I’ve mentioned above, Competitive Ranks are exclusive to each map. Moreover, you must play 10 games on a specific map to gain a Rank. Furthermore, there are 18 Ranks in Counter-Strike 2. I’ve arranged them from the lowest rank to the highest rank below.

# Rank
1 Silver 1
2 Silver 2
3 Silver 3
4 Silver 4
5 Silver Elite
6 Silver Elite Master
7 Gold Nova 1
8 Gold Nova 2
9 Gold Nova 3
10 Gold Nova Master
11 Master Guardian 1
12 Master Guardian 2
13 Master Guardian Elite
14 Distinguished Master Guardian
15 Legendary Eagle
16 Legendary Eagle Master
17 Supreme Master First Class
18 Global Elite

My Thoughts

I like the new implementation of the Rating System and the reworked Ranked System. I like to play 5v5 Ranked with my friends to have fun and mess around. On the other hand, I do enjoy challenging myself and improving at the Counter Strike 2, so Premier Mode is a welcome addition.

That’s all I have to say about the Ranking System in Counter-Strike 2. If you liked this Guide, check out the other guides on VeryAli Gaming.

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