Unlocking The Crisis Core Genji Set [Explained]

Are you wanting to unlock the crisis core genji set? Well, look no further as I have the locations for all the set pieces just for you.

Crisis Core includes the Genji Set that I will help guide you in finding since it is a worthwhile set, given its incredible stats. I recommend getting this armor set in the order provided, as this will be the most efficient for you and save you time.

Key Takeaways

  • The Genji Helm is unlocked by purchasing it in the Net Shop Shade after unlocking it.
  • The Genji Gloves are unlocked by finding them in a chest in a mission.
  • The Genji Armor is unlocked by getting 100% Digital Mind Wave from all seven characters and 11 summon images.
  • You can get the 100% DMW Sync by buying the Materia for individual summons and characters to increase their chances of appearing.
  • The Genji Shield is unlocked by performing four feats that require the other pieces of the Genji Set to be owned by the player.
  • Overall a very decent armor set that is worth equipping and collecting.
crisis core final fantasy VII gameplay
Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Gameplay

Genji Helm

Final Fantasy VI Genji Shield
Final Fantasy VI Genji Helm

ObtainedNet Shop Shade
Value1,000,000 gil
AbilitiesZero MP and AP costs. Adds Libra effect.

It is a high-level helmet that significantly boosts Zack’s defense and magic defense stat, making him more resistant to physical and magical attacks. This is alongside the fact that it eliminates both MP and AP costs. Another bonus of the helm is that it allows you to see the opponent’s stats anytime.

It is one of the best helmets in the game and is considered a valuable asset to any player looking to improve their character’s defenses.

To gain access to the Crisis Core Genji Set Helm, one must unlock the Net Shop Shade and purchase the Genji Helm for 1,000,000 Gil.

Unlocking the Net Shop Shade

To access the Net Shop Shade, you must find a chest in the mission M9-5-4: Abnormal Power. Upon starting the mission, go south and head south on the middle path. You will find a chest on the side of the middle path, which will unlock the Net Shade Shop.

Genji Glove

Final Fantasy VI Genji Shield
Final Fantasy VI Genji Glove

ObtainedTreasure chest in "M9-6-4: Biomechanical Threats"
AbilitiesDamage limit becomes 99999. Keeps Critical status active.

The Crisis Core Genji Set Glove significantly enhances Zack’s attack power, enabling all hits to become Critical Hits, dealing increased damage to enemies. Regarded as one of the game’s top gloves, it elevates the critical attack damage cap from 9,999 to 99,999, greatly improving combat capabilities.

To obtain the Glove, locate it in a chest near the beginning of mission M9-4-6: Biomechanical Threats. It’s an easy-to-find and essential piece for acquiring the Genji Shield.

Genji Armor

Final Fantasy VI Genji Shield
Final Fantasy VI Genji Armor

ObtainedComplete all Digital Mind Waves to 100%
AbilitiesSets HP limit to 99,999. Keeps Endure and Regen effects active.

It is a high-level armor that significantly boosts Zack’s defense and magic defense stat, making him more resistant to physical and magical attacks. This armor piece is unique because it raises the maximum health cap to 99,999 while keeping the Regeneration and Endure effects permanently active on the player.

It is one of the best armor pieces in Crisis Core and is considered a valuable asset to any player looking to improve their character’s defenses. To access this Crisis Core Genji Set Armor Piece, you must get 100% Digital Mind Wave Sync. The process to do so is explained below.

How To Get 100% DMW Sync

Digital Mind Wave All Characters and Summons
All Characters and Summons Required To Hit 100% DMW Sync | Courtesy: IGN

Understanding the Digital Mind Wave (DMW) is crucial. It enables Zack, the main character, to access special abilities based on past SOLDIER members’ memories.

During battles, the DMW, a spinning roulette, randomly triggers abilities like attack boosts, healing, summons, and powerful Limit Breaks. These abilities stem from the memories of encountered SOLDIER members and vary based on Zack’s battle state.

To unlock all character video scenes for a 100% Limit Break Completion, progress the story to Chapter 10. Acquiring specific DMW Limit Breaks requires purchasing corresponding Materia to increase their occurrence chances significantly.

For DMW Summons, you must first collect every single summon. To get access to the Boss Summons (the best summons in-game), you must do the following:

  • Ifrit
    Defeating Ifrit will unlock Mission M1-1-1: Rematch with Ifrit.

  • Bahamut
    Defeating Bahamut will unlock Mission M8-1-3: Clash with Genesis Troops. Upon completing that mission, you will gain access to Mission M8-1-4: Rematch with Bahamut.

  • Odin
    Complete Mission M8-1-6: Mystery Materia.

  • Bahamut Fury
    You can find it in Mission M8-5-6 near the North-West area.

  • Phoenix
    At the start of Chapter 9, complete the Seven Wonders side quest.

And for the Mascot Summons (ones that you don’t have to defeat bosses for), you must do the following:

  • Tonberry
    Defeat the Tonberry in Mission M6-1-5: Buried in the Caverns. Doing so will allow you to complete the M10-2 Missions. After completing them, you will unlock Tonberry.

  • Chocobo
    Complete Mission M8-4-1: Suspicious Mail 1.

  • Cait Sith
    Complete Mission M8-4-3: Suspicious Mail 3.

  • Moogle
    Complete Mission M8-4-4: Suspicious Mail 4.

  • Cactuar
    Defeat the Kactuar in Mission M3-1-3: Eliminate the Copies. Doing so will allow you to complete the M10-1 Missions. Upon completion, you will unlock Cactuar.

  • Magic Pot
    Find it during M10-2-3: Master Tonberry, then complete the feats of Jump, Fira, Gravity, and Assault Twister to unlock Magic Pot.

To increase their appearance odds, you can do the same with characters and buy their Materia to have them occur more frequently and give you 100% DMW Summons.

Genji Shield

Final Fantasy VI Genji Shield
Final Fantasy VI Genji Shield

ObtainedMagic Pot ("M7-6-6: The Determined Recruiter")
AbilitiesKeeps Barrier and MBarrier effects active; unaffected by Dispel. Absorbs all elemental attacks. Prevents all status effects.

The shield significantly boosts Zack’s defense, absorbing elemental damage and resisting status effects. It’s a top-tier asset, allowing permanent activation of Barrier and MBarrier, nullifying all damage. Obtaining this armor is demanding due to numerous conditions to be met before it’s awarded.

The moves you will require and the method to obtain them are listed below for convenience to you, the player.

  • Gil Toss
    Obtained for completing Mission M4-4-4: Wutai in the Slums.

  • Octaslash
    The Sephiroth Limit Break move. Best to have some Sephiroth Materia ready to increase the chances of this move occurring.

  • Costly Punch
    Obtain this by stealing it from Mako Ifrit in M9-5-1: Hojo’s Monsters. Or you can craft it yourself.

  • Maximum Damage
    Deal damage that reaches 99,999, which is only doable if you have the Genji Gloves equipped to raise the maximum damage cap.

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