Crisis Core: Feather Cap [Unlock Guide]

Here is everything you need to know about the mysterious and powerful item, Feather Cap in Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII Reunion.

Crisis Core Feather Cap
Crisis Core Feather Cap

While most players always consider their own set of equipment and weapons for a playthrough, Feather Cap in Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII Reunion never goes as an exception.

For those uninitiated, Feather Cap is another unique piece of accessory that adds powerful buffs to your character stats, thus paving the way for the most engaging playthrough of the game. At a glance, Feather Cap might look like a chic addition to Zack’s costume, but in reality, it serves a critical role in combat that will benefit players in the long run. 

Most players always seek Feather Cap in Crisis Core but never understand the true potential of the accessory for their character. It is because the game also does detail the item’s purpose apart from the vague description stating, “Increases Parameter Break by Up to 3 Times.” 

If you are also one of those players struggling to understand the mechanics behind the mysterious yet quirky item, then you are in just the right place. This guide details everything you need to know about Feather Cap, how it works, and unlocks for your character. With that said, let’s get right into it. 

Key Takeaways

  • Among various equipment and Materia that players can access, Crisis Core Feather Cap is gaining a lot of attention because of all the unique perks it brings for your character. 
  • Acquiring the Feather Cap will reward your character with triple the standard value of HP, MP, and AP, allowing Zack to feature tank-like abilities and also deal massive damage to the enemies during the Limit Break
  • While comprehending the abilities of the Feather Cap is not easy right away, it is essential to utilize it with DMW and maximize the character’s performance for your ideal playthrough. 
  • Obtaining the Feather Cap also involves multiple strategies, and you can consider whichever is the most accessible.
  • For starters, players can pursue mission M4-3-2 Obliterate Advance Elements to unlock the Feather Cap item from the chest reward of the mission. Sweep clear the dungeon to easily find a chest that contains the mysterious accessory item. 
  • Meanwhile, if you have missed the opportunity of the chest reward, you can wait until mission M10-2-3 of Crisis Core to receive the item as a Magic Pot drop

Crisis Core Feather Cap

In essence, Feather Cap increases your character’s HP, MP, and AP up to 3x while using the Limit Break. During the heat of the battle, acquiring the Feather Cap will enable players to unlock the capped HP, MP, and AP in a Limit Break.

The standard HP, MP, and AP, which determine Zack’s health, Magic casting, and Ability casting, respectively, are capped at a certain value. However, certain equipment and accessories like Feather Cap can unlock these caps to increase the damage limit from MP and AP while enhancing the defenses through HP up to 3 times

Crisis Core Feather Cap
Crisis Core Feather Cap

Breaking the limit of these attributes can make your character highly overpowered and easily resolve all kinds of conflicts in Crisis Core Reunion. For those wondering how the Limit Break work, you will have to understand the DMW mechanic of the game. You can refer to our Crisis Core Reunion DMW detailed guide to learn the Limit Breaks that go hand in hand with Feather Cap. 

Considering you are well-versed with DMW, all you need to do is to execute the perfect slot combo of the same character portraits, and you will be able to perform the Limit Break. Coupling it with Feather Cap will reward you by unlocking all main Stats’ caps for 3x

Moving on to the stats, unfortunately, Feather Cap does not value any Gil as it does not feature any selling price. However, if you want to utilize the accessory apart from Limit Break, you can fuse it with any Materia in Crisis Core Reunion. Materia Fusion of Feather Cap with any Materia will yield a unique effect rewarding players with +10% HP on resultant Materia.

How To Obtain Feather Cap In Crisis Core

Now that you know what Feather Cap is and how it works, finding it in your playthrough is another crux of the matter. Fortunately, players can consider two approaches to obtain their Feather Cap in Crisis Core. You can either pursue the campaign progression strategy to loot the item from the treasure chest or obtain it from the monster drop in your playthrough. 

Let’s discuss both strategies in detail and what you can expect during your hunt for Feather Cap in Crisis Core Reunion. 

Chest From A Mission

Looting the item from the chest is arguably the most straightforward approach to receiving the Feather Cap. Firstly it does not involve grinding to fight enemies, and secondly, players will not have to struggle for bosses to drop a rare and powerful item like Feather Cap.

Wutai Spy in Shinra Trooper Costume
Wutai Spy in Shinra Trooper Costume

For that instance, players must progress the storyline to M4-3-2 Obliterate Advance Elements. For that mission, you will visit the Sector 5 Slums – Street to find a Wutai Spy. You can refer to our Crisis Core Wutai Spies extensive guide detailing all aspects of the spy

Once the spy is discovered, you will receive the mission M4-3-2. Starting this mission will demand players to visit the Mines of Corel and defeat all the advanced troopers. Beware as this location crawls with enemies ranging from Balo Balo and Wutai Troopers to agile Crescent Unit Novus. You can consider some of the best Materia in Crisis Core to resolve conflicts quickly. 

M4-3-2 Obliterate Advance Elements
M4-3-2 Obliterate Advance Elements
Chest Location
Chest Location

As for navigation, take a right from where the mission begins and the second right in the dungeon. Follow the path that takes Zack to a bridge. Right after crossing the bridge and taking the path on the left, you will discover a chest. Unlocking it will reward your character with a mighty Feather Cap. 

Drop From Monster

For those unlucky to pick up the Feather Cap in M4-3-2, you can consider another opportunity to receive the item from a monster drop in Crisis Core. However, for this approach, you will have to wait until mission M10-2-3. During this mission, players can encounter a Magic Pot boss that demands players to perform a series of tasks. 

Magic Pot
Magic Pot

Here comes the catch: players must equip different Materia of Jump, Fira, Gravity, and Assault Twister to defeat the boss. Once the Magic Pot is down, you will receive the Feather Cap. For some reason, if you fail to receive the item, you may restart the mission to once again engage with the Magic Pot and farm the Feather Cap. 

Final Words

Acquiring the Feather Cap requires a little struggle and a learning curve to maximize your character’s performance in the Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII Reunion. So make sure to obtain it with the approaches mentioned above to pursue a completionist playthrough efficiently. 

That is about it for our guide on Crisis Core Feather Cap. Do you find this guide helpful for getting your item in the game? What is your ideal approach to receiving the Feather Cap for Zack? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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