Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion Perfume Guide

If you are stuck on the blending Perfume in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion minigame, worry not. Here is a detailed guide to assist you on becoming a Master Blender.

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion
Blending Perfume in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion

Suppose you have reached Chapter 4 and finally visited the Sector Five Slum Market area with Aerith. In that case, you might run across a minigame of Blending Perfume in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion. You gain a few rewards upon playing the game and successfully completing the required mission. 

If you need clarification about how to complete the minigame and gain its rewards, worry not. Here is a detailed guide on Blending Perfume in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion. 

Key Takeaways

  • Players can partake in a Minigame in Chapter 4 of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion.
  • The Minigame is accessed by visiting the Sector Five Slum in the Market Area and going to a shop named “Shopping Paradise.”
  • The Shop Attendant gives players an offer where they can blend a perfect Perfume.
  • Players must carefully count the Rose Oil drops added to blend an Optimal Perfume.
  • The perfume comes with two rewards, an increase in Aerith’s Affections and a Bronze Trophy. These rewards are missable.
  • The minigame is not permanent and only lasts till the player leaves for Nibelheim.

What Is Perfume Blending

The process of Perfume Blending is not one of the main courses of the game. It is a part of a mini-game in chapter 4 you can, by choice, partake in. Managing to blend the perfect Perfume in the minigame will benefit players, and messing it up can backfire. Therefore, learn about it before entering the minigame and blending the perfume.

In the Perfume Blending Minigame, players require visiting a shop and make a perfect Perfume that needs an exact amount of Rose Oil to blend in exchange for Gils. Gils is in-game money players can earn and spend. The incorrect amount of oil drops can mess up the Perfume, so make sure to spend your Gils wisely by perfectly blending Perfume in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion.

The minigame also contains a missable trophy, so skipping it is highly discouraged, especially if you plan on collecting all trophies and rewards throughout the gameplay. Players can not go back for the Perfume Blending challenge after leaving Midgar and going to Nibelheim in Chapter 9. Once you leave Midgar, you can not perform the minigame and collect the trophy.

How To Unlock Perfume Blending Minigame

Sector 5 Slums Market Area on Map
Sector 5 Slums Market Area on Map

The Perfume Blending Minigame automatically unlocks in Chapter 4 right after retrieving your wallet a kid steals from you upon entering the Sector Five Slums. We suggest buying the medicine for the kid after retrieving the wallet. It helps in increasing Aerith’s affection for Zack. 

Once you successfully retrieve your wallet from the kid in the Sector Five Slum market area, you can visit a shop named “Shopping Paradise.” You can find the shop easily as the area is relatively small. Just roam around and find a stall with a massive sign of the shop’s name. Here, a shop attendant will greet you and tell you about an exquisite perfume for sale, which you can buy for 300 Gils. The Perfume can be gifted to a “special someone,” as she says. 

Shop Attendant at Shopping Paradise
Shop Attendant at Shopping Paradise

However, she will give you another offer, where you have to blend a cheaper fragrance with a perfect amount of Rose Oil and create a perfume as exquisite as 300 Gils Perfume. All you have to do now is take her offer by selecting the “I’ll give it a try” option. Once you have, the Perfume Blending minigame begins.

Unlocking The Perfume Blending Minigame
Unlocking The Perfume Blending Minigame

The Minigame will only stay unlocked for a small period of time. The moment you depart to Nibelheim along with Aerith, the Minigame becomes unavailable. So, you can play the Perfume Blending Minigame as long as you stay in Midgar. 

How To Blend Perfect Perfume

Now, the Shop Attendant will instruct you on how many oil Drops are needed for an Optimal Perfume in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion. The quantity can differ for each player, but it usually requires in-between 20-30 drops.

Oil Drops Amount Required
Oil Drops Amount Required

Before the game starts, an instruction menu of “Perfume Blending” will appear. You might not understand what it means, so make sure to follow our guide below correctly.

When the minigame starts, players need to read the captions provided and count the added oil drops in the fragrance. Once the amount of the optimal drop the Attendant tells you is reached, press X to stop

The captions coming up are in three forms. Each form has a different Drop number to it. Therefore, count accordingly to avoid messing up. Following are the three forms of Oil Drops with a different numbers.

  • Drip: One Drop
  • DripDrip: Two Drops
  • Splash!: Ten Drops

Follow the above numbers to count the drops added. For example, if the screen says Drip, count One. If the screen says DripDrip, count Two. Finally, if the screen says Splash!, count Ten. Stop the process once you reach the optimal drop amount by pressing X. The process is straightforward; you only need a bit of counting according to the given text form. 

Count The Drops With These Captions
Count The Drops With These Captions

After successfully completing the task, the shop Attendant will admire your blending skills and tell you the total cost that needs to be paid. The money will automatically be collected from your pocket. Make sure to have 1000+ Gils for this challenge because the “cheaper” fragrance is pretty pricey and generally costs more than 500 Gils. 

Rewards And Trophy Achievements 

When the task is completed, Zack will gift Aerith the blended Perfume. The player gets two rewards from completing the minigame and gifting Zack’s potential lover. These rewards are:

Boost In Aerith’s Feelings

After the minigame is completed and Zack has created an exquisite fragrance, he will gift it to Aerith. Aerith’s feelings for Zack will boost unless you create a terrible Perfume. That will only result in a decrease in Aerith’s feelings. Following are the Affection points you can get from Gifting the perfume in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion:

  • Perfect/Optimal Blend: +5 Boost in Aerith’s Feelings.
  • +1/2 or -1/2 Drops Of Optimal Amount: +3 Boost in Aerith’s Feelings.
  • +3/4 or -3/4 Drops Of Optimal Amount: +1 Boost in Aerith’s Feelings.
  • +5 or -5 Drops Of Optimal Amount: -1 Decrease in Aerith’s Feelings.

Aim for the Perfect/Optimal Blend of Perfume for maximum increase in Aerith’s feelings. If you mess up the perfume by a massive difference of +5 or -5 drops, the gift will backfire and lower Aerith’s Affection for Zack.

To avoid Gifting a bad Perfume to Aerith, we suggest you correctly count the Oil Drops with no mistakes.  

Bronze Trophy

Bronze Trophy Achieved
Bronze Trophy Achieved

Players can unlock and obtain a missable Bronze Trophy called “Master Blender”. The description of the Master Blender Trophy is “Blended a Perfume with the perfect amount of Oil.”

The trophy is achievable only if you blend the Perfume perfectly with no faults. Gift it to Aerith, and the Trophy is obtained! You can see a pop-up in the top left corner when the trophy achievement is made. 

Remember that the trophy can not be collected if you miss it during its availability period. Instead of ignoring the minigame, go to the Shopping Paradise with Aerith and get her that Elegant fragrance perfume while you can. 

Final Remarks

Blending Perfume in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion might be a one-time thing, but you won’t only get Aerith’s Affection in return but also a Missable Bronze Trophy. Running across the Minigame first can be confusing due to a lack of instructions.

So, we have covered all about Blending and how to unlock it to help you become a Master Blender. What are you waiting for? Go on can beat the minigame! 

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