Crisis Core Reunion Achievements & Unlock Guide

A complete guide about the Crisis Core Achievements: it thoroughly explains the method to unlock each of them and also the trophies' types.

All Achievements in Crisis core
Crisis Core Achievements

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion is a fictional action role-playing game. The original game was released in 2007. This “Reunion” is remastered and I’ll be covering all the achievements in the game.

Key Takeaways

  • There are a total of 26 general achievements in CRISIS CORE REUNION.
  • Some of the achievements require the player to complete specific tasks, such as defeating all enemies in a mini-game, and saving all the people in a particular area.
  •  Or collecting all the Materia stones.
  • There are also achievements for completing the game on hard mode, dealing 99,999 damage to an enemy, and obtaining all the Genji equipment.
  • The platinum trophy, “My Living Legacy,” is earned by unlocking all other achievements in Crisis Core Reunion.
  • Progress achievements are earned by completing certain milestones in Crisis Core Reunion, such as completing a certain percentage of missions or reaching 100% progress in the Digital Mind Wave (DMW).
  • Secret achievements are not listed in the achievements log and are earned by completing certain tasks or meeting specific requirements in the game.

Achievements In Crisis Core

Below is the list of achievements that you can unlock in the game, along with the trophies that you will earn upon completion.

Achievement Unlocked
Achievement Unlocked
Achievements Trophies Method To Unlock
Soldier of Legend Gold You have to complete the game in hard mode to get this achievement.
Come and Get It Bronze Win a battle for the first time.
Prove Your Honor to Me Bronze Perform a limit break (it is a game mechanic) to achieve this.
Got Materia Fusion Down Bronze Perform Materia Fusion (combining two Materias into one to strengthen your existing one) for the first time.
Overpowered Silver Deal 99,999 damage to an enemy, and this achievement is yours.
Limit Break Collector Bronze Obtain all of the DMW images available in the game.
Waterfall chaser Bronze In Chapter 9, collect all of the ten chests that come down the waterfall in the region of the hills of Gongaga after fighting off enemies.
Zack the Sniper Bronze While playing Chapter 9, use the sniper to kill all the robots while going to the bottom of the hill, and do not let any of them escape.
Immovable object Bronze During Chapter 6, defeat all 30 enemies while playing the mini-game before they get to the door in Defense of the Junon Perimeter.
Shinra’s Squat Champion Bronze At the initial stage of Chapter 5,beat all the soldiers in a squat challenge in the physical fitness test.
Godlike Bronze In Chapter 4, collect all 20 Materia in 15 seconds to get it.
Master Infiltrator Bronze While playing Chapter 5, infiltrate the excavation facility without anyone spotting you.
Bingo! Bronze In the Slums Market area in Chapter 4, guess the number of kids while playing the number guessing game with the boy. The number guess should be exact.
Master Blender Bronze While playing the mini-game at the Shopping Paradise in Chapter 4, blend perfume with the perfect amount of oil.
Slicin’ Soldier Bronze In Chapter 2, cut down each Shinra shell coming your way while playing the rocket-slicing mini-game.
Cage Opener Bronze While playing Chapter 10, you will achieve this by opening the path to the Cage of Binding after fighting off enemies
Seven Wonders Expert Bronze Learn all of the seven wonders of Nibelhem discovered while playing through different chapters.
Fan Club Savior Bronze Prevent the fan clubs from breaking up and help them unite.
Wutai’s Nemesis Bronze Locate and catch all of the six Wutai Spies that have infiltrated Midgar. You can do this achievement at any time while playing Chapter 5 and later as well till the time when you leave Midgar.
Cell Raider Bronze During Chapter 4, go to the 67th floor of the Shinra Building, grab the keys to the cells and raid all of them.
Of Significant Worth Bronze In Chapter 4, give all the correct answers to Hojo’s questions to be considered a “Soldier member of significant worth” by him, and you will get this achievement.
Precise Restoration Bronze While playing Chapter 4, achieve 100% on the Mako Power Recovery device. This is done by pressing the X/Y button after exactly 5 seconds after the countdown starts.
First-Rate Soldier Bronze In Chapter 3, talk to Professor Hojo in the training room and defeat all the opponents in the virtual reality fight.
Everyone’s Hero Bronze In Chapter 3, save all the 3 people calling for help amid the assault on the Shinra Building.
Banora Treasures Bronze After playing the Missile mini-game in Chapter 2, examine all of the items on the ground again, and reach Angeal’s house before the time runs out.
Master Mako Stone Miner Bronze : In Chapter 2, go to the Materia room and talk to the researcher. Collect and give all the Mako Stones to the researcher by completing the newly unlocked “M8-2” missions to prevent the Materia Room from being shut down.
Fan Club Aficionado Bronze Join every fan club to get this achievement.
Genji Equipment Silver Collect all the Genji equipment named Genji Helm, Genji Gloves, Genji Armour and Genji Shield while going through various parts of the game.
Mail Completionist Bronze Receive mail from all senders
Shop Completionist Bronze Unlock all the shops in the game.
My Living Legacy Platinum Unlock all other achievements to get this achievement.
General Achievements

Progress Achievements

Missions Completed (25%) Bronze Complete 25% of missions
Missions Completed (50%) Bronze Complete 50% of missions
Missions Completed (75%) Bronze Complete 75% of missions.
Missions Completionist Gold Complete all the missions.
DMW Master Silver Reach 100% progress in Digital Mind Wave (DMW) to achieve this.
Progression Achievements

Secret Achievements

Some achievements are not mentioned in the achievements log of the game. Most are just progress achievements, while the rest are achieved by doing certain tasks.

These are listed below :

Embrace Your Dreams Bronze Clear the “Prologue” mission to get this achievement.
Hero Of the Wutai War Bronze During chapter 1, when you reach the fort, win all 16 encounters with the enemies, including the hidden ones, before leaving the area.
Midgar Full of Flowers Silver During various Chapters of the game, collect all the parts of the flower wagons by doing different tasks, and give them to Aerith in the Church in Chapter 7 after you have built all 3 flower wagons. You will get this achievement.
Good Match For Aerith Bronze During Chapter 4, work towards raising affection with Aerith by doing certain tasks, repeatedly, if needed, to raise it to a high level. After the market section gets completed, you will have it.
Divine Rule Broken Gold After you have done all the missions, an opponent named Minerva will be unlocked. Fight and defeat her, and this achievement is yours.
He Wouldn’t Betray Us Bronze Complete Chapter 1 for this accomplishment.
We’re Not Monsters Bronze Complete Chapter 2
Angels Dream of One Thing Bronze Complete Chapter 3 to get it.
Where Did Everyone Go? Bronze Complete Chapter 4.
Protect your Soldier Honor Bronze Complete Chapter 5 to achieve this.
Did genesis Really Die? Bronze Complete Chapter 6 to get this achievement.
I May Have Abandon Shinra Bronze Complete Chapter 7 to achieve this.
I’ll Come Visit: Bronze Complete Chapter 8.
We’ll All Be Heroes Bronze Complete Chapter 9 to get it.
Thanks to You, Zack Silver Complete Chapter 10 to get this achievement.
Secret Achievements

Closing Remarks

Achievements, especially secret ones, are pretty easy to miss. If you like side quests and want to explore games to the fullest, earning achievements will surely be your goal alongside the main storyline.

I have listed them in this article so you will not accidentally skip them and miss out on the achievements’ progress.

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