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Best guide on performing perfect squats in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion.

Performing perfect squats in

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion was released on 13 December 2022. So, Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion squats challenge is a mini-game that this game offers its players. Several mini-games like this give you rewards essential for building your character Zack throughout the game.

So, Shinra’s Squats Championship is a physical test done by performing squats. This guide will tell you each pro tip to achieve a proper squat. So let’s get started!

Key Takeaways 

  • Shinra’s Squats Championship is offered when you complete chapter 5 and remain until the completion of chapter 8.
  • You will need to win Shinra’s Squats Championship trophy to win the Flower Wagon trophy offered in chapter 8.
  • One of the top pro tips to perform a squat is to press your triangular controller button when Zack’s hands and feet line up.

Shinra’s Squats Championship In Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion

You must be wondering how to win Shinra’s Squats Championship trophy. Do not worry; we will cover all the information you need to win this trophy in this guide. 

This challenge starts when you complete chapter 5 and lasts till chapter 8 because chapter 9 begins the end part of the game. It is best to win this competition before completing chapter 8.

First, you will need to go to the training room and talk to the researcher about your physical fitness test. While talking to the researcher, select the option “let me in it” to start this competition.

So there are four opponents in this competition, and you will defeat each in a squats match. You will have one minute for each game, and the person who does more squats than the other wins the match. 

Also, when you defeat an opponent, you get a reward which is very helpful in building the flower wagon for Aerith.

Keep in mind that every time you perform a successful squat, your pace will go up. But if you fail in a squat, you will be held temporarily, resulting in your decreased speed of doing squats, so be careful. You can perform squats by only pressing the triangle button on your controller.

Please press this button to perform squats, and press it again when your controller vibrates.

Beating the first two opponents in this competition is easy, but it is difficult when you go up to the third and fourth matches. However, we will guide you and make it easy for you to win those rounds. So, why are you waiting? Let us start the competition and win the exciting rewards.

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion Squats Competition First Match 

So, our first match is with a trooper whom you can defeat in squats competition easily. But remember doing successful squats can guarantee your win, as the more right squats you do, the more pace you get. Eventually, this pace will increase your number of performed squats.   

So, if you are new to squats and lagging behind this opponent, do not worry. Trooper only squats three to four in a row before doing a wrong squat. So you have much time to catch up with him and beat him in this competition.

First match of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion Squats competition is with trooper.
Match with trooper

So, the pro tip to perform a squat is to press the controller button when you duck down and when your hands and sword line up. By pressing in these two times, you can perform squats right, and as a result, your character Zack will perform more squats in a row.

So, try to perform squats even when the time runs out. You may get a squat number at the end of the time, which can be helpful for you to win the match.

Hence, when you win your first match, your reward is Shinra Lunch Cart Specs.

Second Match Of Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion Squats Competition

So, our next match is with the captain, who is also skilled in squats. You need to perform your squats right to catch up with your opponent. Perform squats as discussed in this guide, and you will win this match conveniently.

Second match of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion Squats competition is with trooper.
Match with Captain

Another pro tip to increase your squats proficiency is to press the controller button when your character’s hands and feet line up and when Zack’s arms swing the furthest back. If you follow these tips, you will easily win this competition.

However, when your main character Zack pumps up while performing the squats, you see a cut scene, and during that moment, Zack performs the extra squats on his own, and you do not need to press the controller button to complete the squat. So, wait until the cut scene ends and press the button when your controller vibrates. 

The reward for winning this match is Shinra Ceramic. This reward is also essential for building the flower wagon for Aerith.

Third Match Of Squats Competition

As stated earlier, you will notice that your difficulty level has increased in the third round. But if you perform the four main tips discussed in the previous matches, you will be undefeated throughout this competition.

Third match of Squats competition is with trooper.
Match with Soldier 3rd class

The image shown shows that as the difficulty level increases, the opponent performed squats numbers also increased. So to defeat such an opponent, you must complete as many correct squats as possible.

So after winning this match, you can collect the Shinra Threads as a reward.

Final Match Of Squats Competition

So our last opponent is the 2nd class soldier who also is highly skillful in squats and has outstanding physical fitness. If you want to defeat this opponent in squats, you must perform at least fifty-five squats.

Fourth match of Squats competition is with trooper.
Match with Soldier 2nd class

Just be sure to follow the pro tips as discussed in the preceding matches. In this way, you can win this physical test with ease. 

After winning this match, you receive not only Quadriceps of steel but also the winning trophy of Shinra’s Squats Championship as a prize.

Final Remarks 

Hence, these were all the tips to win the Shinra’s Squats Championship trophy in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion. By winning this trophy, you can also build the three-flower wagon for Aerith, another award you can also achieve in chapter 8. So keep in mind that these trophies are related to each other.

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