Crisis Core Reunion Behemoth King [Boss Fight]

Learn how to destroy one of the last boss in Crisis Core "Behemoth King" to loot off Goddess Key and progress into the Portal of Severance.

Crisis Core Behemoth King
Crisis Core Behemoth King

Among many bosses that pose a prominent challenge to players in Crisis Core Reunion, Behemoth King is a top adversary you can encounter early in the game. Unlike Behemoth, which players can experience early in the game, Crisis Core Behemoth King is introduced as one of the late-game boss fights with access to diverse resources like the character’s equipment and Materia. 

For those unaware of Behemoth King, it is a satanic beast that roars like a lion. Meanwhile, the dark horns leave an impression on players for both dominance and sheer strength. Apart from the satanic characteristics of the boss, Behemoth King guards the gate for Portal of Severance in Banora Underground. On top of that, the formidable foe also holds the key to open the door known as the “Goddess Wing Key.”

Players will encounter the Behemoth King during Chapter 10, Howling Fang section of Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII Reunion. As a part of the campaign, players must gain access to Howling Fang. For that instance, players must defeat the Behemoth King to obtain the Goddess Wing Key, which will later help players to progress the campaign. With that said, let’s discuss everything you need to know about the Behemoth King and how to defeat it to progress to the next section of the quest in Chapter 10. 

Key Takeaways

  • Behemoth King, one of the last boss fights in Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII Reunion, offers a major challenge to players. 
  • Players will be able to encounter Behemoth King during the Howling Fang section of Chapter 10 in Crisis Core. 
  • Progressing the dungeon requires players to defeat the roaring monster to obtain the Goddess Wing Key to unlock the gate to the Portal of Severance.
  • As for the Behemoth King stats, the boss features an immense HP value of 118780, and MP of 321, thus giving players a challenging adversary right at the end of the game. 
  • Defeating the Behemoth King is another crux of the matter. You have to dodge powerful attacks like Gyro Tail, Comet, Double Claw, Heave, and Regen and drain the regenerative HP of the boss. 
  • Players are advised to use the Wall Materia to create a Barrier Status on Zack. Afterward, they can utilize Graviga coupled with Genji Gloves to deal unlocked Critical Hit damages and defeat the Behemoth King. 

Crisis Core Behemoth King Stats

Although most players will engage in combat with Behemoth King directly, you must familiarize yourself with what you are against during the sequence. As said earlier, Behemoth King is one of the most exciting boss fights that require careful consideration during the battle. 

Behemoth King Location
Behemoth King Location

While many players underestimate Behemoth King because of similar characteristics to the original Behemoth, it still makes up for a prominent fight with Zack, and defeating it will not be easy.

As for the stats, Behemoth King features a massive HP of 118780. Meanwhile, if you are playing the game on Hard Mode, the Behemoth King boss fight challenge increases to a whooping HP value of 576,430.

On the other side, Behemoth King also has an MP value of 321. So watch out for attacks like Quake and Heave by the monstrous boss. You can also check more stats of the Behemoth King below. 

SP: 316

Gil: 96

ATK: 62

MAG: 52

VT: 14

SPR: 11

LCK: 39

EXP: 3,280

Now for the last and most important stats for the Behemoth King is the Elemental Affinities. Just like the early game variant of the boss, Behemoth King is immune to elemental damages like Fire, Ice, Lightning, and Gravity. It means that the boss does not feature any Elemental Affinities, thus giving players the freedom to choose any arsenal for the battle. 

As for the drops, Behemoth King will drop Goddess Key, which is a crucial item of the dungeon progression. Moreover, players will be able to steal Iron Bangle as a common, while, X-Potion is a rare steal from Behemoth King. Those seeking completionist playthroughs can consider stealing these items from the boss. 

Players can apply Steal Materia on Zack to increase the chances of obtaining the rare steal from the boss. Otherwise, you can focus on defeating the boss to receive the Goddess Key and complete the dungeon section. 

Defeating Behemoth King

Now that we know the detailed stats of the formidable Behemoth King, players can engage with the boss to yield enormous damage and proceed with the next dungeon of the campaign. At a glance, Behemoth King will look more like the standard Behemoth boss, but in reality, it is more fierce, with highly damaging attack patterns and a large pool of HP. For that instance, keeping the attack list up your sleeves in combat can significantly pave the way for destroying the boss quickly. 

Gyro Tail

While fighting the Behemoth King, players can expect the boss to utilize its tail attacks known as Gyro Tail. One swing of the tail attack can throw off your character. However, timely dodge by learning the Gyro Tail can help Zack to keep the safe side from Behemoth King. Moreover, there is a higher risk of Behemoth King using Gyro Tail when Zack attacks it from behind. So make sure you also keep a distance while attacking the beast from behind to deal Critical Hits. 

Double Claw

Apart from Gyro Tail, Behemoth King will also use Double Claw from the front. This attack involves the boss charging up on Zack and attacking him with both claws. Players must watch out for Double Claw, as it can drop a significant chunk of Zack’s HP


Heave is another most critical attack coming from Behemoth King, and dodging it is extremely crucial to defeating the beast. The main reason behind it is that this attack can easily knockback Zack to the ground, thus leaving him vulnerable. 


Comet is the fatal attack from Behemoth King that has proven to disrupt the activities of Zack during the quest. In essence, it is a spell that can cause non-elemental magic damage to your character. In this case, you can try jumping or Jump Materia to dodge the tricky Comet attack. Keeping Zack under MBarrier from Wall can also aid in reducing the damage intake from Comet


As if Heave was not enough to make the Behemoth King challenging, Quake can also prove fatal for your character during the boss battle. While coming as an initial magic spell, Quake causes an Area of Effect, disrupting the ground.

Apart from that, Quake can also hinder Zack’s performance during the fight and knock him to the ground. However, if you have enough Endure status on your character, you will have a chance of dodging this attack and continuing your activities without exposing yourself to the enemies. 


Last but not least is the Regen magic spell of Behemoth King. Unlike most attack patterns, Regen focuses on regenerating small HP throughout the battle. However, many players are unaware of the boss’s ability, which mostly leaves them perplexed about defeating the boss. But do not worry, as you can follow our fighting strategy and some tips to easily dodge Regen along with all the other attacks of Behemoth King. 

Strategy To Defeat Behemoth King

Although players have complete freedom to choose whatever equipment and Materia they have since Behemoth King does not feature any Elemental Affinities, you can still incorporate some strategy and tips to take down the mighty boss. One of the critical aspects you should consider in the battle is using Regen while positioning Zack on the back of the Behemoth King. 

Battle with Behemoth King
Crisis Core Behemoth King

Attacking the boss from the back will allow you to claim Critical Hits and drain a significant portion of the HP. Conversely, Behemoth King will also drain the HP of your character with all of the attacks listed above. However, Regen can help your character to stay on the battleground and finish the fight. 

Using Wall can also contribute to your battle by creating a barrier status between Zack and Behemoth King and tank the Comet. While limiting the boss with this barrier, you can position Zack behind the boss to use Graviga to deal massive Area of Effect damage and drain HP up to 99,999. For that instance, you will also need Genji Glove to remove the cap damage limit from the Critical Hits. You can follow up on our Crisis Core Genji set guide to get your hands on the overpowered Genji Glove

Lastly, we recommend players use Dispel Blade. Surprisingly, you can get your hands on the Dispel Blade Materia within the dungeon. Make sure to search every room in the existing dungeon before encountering the Behemoth King. Moreover, using this Materia will allow players to negate the Regen abilities of the Behemoth King, thus giving you a prominent tactical advantage to defeat the boss easily. 

Final Words

Behemoth King is known for the most famous battle in Crisis Core Reunion, demanding a unique strategy to defeat and loot the Goddess Key required to progress the campaign. While the boss can easily intimidate all kinds of players, using the right set of weapons and Materia can assist players in tackling the tricky boss quickly. It is highly recommended to upgrade your character with the right set of equipment by investing Gils in Crisis Core Reunion. 

You can check out our gold rolling pin Crisis Core farming guide to earn quick Gils and progress your character with efficient and powerful equipment and the best Materia

That is about it for Crisis Core Behemoth King. Do you find this guide helpful for defeating the colossal monster? What are your approach and tips on tackling the upgraded Behemoth in Banora Underground? Share with us in the comments section below. 

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