Crisis Core: Number Guessing Game [Easy Steps]

In the Number Guessing Game, you must guess the number of children walking by the store. You may take advice from Aerith and the Boy.

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Number Guessing Game: Mini game Guide

You can take part in the number guessing minigame in chapter 4 at the Sector 5 slums market. Playing Mini-games like the number guessing game will get you to collect 100% trophies.

Key Takeaways

  • To play the game, you must have a conversation with the boy who stole Zack Fair’s wallet.
  • To help you make your guess, you can take advice from the boy and Aerith.
  • Upon guessing the correct number, you are awarded multiple prizes.

How To Unlock The Mini Game?

The Number Guessing Game can be played in the 4th Chapter of Crisis Core. It is meant to be unlocked after you complete the rescue mission of getting back Zack’s stolen wallet from a little boy.

After rescuing the wallet, your character Zack will go to the slum market, where he will talk with the same boy he traded potions with. Aerith will be with you all through it.

Starting Off

You can start the mini-game by talking with the boy on Sector 5 Slums – Street.

walk towards the boy
Go towards the boy to start the mini-game

He will be standing in the corner of the market with wooden boxes. Get close to him and press the key bind shown on your game screen.

Playing The Number Guessing Game

The game starts with a conversation where you go and negotiate to have your potions back, but the kid offers you to play the game with him. You should accept the boy’s offer and play the game for 100 Gil (in-game currency).

Starting number guessing game
Starting the mini-game at a discounted price

The game starting money can also be discounted depending on the number of potions Zack traded. After you give him the money, he explains the game. The mini-game is very straightforward; you are asked to guess the count of the number of children that walk by the store.

A maximum of 6 people can walk out, so your guess is between 1 and 6. The game is about probability, but your chances of guessing can be improved by asking the boy, Aerith, or the people around you.

Taking advice from both Aerith and the boy can help you guess the correct number with a straightforward technique.

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Shortcut To Guessing The Correct Number

Advice from Aerith is free, but it depends on her Affection Level.

Accept the free advice to get more insight on your guess

As her affection level gets lower, the number of guesses she makes gets high, making it harder for you to guess.

  • Affection level lower than 40, 4 choices.
  • Affection level between 40 to 50, 3 choices.
  • Affection level higher than 50, 2 choices.

To increase her Affection level, you should play other mini-games before this one, like Perfume Mixture and Materia, so your guessing chances increase. For advice from the boy, you should tip him another 70 Gil then he will tell you his guesses.

Accept the offer to get help from the kid.

Now, the trick to getting the correct number is simple. There will always be one overlap between the number guesses of Aerith and the boy. That number has a high chance of being the correct guess about the number of kids walking by.

guessing the number of childrens that walked by
Time to make a guess

Note that this technique works best when the affection level of Aerith is highest. So, don’t forget to play the other mentioned mini-games before coming onto this one.

If somehow you miss guessing the correct number, you are not given any particular reward, but the boy will provide you with a tissue or a handkerchief.

correct guess was made
Congratulations on guessing the correct number!

Prizes At The End

There are multiple prizes that you can win from completing the game.

Win the game to get Blizzard
One of many prizes

There is a different prize every time you come.

The following list contains a variety of bonuses that you can obtain. Prizes that have less chance of coming out are listed at the start.

  • ATK Up
  • HP Up
  • Vest (Bulletproof)
  • Armlet (Bronze)
  • Bangle (Bronze)
  • Blizzard
  • Hi-Potion
  • Fire
  • Thunder
  • Soma
  • Potion

Winning the side game will also award you with a Bingo! Trophy, as you have guessed, the exact number of children.

Bingo Trophy for winning number guessing game
Trophy awarded at the end

Ending Notes

Number Guessing Game is a mini-game offered during Chapter 4 when you are in the Slums Market. You can take advice from Aerith and the boy to help you guess. Upon guessing the correct number of kids, you get awarded various prizes with different chances of appearing.

This is it for this guide. I hope you got through this mini-game without facing many difficulties. Please keep visiting our website for more helpful guides like this one. Make sure also to check out our articles on famous newly released games like Dwarf Fortress and Callisto Protocol.

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